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Flexi-Tile: High Quality Commercial Grade Interlocking PVC Tiles Made In UK

Flexi-Tile is a UK based manufacturer, which offers diverse hardwearing and long lasting flooring solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. One of the key elements of the manufacturing process set in place is the focus on environmental sustainability and recyclability of the product, while ensuring a quick and easy installation. Flexi-Tile focuses on delivering high quality products, accompanied by various design options and durability in order to supply a product suitable for every need and aesthetic.

Flexi-Tile flooring products are chosen by businesses across the globe for their hassle-free installation and versatile designs, but more importantly for their superb quality. Suitable for practically any flooring application, the Flexi-Tile interlocking system will provide you with flooring that will survive the rigours of any residential, commercial or heavy-duty area.

The Perfect Flooring Solution For Your Business: Flexi-Tile PVC Flooring

Flexi-Tile Standard is the perfect solution for commercial flooring applications such as exhibitions, gyms, garages, retailers, showrooms, schools, small to medium factories or warehousesGarage floor tiles need to offer durability and resilience whilst providing aesthetic appeal, which Flexi-Tile has embedded in their design and production process. Having the capability to withstand spillages and frequent cleaning, while also looking great, Flexi-Tile interlocking floor tiles are the premier option for an easily maintained floor in a business, garage or even your home.

Make a bold statement with bright colours or decide to have an understated design – it’s up to you with Flexi-Tile’s range. With a wide variety of colours, textures and tones on offer, Flexi-Tile will give your business that WOW factor. Flexi-Tile is available in a range of colours and finishes to match various designs and requirements. If you're going for that fully customised look, you can even order transparent tiles, tiles with custom graphics such as a logo, and even custom colours can be ordered (contact us for more details). Naturally you can also purchase matching ramps and edges, for even more user friendliness and a visually more complete final result.

The most popular Flexi-Tile range for domestic use is the Eclipse Mini Slate and Eclipse Mini Textured, designed specifically for use in a home environment, with a hidden joint for a more traditional tiled finish. Flexi-tile interlocking floor tiles will not only add comfort for your feet, but can be turned into an indoor or outdoor playground for your children, because of their stain resistant qualities.

Flexi-Tile: The Flooring Needed For The Challenges Of Daily use

Flexi-Tile interlocking tiles are perfect for every commercial or even domestic setting, as it is softer and warmer underfoot than traditional ceramic tiles and wooden floors. The Standard Flexi-Tile is manufactured with the unique ‘butterfly’ interlocking design, giving this particular flooring increased structural strength, whilst maintaining ease of installation. At 4mm and 4.5mm thick, the Flexi-Tile Standard is not suitable for heavy industry but is perfect for most other applications.

Flexi-tile standard is regularly used in commercial premises and public areas, such as gyms, schools and garage showrooms. With anti-slip and noise reduction attributes, Flexi-Tile Standard flooring meets all regular safety standards, whilst also looking visually attractive and feeling comfortable underfoot. Thanks to the anti-fatigue properties of the product, it makes it the ideal retail, gym and hotel flooring solution as you tend to spend more time on your feet. Nevertheless, this should not prevent you from installing this PVC flooring in your home garage, kitchen or bathroom. Both highly durable and easy to clean, you can rest assured that your commercial or residential floor area will retain an attractive and unblemished appearance for many years.

Installation & Maintenance: Quick and Easy With Flexi-Tile

Flexi-Tile’s simple and easy installation makes it the perfect floor for almost any application. With no special tools required or complex preparation of surfaces, these PVC tiles can be installed by almost anyone. In most cases adhesive is not required and once the tiles are laid, the floor can be used immediately. These interlocking tiles can be installed over virtually any surface including concrete and resin, and are equally suitable for commercial and domestic use.

They can even be laid on cracked, damp or even damaged floors, due to their innovative manufacturing process and sophisticated interlocking system. A great advantage of Flexi-tile products is the heat, cold and moisture insulation, which they provide, completely abolishing the need for a damp proof membrane or adhesive. Additionally, if you wish to relocate you can simply lift and reuse the interlocking tiles in your new exhibition location, office or garage.

Sustainable, Safe And Non-Toxic: Flexi-Tile Is Perfect For Domestic Applications

Flexi-Tile flooring is produced using high performance polymer (HPP), and is 100% non-toxic and environmentally sustainable. Flexi-Tile ‘ECO’ gives you a choice of flooring that reduces the environmental impact but also delivers durability and ease of installation. By placing environmental sustainability at the heart of what Flexi-Tiles does, they aim to ensure that Flexi-Tile is playing its part in achieving a better future for everyone.

Flexi-Tile is a 100% recyclable product. They do not require the removal of an existing floor, therefore waste and dust are reduced, minimising the impact on our environment. At the end of its life cycle, Flexi-Tile floor tiles can be granulated and recycled, allowing them to be manufactured into recycled products. Their range has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment and all wastage is recycled into the recycled Flexi-tile "ECO" tile range. The manufacturer also offers to take back tiles for recycling at the end of their life.

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