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Interlocking Tiles: The Incredible Ingenuity Of The Fortelock Team  

For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of garage flooring is either grey cement or epoxy resin flooring. None of those options really creates an inviting atmosphere or a truly motivating working environment. However, why should  flooring not be more versatile? Firstly, it needs to be able to cope with high amounts of pressure, but more importantly, it also has to be able to be able to withstand moisture and highly varying temperatures. These interlocking floor tiles are the new solution to this very old problem.

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These interlocking tiles can easily withstand enormous amounts of pressure, they can handle high and low temperatures, they can deal with moisture, they are extremely affordable and they look great in comparison to cement or paint.

In fact, you will be surprised by the beautiful design and the amazing technology behind this product. Most of all: you will not have to deal with the grim look of your old garage flooring anymore.

Patterns, Colours, and Designs - A Versatile Choice For You

The outstanding new designs of the interlocking floor tiles are a real game changer. Forget about cold and dirty cement floors or worn-out epoxy floor paint. The tiles come in seven different colours, all which can be combined without any limitations. This gives you with the freedom to design your very own heavy-duty flooring solution. The different colour options can also be helpful to visually divide separate areas that are intended for different tasks. Organize your garage space by creating separate areas of different colours to separate spare tires, bikes, boxes or tools. Another option is to simply create a new look you like: combine different colours and create a chequered pattern, stripes or even spell words. There are also two different surface patterns available: diamond and skin. The diamond surface resembles stainless steel pattern and reduces slip hazards, whilst the skin surface structure is slightly more subtle but possesses the same qualities. 

Fortelock PVC Floor tiles: Made In the Czech Republic

The Czech manufacturer Fortemix produces Fortelock 2010/2020 ECO. These interlocking floor tiles are incredibly versatile and can withstand enormous loads, which makes them the perfect flooring option for garages, commercial workshops, gyms, and warehouses. The Fortelock 2010/2020 ECO vinyl tiles will convince you with their strength, easy handling, and their incredible price tag. Are you desperately seeking new flooring options for your garage or workshop, but industrial strength/heavy duty flooring is outrageously expensive and always requires specific methods or professionals to have it installed? The people at Fortelock know these problems very well, which is why they have created the perfect alternative for you: the plastic floor tiles that can be installed by anyone.

Industrial Floor Tiles: Fortelock 2010 / 2020

If you know that you are going to use a forklift or electric pallet trucks for your work, we recommend you go for Fortemix Fortelock 2010 / 2020 garage floor tilesThe 2010 /2020 collection can handle the highest stress, which will meet your expectations for a heavy duty workshop flooring. This flooring is a high slip, fire, and chemical resistant which makes them particularly suitable for workshops and working with heavy equipment. Fortelock 2010 is a solid tile with a diamond surface design and the Fortelock 2020 has a smoother surface. The collection has a solid tiles design, in order to provide sufficient support for heavy loads and work requiring heavy machinery.

Fortelock 2010 / 2020 ECO: Recycled PVC Floor Tiles

The Fortemix Fortelock 2010 / 2020 ECO  is made of recycled plastic particles and PVC, making them extremely cost-effective. The PVC floor tiles have a diamond or skin non-slip surface with pressure resistance of 520 kg /cm². The Fortelock 2020 ECO tiles are designed for heavy duty and industrial purposes such as exhibitions and car dealerships.

Sturdy Yet Appealing Interlocking Floor Tiles For Domestic Use

This collection is recommended for areas which require medium resistance to stress and heavy loads. These garage floor tiles are particularly suitable for households – garages, basements, boiler rooms, but also for fitness centres, schools or commercial premises. Fortemix Fortelock 2050 /2060 is suitable for medium loads. You will appreciate the ideal configuration of ribbing on the bottom of each tile in places with central point or dynamic loading.

Fortelock Ramps And Edges For A Smooth Finish

The accessories for Fortelock are designed to complete the installation of your new floor. For a finished look, the ramps for Fortelock, are made in the same colour and design as the actual tiles. The entryway trim is used mainly to facilitate entering the space; this way you can avoid damaging the edges of the tiles. The sophisticated design of the hard profile makes it easy to install the floor and perform maintenance on it. Simply by trimming the entryway trim, an inner and outer corner can be created.

PVC Floor TILES: Durable, Innovative And Long-Lasting

The Fortelock interlocking tiles are designed to withstand all challenges you might encounter in your private or commercial garage, gym or workshop. They are equipped with an Air-Flow System, which prevents the formation of mould and rot, by allowing for the floor to ‘breathe. Any liquid flows through the small channels on the back of the tiles, and the air circulation helps evaporate any moisture and dry off the underfloor.

The surface of this flooring has a polymeric structure which is resistant to oils and chemicals, making it the perfect choice for a messy working environment. The small amount of water that does permeate the tiles, however, is taken care of by the Air-Flow-System. These high-end flooring solutions do not require any special care! All you need is water and regular detergents to keep your new garage flooring clean. However, if you need to remove especially stubborn stains or want your Fortelock floor to shine and look as good as new, their competent staff refers to the products of Dr Schutz. Therefore, taking care of a floor has never been easier. If you like to know whether the Fortelock PVC tiles can handle enough weight, here is your answer: From the moment they are installed, you can easily drive your car or even a forklift over them!

Installing Heavy-Duty Floor Tiles Has Never Been Easier Than With Fortelock

Are you looking for new flooring options for your garage or workshop, but industrial strength/heavy duty flooring is too expensive and requires specific methods or professionals to have it installed? Fortelock garage tiles are the perfect solution for you! They can be installed by anyone and all you need is a rubber hammer and a knife. Simply measure your space and start laying out the tiles from the centre outwards. Another great upside is that you will not have to turn your space into a messy construction site either since it only takes around an hour to cover an area of about 46m² (ca. 500ft²). The best part: your brand new garage floor tiles can be used immediately. Your garage flooring can be edged off nicely with our Fortelock Ramp and Edge tiles which add a layer of neatness to your workspace or your business. This edging can be installed just as easily as the garage tiles due to the interlocking system.

In the following video, you will see how two men install 46m² in only 60 minutes. This is how fast you can have a new garage flooring with minimal effort.

Gym Flooring Suitable For The Individual or The Masses

The interlocking floor tiles are a perfect as gym flooring: for any home or commercial gym (depending on your needs, there are different qualities: medium or heavy duty). They can easily deal with moisture as well as pressure from weights and the other gym equipment. Another great upside of these pvc tiles is that you can use different coloured tiles to separate different areas of the gym, e.g. your cardio area could have a different colour than the free-weight area.

Interlocking Floor Tiles in Warehouses and Factories

Are you looking for industrial flooring? Look no further! The high-end interlocking tiles were built to last and can endure enormous amounts of pressure, which makes them the ideal flooring option for warehouses and factories. The different colours can be used to visually separate different areas or highlight emergency exits for example. Single tiles that might be damaged or heavily stained with chemicals that cannot be removed, can simply be replaced by new ones for a fraction of the cost of repairing regular flooring.

Try It Now! Install This Versatile Plastic Floor Tiles In Your Home

Whether it is your private garage at home or a larger commercial garage with hydraulic lifts –our range of workshop flooring can handle it! You do not have to worry about the moisture, the pressure from your car or anything else you might store there. This is the perfect option for your own little DIY project!

Order Your PVC Floor Tiles Now With BRICOFLOR

Find the suitable product for your renovation! In addition to our best price guarantee, which applies to all of the products, you can order garage flooring quickly and easily from our online store. The whole range of Flexi-Tile and Fortelock is available now, to ensure that you can make the best possible decision based on all the given information. You can order today through the BRICOFLOR online store!