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Balterio Urban Wood Laminate: real wood flair for industrial arrangements

The renowned laminate flooring manufacturer, Balterio, in its new Urban Wood collection, developed a suitable floor-covering alternative for your creative projects. Leaving your room to manoeuvre in terms of budget: The Urban Wood laminate from Balterio exudes all the charm that could be used in such projects and presents itself to you like a subtle canvas to realise your interior design dreams. The Urban Wood mimics the unique look of “used wood”, has a 25-year warranty in living areas and 12 years in the business and commercial a desirable durability and is in all these technical and optical advantages associated with a much lower cost than a comparable solid wood floor.

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Balterio Urban Wood

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Contrasting the industrial age with Balterio Urban Wood laminate flooring

The Urban Wood is a laminate that was designed to remember the factory floors of yesteryear. These are very simple in their shades and consist of resilient woods that mimic the exposure of some of the adversity in factory floors and industrial buildings. It is this focus on rugged woods and a covered-held colour palette that make the décor of Urban Wood stand out. You can decide from nuances of natural & caramel to dark tones. Each execution of the Urban Wood impresses with its renunciation of violent tones and gives your furniture the limelight you desire. The Urban Wood was developed to renovate newer buildings with the taste of industry, older buildings and time that is forgotten. Gap a bridge between yesterday and today: With Balterio Urban Wood laminate!  

Distressed and Saw Cut for a raw effect

If you are wondering what is the secret of the deceptively real surface of the Urban Wood laminate and its rounded nostalgic charm. The answer is the ground-breaking Saw Cut Raw Effect. This perfected method from the external structure of the panels by processing the laminate so that they look like already many-year-old woodcuts. Its surface looks characterised by typical older wooden depressions as if it were exposed to heavy loads and constant footfall. You can feel the surface of this authentic structure, which makes the Urban Wood a grand parquet alternative for those of you who want a style that harks from the past or want to entertain guests who have a taste for all things vintage or industrial. With its impeccable processing and vintage effects, there is nothing that a hardwood can rival to this laminate flooring option without having to tear large holes in your renovation budget. Therefore, select this detail oriented laminate for your renovation project and let yourself be enchanted by what it can offer living space: With Urban Wood from Balterio it can introduce you to the best features of a wooden floor – we welcome you to the best that laminate has to offer!  

Gives you rest breaks: The care of the Urban Wood laminate Balterio

The laminate flooring is easily maintained proving, with Class 32 wear class, a relatively long service life and is not least because of its particular nature. Each of the micro-V-grooved edges has a film incorporated into the tile with a repellent coating and is thus entirely sealed which guarantees against any moisture that may come and threaten to damage or warp your floor. Instead of worrying about the-the health of floor, you can calmly go about your life because for the Urban tile floor it is easily maintained, only clean from time to time occasionally with a dry microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. If your laminate becomes very stained or dirty, Urban Tile laminate can equally well clean with water and floor cleaner, as long as you have wrung your mop thoroughly out in and then wipe dry separately. Urban Tile laminate will save you time money and energy compared to traditional tile floors!

Ecologically harmless

Sustainability and environmental awareness in the company's policy are increasingly important. The principles of Balterio laminate, however, go much further. Its entire range has been awarded the PEFC label and thus has officially met the requirements of prudent forest management and forest preservation. Specifically, this means that for all trees that are used for the laminate manufacturing process, new trees will be planted. With the acquisition of a Balterio laminate flooring, not only are you assisting with the conservation of forests, you are contributing to a better environment in the end. The Urban Wood, as is the full range of Balterio products been awarded the Blue Angel and the French emission class A + seal, therefore, leaves no health risks in your home environment since it contains only ten percent of the officially acceptable formaldehyde amount.

Enter character - Balterio Urban Wood and Urban Tile combined

If you take a closer look at the Urban collection from Balterio, you will probably have noticed that it is composed of two product lines, namely the Urban Wood and the Urban Tile. Both are different in measurements, visual appearance and installation method, but you should still consider using both Urban variants in your premises. The full potential of Industrial glamour will be shown when Urban Wood and Urban Tile are brought together! The rustic sawed used flair of Urban Wood and the cold, indestructible concrete structure of the Urban Tile allow you use your apartment, exhibition rooms or work spaces to be provided with two-floor coverings that engage in their diversity and allow your living space to be that of an industrial factory or an old ship yard. Every room can now be uniquely staged! This makes these Balterio laminate flooring selections a current trend, because at present it what people like to have in their homes. People like the different structures and like the fact that floors can now be more dynamic and engaging. Another element is that people like the fact that they are in control of their renovations; they are allowing themselves to choose what they want for their renovations rather than relying on an interior designer. You can find your approach and interpret the Industrial chic look with these two entirely new flooring! With creativity, there are virtually no limits - and even if you prefer to work exclusively with the Urban Wood, the detail in the laminate panels, with dimensions of 1257 x 190.5 x 8 mm, can offer you enough for your home to add a real sense of used factory look!

Balterio Urban Wood Laminate: ClickXpress installation

Balterio Urban Wood laminate, renovations are easy. It is equipped with Balterio Click Xpress system, and can be laid without any hassle. All you need is to slot simply the short sides of the laminate by a slight pressure and they will slide into each other, therefore you need no tools, craftsmen and it will be laid in no time at all. A seamless, stylish and slip-resistance laminate in a class of its own – is what you have when you have a Balterio Urban Wood. Try this new level of simplicity - order the Urban Wood laminate!


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