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Balterio Dolce Laminate: The impeccable parquet-flooring alternative for beginners

Authenticity is what first comes  to mind when you set your eyes on the Dolce Laminate. The best modern flooring solutions that can be laid in your home without the high price tag is this Balterio laminate flooring. Either these original wood grain boards have a natural structure, which gives the planks a stable,incredibly real-looking surface or they are fitted with a matte top coat, which makes for a very genuine feeling of a wood surface. In both versions, the Dolce will generate a cozy atmosphere in your home and neither of them will disappoint.

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Balterio Dolce

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Balterio Dolce - Noble Laminate Flooring with an elegant aura of parquet

The Dolce line can be ordered in eight different variants of oak finish. The colours vary and what is unique about every laminate is that they give a real sense of an oak finish to your floor. If you take a shading such as Lucca, Milano or Continental, it will offer you a rich dark shading to your home. Alternatively, you could choose from the Abbey or Fossil range which has a beautiful mixture of oak colours that mix seamlessly from the shimmering brown to dark grey. The focus is on the quality of the laminate and what is expected from the floor. Only with a strong oak finish and with a nuanced coating can you improve your ability to have a versatile and flexible laminate. You are likely to use Balterio Dolce in your favourite rooms or if you are thinking more practical uses, it can be laid as a heavy duty laminate flooring in an entrance hall where there is a lot of foot traffic in a busy home. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless with this beautiful and versatile flooring. What’s more about this fantastic product is that it can be easily assembled by simply laying the planks and joining them together. Dolce laminate is Balterio’s proof that affordable laminate has been long out of the shadows of the interior design landscape!

Close to the real hardwood floors: Balterio’s structure variants on your Dolce Laminate

Do you think you only get the unparalleled experience of wood with parquet flooring? Not true! The unique methods of the structuring of the Balterio range can, therefore, add to your Dolce laminate a strength of character, which is equivalent to a real wood floor. You have the choice whether you prefer your floor subtle and gentle or rustic and lively. Both preferences are offered in the Dolce collection because it is supplied either in the true to nature sorting or with soft-touch matte. The former, reminiscent of the fresh, natural surface of solid wood flooring with grooves and oak grain and the latter laminate are the Balterio silky, smooth rotation. This technological sophistication makes the Balterio Dolce one of the largest competitors to parquet because it this is no longer just a cheap alternative to parquet, but also its additional benefits on top of that, including its insulated soundboard and scratch resistant surface, make it a game changer in the field of flooring. With this laminate, you get all visual features of a solid wood floor - for a much more affordable price!

Keep it Simple: Maintaining your Balterio Laminate Dolce Flooring

Does cleaning the floor get on your nerves and do you waste lots of time unnecessarily cleaning when you should be relaxing? Wooden floors once required expensive cleaning products to be maintained along with new paint jobs every other year to maintain the longevity of the floor. With the Dolce laminate, all of these concepts now belonged to the past because of the micro film protective coating that is on every Balterio laminate flooring. The coating prevents any liquid or dirt from seeping into the material and creating any sort of long-term damage to the laminate. If there is any heavy cleaning needed Balterio recommend that, you simply used a slightly damp mop.

Dolce Balterio laminate: safe and valuable for forestry

Sustainability and environmental awareness are an indispensable part of today's corporate policy on the wood product market. The principles of Balterio laminate go beyond the claims of its competitors. Its products have been awarded the PEFC seal and bind the manufacturer to the principles of adequate forest management and forest conservation. This requires in particular that for trees that will be used during the laminate manufacturing process, new trees must be planted. Regarding environmental awareness, you are being environmentally aware by consciously purchasing from Balterio. By purchasing the Balterio Dolce laminate not only do you assist in the conservation of forests, you pay for your health. The Dolce, along with the entire Balterio range, has been awarded the Blue Angel and the French emission class A + certificate, meaning it releases no harmful pollutants into the indoor environment, since it only includes ten percent of the officially acceptable formaldehyde amount. Another great reason to lay this great laminate in your home!

What else you need to know: size and stability of your Dolce laminate

Worry no longer about the quality of your floor - even the base model Dolce Balterio has been made more resilient than other laminate lines on the market. This laminated floor is in fact designed for both public and private spaces because the Dolce Balterio has been engineered to withstand the busy life of a family with children but also the hustle and bustle of a busy work environment. Despite its keen pricing, this 7mm standard laminate is resistant to abrasion. Otherwise, Dolce remains in its dimensions to the usual range of laminate flooring. However, it has a distinct advantage with its size of 1261 x 192.5 x 7 mm for diverse environments and room sizes. With this robust laminate in the low price segment, you can be sure that you will be well taken care of with this laminate as it caters to all of your needs.

Nothing easier than fitting the Balterio Dolce Laminate Floor

Cheap, easy to clean, nice to look, there must be a catch right? Not at all, Balterio laminate has a simple PressXpress system that can be implemented in a very short time even with two left hands! The specially developed system of rotation of the Belgian manufacturer makes your laminate floor into a kind of large puzzle, because you can set the planks at any time into each click or pull them apart to move them elsewhere again. It could not be simpler. Decide now for the modern click system Balterio, which gives the customer orientation in terms of practicality and laying-speed a new dimension!

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