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Balterio Grandeur Laminate: If luxury and elegance could be walked upon

Do you want a floor, which promises a magnificent atmosphere, its elegance echoes grace, and has long awaited a simple innovation, which makes for easy installation? In the past, this description did not fit into the world of laminate flooring. Get ready for your mind to be changed with the Grandeur laminate made by Balterio; you can now order a floor covering that fits this description exactly. The Grandeur laminate harks from the past the present and the future. If you give yourself the opportunity to view this laminate you will soon forget that there was once a time when laminate had been an unpopular alternative product. Who could say no to a deluxe flooring that comes with a 25-year warranty and on top of that is much more practical than a solid wood floor? Give your home the floor it deserves, lay Balterio Grandeur!

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Balterio Grande

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A floor with an oak decor: The artful design of Grandeur laminate 

The Grandeur line was set entirely in the exclusive claims of luxury-oriented customers in their designs. Twelve variants of classic Oak patterns leaves you spoiled for choice in a colour spectrum that ranges from light & grey or natural earth nuances. Despite the magnificent decor palette, restrictions to the oak imitation is not a disadvantage with the Balterio laminate, it offers the option to equip your entire space with different Grandeur planks that each work differently for themselves and can provide a universal harmonious image for your living space. It is not surprising that most of the Grandeur models have received famous names - Making it easy to let your home form the canvas for your interior that will certainly inspire further creative space ideas!

A clever illusion: The fabulous ChromeZone structure of your Grandeur laminate

If you can patent something, that usually means you have achieved a breakthrough in a given field.  This particular patent applies to the Chrome Zone technology from the Balterio laminate. This inimitable method from the Belgian manufacturer means that their laminate surface can be compared to that of wood and it is almost impossible to tell the difference. If you find it hard to believe. Then convince yourself, by ordering a free sample of Balterio laminate and you can see with your own eyes that this overlay is a hand-planed hardwood! Grain, ramifications, grooves – all the qualities wood offers, can also be provided by the Grandeur laminate. The highlight of the laminate is a multi-layered composite, which can enhance your home to a level that is considered outstanding.

Grandeur laminate Balterio: A promise to the environment and well-being

More and more companies in the industry are also trying to make sustainability and environmental awareness in their business policy. However, Balterio goes even further. Their entire range of laminates is marked with the PEFC seal and, therefore, the Belgian company officially meets the requirements of responsible forest management and forest preservation. Explicitly, this means that for all the trees that are used for the production of the laminate, new trees are planted.  By choosing, Balterio Grandeur you are committed not only to the environment, but you also protect your health. The Grandeur, as is the entire laminate flooring assortment from Balterio has been given the Blue Angel and the emission class A + Cert and therefore is completely harmless for your respiratory tract because it contains just one-tenth of the officially permissible formaldehyde. By now, the Grandeur should have peaked your interest!

 A delicate product?  Dimensions and resistance of Grandeur laminate

Won't such a luxurious laminate will obviously need a huge amount of care? Not the Grandeur Balterio. It is made so that no moisture or dirt can be caught in its joints thanks to a dirt-repellent protective film that has been incorporated into the laminate. This means that the times of careful cleaning and constant care of your floor are over. Balterio laminate is well armed against everyday dirt and only needs to be wiped dry or with a parquet brush. Should it even be necessary, if there is wet dirt on the floor, simply used a well wrung out mop and wipe clean. Even violent attacks of nail polish or pen are no disaster: Put a drop of acetone on a microfiber cloth, wipe and the laminate is clean again! The constant concern for your flooring is a thing of the past and with Class 32, the Balterio Grandeur can be used in a kitchen or commercial space. This 9 mm thick laminate top resists namely not only the most dirt, but it is also abrasion resistant despite its focus on elegance. In its dimensions, the Grandeur is true to its name: The panels of this model are larger and wider than the other Balterio Laminates, helping expand the beauty of the floor. With dimensions of 2039 x 238 x 9 mm, the Grandeur laminate will be well suited for large spaces, such as large entrance areas or showrooms. Those who intend to make an impression on visitors or customers, the Grandeur laminate floor is right for your place - this laminate is above excellence!

Easy DIY for you: The luxury Grandeur laminate from Balterio 

Stylish, easy-care, durable and sustainable - there has to be a catch? The manufacturer offers you with its patented PressXpress® technique a method that you can implement in no time at all. The extra developed spring clip in the interior of the laminate guarantees that their sides fall directly into one another to create a seamless and slip-resistant surface. Then you need to fit the panels only by a little pressure at either end of the Balterio Grandeur. A delightfully innovative fold-down installation system, which Balterio has done to bring user-friendliness to a new standard!


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