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Balterio Impressio laminate: Rustic Charm for your environment

Should your floor radiate cosiness and have a certain rustic touch, with the qualities of an older parquet floor? Such a flair is what the Impressio laminate collection from the Belgian manufacturer of Balterio has. 

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Balterio Impressio

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The Balterio Impressio has adapted to the look of a country house - hardwood floors in its presentation, and contrasting designs, that will strike a chord with floor lovers, for its vintage-chic look. It offers, with certainty, an excellent flooring solution for both vintage and modern floor fans alike. With the Impressio laminate from Balterio, you can purchase above excellence flooring which represents a believable wood-like flooring alternative. You will see, if you order this incomparable used-look laminate, you can hardly believe that laminate flooring has once been an unloved alternative product. Who would oppose, let alone reject, this alternative to a wood flooring? Not only does it have the look of a real parquet but it comes with a warranty of up to 25 years which in today's terms is more practical than a solid wood floor. Give your home the feeling it deserves by laying it with a Balterio Impressio!

Outstanding performance:  The versatile oak design of your Balterio Impressio laminate flooring

The Balterio Impressio line had you in mind when they made this laminate flooring: the diversity of nuances is impressive. There are fourteen variations of the Balterio typical oak look and also in a range of colours that are of bright & grey (Caspian, Platinum blonde or white loft) natural tones (Garda, Mississippi, Sierra Nevada, Savannah, Frappuccino or old Castle Oak) to Earth shades (Loch Ness, Titicaca, flamed, Wadi Rum or Midnight Brown).  Despite the existing colour contrast between these wonderfully executed laminates, Balterio encourages you to be brave and choose from the array of laminates available for your floor to give you the feeling of a great rustic look. When you combine Garda with the Savannah or the Loch Ness with Wadi Rum you may be pleasantly surprised at the hidden artist which has been waiting to be discovered. The Balterio Laminates have been cleverly named after iconic places around the world therefore you can imagine attaching a story to each plank that you lay, be it from Italy or Africa. Let your choice be Impressio.

An almost real parquet: the original brushed surface of your Impressio laminate

What is it that you have always been missing on laminate flooring? Probably the deeper structures that real solid wood normally has on the surface. Up to now a solid wood floor with a used look has always served extremely well in homes and has been incredibly versatile in regards to durability however that has now changed. Balterio laminate comes with precisely these criteria, and the product offers a range of various surface finishes. In the case of the Impressio it is a convincing brush structure that makes the laminate look as though it is hand crafted. Gently and yet clearly noticeable, the distinctive pattern of the overlay to the naked eye, makes it difficult to recognise whether you have laminate or parquet on your floor. Order your free sample of the Balterio Impressio laminate flooring from us at Bricoflor today and you can to convince yourself that this surface is of a hand-planed parquet! From the grains to the reliefs to the grooves - everything that makes appealing wood, can also be found in the Impressio laminate. With the only difference being that it is the more favourable, multi-layered composite alternative and it is quickly becoming the solid wood flooring leader. It is what will make the difference in your living space.

Impressio laminate made by Balterio: Show your environmental awareness!

Sustainability and environmental awareness are an indispensable part of today's corporate policy on the wood product market. The principles of Balterio laminate go beyond the claims of its competitors. Its products have beenawarded the PEFC certificate and bind the manufacturer to the principles of adequate forest management and forest conservation. This requires in particular that for tress that will be used during the laminate manufacturing process, new trees must be planted. Regarding environmental awareness, you are being environmentally aware by consciously purchasing from Balterio.  By purchasing the Balterio laminate flooring not only do you assist in the conservation of forests, you are also being aware of your health. The Impressio laminate, as is the entire Balterio collection, been awarded the Blue Angel and the French emission class A + cert and, therefore, releases no harmful pollutants into the indoor environment, since it only contains ten percent of the officially acceptable formaldehyde amount. Another great reason to lay this great laminate in your home!

Wipe or vacuum – with the Impressio laminate floor care is now simple!

Do laminates cost time and money to maintain? Balterio Impressio laminate flooring proves it does not! Its design aims to make the laminate as resistant as possible and that's why all the joints were provided with a micro protective film which prevents dust as well as liquid from entering between the planks. You can leave the hours of arduous and anxious care of laminate life behind thanks to this film. The laminate is well prepared for the usual stresses of the everyday hustle and bustle and needs only an occasional wipe with a cloth or a vacuum cleaning attachment. If you ever see the necessity of having to use a wet mop on your floor, the manufacturer recommends that you previously wring out your mop. Even stains from nail polish or pens are a thing of the past: Drizzle a little acetone on a clean cloth, rub over the stain and soon you will have a clean floor! The daily fear for your floor being ruined has thus become non-existent.  With demand class 32, the sleek laminate Balterio Impressio, will be useful in kitchens or commercial space in this strength. The 8 mm thick laminate has proven its strength not only against everyday loads, but it is also incredibly resistant to abrasion.

Balterio Impressio Laminate: A new dimension of simplicity

A renovation requires months of planning because so much care and thought is usually required and you more than likely will have to call in professionals. At last, with your Balterio laminate, that concept is now put to rest. It can be laid without stress because it has Balterio Click Xpress springs on each plank. Let the short sides of the panels a slip into each other with a slight pressure and, therefore, requires neither tools nor craftsmen saving you an enormous amount of time for laying your Balterio laminate floor. A flat, non-slip and attractive laminate in an instant - even if you usually have nothing to do with handicrafts, you can install with easy. Opt for this new dimension of simplicity - order Impressio laminates for your renovation! If you would like to get in touch with our experts, simply call, email or complete our contact form and we will be happy to assist you!