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Balterio Pure Stone Laminate:  A natural stone floor –made from wood?

The best feature of the Pure Stone laminate collection from Balterio is definitely in the appearance: From the actual natural stone, the Balterio Pure Stone looks and feels different only with the great effort that has gone into the manufacturing of this perfect laminate. 

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Balterio Pure Stone

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From the manufacturing process of the laminate flooring, it mimics the authentic stone surface so well that you will be convinced that it is a genuine stone floor. An assured 25-year warranty in the living area speaks well for the present laminate and its innovative click system, will help the floor virtually lay itself - Balterio Pure Stone will simplify your renovation! If you have always dreamed of a great stone floor, but could never bring yourself to the hassle of uprooting your old floor to lay down heavy slabs of stone, then Balterio Pure Stone laminate can help! Because of its easy installation and its natural-oriented look, Balterio Pure Stone proves to be the choice time and again for those who want a floor that is hardwearing and affordable.

The new modern flagstones: Pure Stone designs present themselves in limestone or bluestone

The Pure Stone Series sets itself apart not only in design but also in décor. When Balterio was developing this range of laminate flooring, they had specifically thought of how best to combine elegance with versatility. The Pure Stone range comes in four colour variants, Bluestone, which resembles that of flagstone and varies from a light (limestone White) a brown (Limestone tobacco) and two dark shades (Bluestone flamed or bluestone sanded). Although there is a minimal amount of designs available it should not be seen as a flaw but more as a way to be creative with the tiles. These tiles can be easily mixed and matched to give your four walls a design feature of cosiness it deserves. Find your style, whether colourful mixed or plain - the Pure Stone collection will carry away every stone lover and can help you design and imagine entirely new living space concepts!

A True tile: Balterio Pure Stone laminate has the relief and profile of a real floor tile!

What distinguishes wood from stone? Of course, primarily the surface, wood has a grain, has grooves and reliefs, whereas stone floors are very committed to the natural features of the rock from which they were manufactured.  Meanwhile, special intricacies have been the biggest problem in the production of a good tile laminate because its artificial structure has always had occasion for discussion on the renovation front. Balterio laminate brings the Pure Stone Balterio laminate flooring finally on the market, this product offers compelling stone structures, the natural stone look is second to none as it is the first real laminate that provides an authentic look. It is so well executed that many will hardly believe that the tile has been made from wood! You can see for yourself how genuine this floor is if you order a sample from us from the Bricoflor online store. This floor has all the benefits of a stone floor except the financial price tag.

Balterio's Pure Stone laminate: Expensive cleaning supplies and maintenance are over!

The Pure Stone laminate with the dimensions 1192 x 392.5 x 8 mm from the Belgian manufacturer of Balterio not only looks great in your home but also is resistant to water and dirt. This is possible through the special protective film that has been incorporated in the panel and repels excess dirt and water from seeping into the panels, preventing any swelling that could be caused from moisture. Therefore maintenance can now become a minimum and you do not need to worry about your laminate being damaged. Balterio recommend that in order to clean your pure stone laminate floor, use a simple brush for sweeping heavy dirt and simply use a damp cloth for heavy mud and dry the floor with a dry micro fibre cloth.

Be considerate to Mother Nature - Buy Balterio Pure Stone laminate!

Sustainability concepts and environmentally conscious corporate policy are an integral part of today's wood product market. The respective claims of Balterio laminate go beyond the principles of its competitors. The Belgian products were awarded the PEFC certificate and bind the company officially to comply with sustainable forestry and a dedicated commitment to forest conservation. That means the Balterio must plant a tree in place of a tree they use in their manufacturing process. In terms of environmental awareness, with the Balterio Pure Stone, you have made the right decision. With the acquisition of this Balterio laminate flooring not only do you assist in the conservation of forests, you also are being more aware of your health. The Pure Stone has, as with Balterio's entire range, been awarded the Blue Angel and the French class A + cert and therefore spoils the air in no way through harmful toxic fumes because it has also only ten per cent of the officially permissible formaldehyde amount. When the Pure Stone competes not very many can stand in its way!

Click the tile holds: Installation of Pure Stone Balterio with Click Xpress

Home improvement projects can require months of preparatory work because so much should be considered and you may need to consult experts. With Pure Stone from Balterio, it can be a stress-free installation because each board from Balterio has the innovative ClickXpress Springs at its sides. Let the short sides of the panels fall into one another only by the slight pressure of your hands and, therefore, it does not require an expensive extra tool. You can now leave professionals out of the equation and you can think about all that time and money you will save for installing your Balterio floor. A smooth, hardwearing and elegant tiled floor without much trouble, choose this new level of simplicity - choose Pure Stone laminate in your renovation! If you have any questions about any of the laminate ranges available, feel free to contact our customer service team of experts and we will happily help! Get in touch via telephone, email or complete our contact form.