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Balterio Quattro Vintage Laminate: A Charm from the Past

Have you ever seen wonderful antique arrangements from home décor or housing magazines? Have you always thought that it would cost huge amounts of money to get this type of charm into your home? Then you should get excited about the Quattro Vintage from Belgian manufacturer Balterio which is exactly the type of floor that shabby chic lovers have been waiting for. 

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Balterio Quattro Vintage

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This beautifully processed laminate is a hit for everyone and with classic colours such as oak and chestnut, floor lovers will undoubtedly be very satisfied decorating their homes with this laminate. It is not just a wonderful flooring solution, with a charming antique look, but it is also very affordable. Balterio offers a 25 year warranty in the living area. What more can you ask for?

Quattro Vintage: Antique made laminate flooring in Chestnut and Oak

The Balterio Quattro Vintage floor comes in ten different designs in the styles of oak and chestnut, with the oak being grainier than the chestnut. The colours range from bright and grey variances (Virginia, Montana, Sandstorm or Lipica) to brown & dark (gunshot residue or Honigblond) or a more natural range (twilight, Sherlock, Macadamia or Gold). This large colour diversity allows you to be inspired and you can let the inner artist inside loose when you see how these colours can work together. Choose the Balterio Quattro for your home and be enchanted by these wonderful chic laminates!

Balterio Quattro vintage: The parquet with 3D Wood Effect and true-to-nature® touch

The innovative 3D wood effect of the Balterio Quattro highlights the natural reliefs that lay within wood grains. This is done through deliberately putting more or less variance gloss or matte finish on the laminates. This procedure is the first step to a true faithful imitation of wood. The detail of the laminate can be felt in the True to Nature design, which is where Balterio has really excelled in making a true imitation. The laminate flooring mimics every detail of a solid parquet, with its uneven characteristics, the grain of the wood and the colour of the laminates can be seen and you can hardly tell it apart from a real wood floor. All of these features add to a feeling of real authenticity when you have laid the floor in your home. The only difference between The Balterio Quattro and real parquet is the enormous price tag that comes with parquet!

Even with little care it is beautiful: Your Quattro vintage laminate Balterio

Balterio's Quattro Vintage Laminate reaches its aforementioned parquet look not merely because of its extremely well manufactured surface designs, but also through its special Micro-V process in which it attained and perfected the hardwood floor illusion. Grouting serves not only the visual benefits of your laminate, but also reduces the long-term care: The fine joints have been provided with a dirt-resistant film that ensures the easy maintenance and longevity of your floor. Thus, instead of more expensive flooring, wasting your afternoons with the application of cleaning products on your laminate floor, you can relax because with the Quattro Vintage floor, it is enough to treat the laminate with a dry microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Should your laminate ever be exposed to heavier soiling, the Balterio laminate flooring can be cleaned wet, as long as you have the mop well wrung out and then wipe it with a dry cloth. With the maintenance of your laminate Balterio Quattro Vintage will save you so much time, energy and money compared to similar flooring options!

Balterio's Quattro Vintage Laminate: Saves the trees and your health

The entire Balterio laminate assortment comes with the PEFC label, which ensures sustainable forest management and forest conservation. The manufacturer of the laminate is thus obliged, to plant a new tree for every tree fallen due to manufacturing. This means that you support, with the purchase of Quattro Vintage laminate, our environment. In addition, the laminate is also above the normal standards for your health, because it has been, as is all of the other Balterio Laminates, awarded both the Blue Angel and the emission standard A + seals. The Quattro Vintage can therefore be used without hesitation, because it contains ten times less formaldehyde than the award commission allows!

Flexible and Chic: The dimensions and areas of your Quattro Vintage Laminate

Usually things of beauty require delicate care and attention, but Quattro Vintage gives you an exceptional floor without all the hassle. It has all the beauty of real parquet and the durability of strong laminate. But since you already know that the laminate Balterio Quattro Vintage is not only easy to maintain but also has a relatively long warranty in several areas, you will be interested to know what use the options Quattro Vintage offers. First, it is created with the dimensions 1257 x 190.5 x 8 mm for any size room, making this noble floor very flexible. In addition, the floor has Class 32, which allows you to use it in the living area, kitchen or dining area. Your Quattro Vintage is not only as eye-catcher for the living room, but perhaps also as a showcase of your Interior office or an accessory in your kitchen! 

"Feather light" : Balterio Quattro Vintage installation system

Quattro Vintage Laminate has a great fold-down installation system, which will make it immensely easier to attach the floor by yourself.  With the PressXpress® technique you no longer need to assemble your laminate flooring laboriously, but proceed according to a simple method that is quickly implemented without prior knowledge. All you need is to simply combine the short sides of the laminate by a slight pressure and they will slide into each other, therefore you need no tools, craftsmen and it will be laid in no time at all. Have any questions about the collection? Get in touch with our customer service team via email, telephone or fill in our contact form! A seamless, stylish and slip-resistance laminate in a class of its own –Balterio Quattro Vintage. Try this new level of simplicity!