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Laminate Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V: Modern - Elegant - Stable

Do you desire rooms with spirit that can take inspiration from current trends? Is your furniture and style that of clean lines and simplicity? If you are looking for a flooring solution that will solve this conundrum but is still affordable, then look at the Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V. 

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Balterio Tradition Elegant

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This collection brings modern glamor to your home. If this is the first time you have been exposed to this trendy laminate, you will soon forget that laminates were once an inferior alternative. However, thanks to Balterio that has now changed and you will hardly be able to tell the difference between Balterio laminate and parquet. Lay Tradition Elegant 4V from Balterio and bring a new feeling of richness, style, and comfort to your home!

Endless Oak Possibilities: Tradition Elegant Laminate from Balterio

The Balterio Tradition Elegant collection was visually adapted to pair clear structures and accommodate furniture with glass and metal elements. The series imitates oak, the most popular wood, and comes in six colour variants, to provide you with a sufficient range for your four walls. The spectrum ranges from light & grey, supernatural, and caramel & brown. Order the fabulous laminate Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V and renovate your interior!

As with real oak: The True to nature feel of Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V laminate flooring

What is new and innovative about the surface of the laminate from Tradition Elegant 4V?  Not only can you see the structure of the wood but you can also touch it. This is possible thanks to the True to nature method. This technique offers the Belgian manufacturer a competitive advantage, utilizing a patented technique known as ChromeZone Technology. Because of this technology it is next to impossible to tell whether you are walking on parquet or a laminate floor! If you would like to see for yourself before you make any decisions, then simply contact us here at Bricoflor, and order a free sample of Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V laminate and you will find out that this comes incredibly close structure to that of a hand-planed hardwood! Grain, ramifications, and grooves - everything wood once could boast of natural unique features, can now be seen by Balterio of the Tradition Elegant 4V laminated floor. The trick is that the laminate is a multi-layered composite, high quality, yet affordable HDF board, which make the floor a leader in both the field of laminates and hardwood.

Almost too easy: Maintaining Your Balterio Tradition Elegant laminate

The Balterio laminate floor gets its parquet effect not only from the outstanding performance of the manufacturer but also by the refined, rotating micro V-Groove, which is can really only be comparted when you have a solid wooden floor before you. The finished feature does not merely look like that of innovation; it reduces the need for care of your laminate flooring because the joints are equipped with a special stain resistant coating. Instead of spending time and effort cleaning your floors with oils and special floor cleaning products, it is enough to wipe the Tradition Elegant 4V laminate with a dry microfiber cloth or to free any excess dirt using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Even when your floor becomes wet or damp, Balterio laminate can be cleaned, with a wring out the mop and then gently dried with another cloth. This will save you time and will save you the expensive cost of care ranges of many other manufacturers.

Your Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V laminate: The environment and your well-being

The principles of sustainability and environmental awareness at Balterio go far beyond the claims of its competitors. The entire laminate range of the Belgian company has been provided with a PEFC label and, therefore, meets the requirements of prudent forest management and the protection of trees. Balterio insures the nature-loving customers that, for all fallen trees for us in the manufacturing process, new trees will be planted. When you purchase Balterio laminate flooring you are committed not only to environmental concerns, but you also protect your health. Tradition Elegant 4V, as is all Balterio collections, has been awarded with environmental Blue Angel seal and the emission class A + cert because it contains just one-tenth of the officially permissible formaldehyde. Choose the Tradition Elegant 4V Balterio - because Mother Nature and your well-being are important!

Simple as that: laying the Balterio Tradition Elegant 4V laminate unaided and without professionals

Balterio has something extra for you! Its innovative ClickXpress® installation system. The laminate floor can be completely laid by hand. Tradition Elegant 4V Balterio can be attached completely unprepared - and if you do not have any experience in DIY that is not a problem! Due to the specially developed spring clips inside the planks, you need to do nothing else other than to let one into the other. A clever and fool proof installation system, which makes tradition Elegant 4V Balterio irresistible! If you have any questions regarding the collection, simply get in tuoch with our customer service team! Call, email or fill in our contact form and we'll help you with our expert advice.