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Balterio Tradition Quattro laminate flooring: A Classic Beauty

This laminate collection is a true classic! The variants of the Balterio Tradition Quattro are dominated mainly by traditional oak, but there are also some exotic nuances. Tradition Quattro offers panels as black as ebony, decors in warm brown and restrained designs in soft hues - there's something for everyone with the Tradition Quattro. In addition, the tradition Quattro secures your wooden floor with two of its components: Firstly, it ensures True to Nature®, which is a touch-preparation process of your 

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Balterio Tradition Quattro

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laminate flooring. Secondly, it offers a natural wood grain surface structure - which makes the laminate, because of its production process, hardly differ from a parquet. In addition to this lifelike and rich overlay of the laminate, Balterio provides a solid and sophisticated base. Its 9 millimetre thick planks are both effective in the residential as well as in commercial uses (Class 32) due to this robust composition. In short, Balterio laminate not only combines tradition and naturalness, but has plenty of technical know-how to go with. Assure yourself of its excellent quality - lay Balterio Tradition Quattro !

Five different shades of oak: That's Balterio Tradition Quattro laminate

The seriesBalterioTradition Quattro was optically designed for those customers who have a soft spot for the classic oak, but do not want to completely give up their love of extravagant shades either. Therefore, the line not only imitates the popular wood, but it comes in five coloured variants to set your interior in the right light. The options range from bright & grey (oak Cevennes or oak coral White) on natural coloured ( Oak Loft or oak Liberty ) to a dark tone ( Tasmanian Oak ). Stage your rooms optically and completely new, you can order the classically elegant tradition Quattro laminate Balterio and your interior will present a new dimension that you will hardly recognise!

Sincerely oriented to nature: True to nature technique

The surface of the Tradition Quattro laminate can be immediately recognised as an oak grain and whats more; you can even touch the grooves of the laminate. This is all down to the manufacturers True to nature processing method: Thanks to this savvy technology the Belgian manufacturer of Balterio it has created a laminate flooring with a lifelike surface that cannot be differentiated from parquet! If you would like to see for yourself, then you can simply order a sample from us at Bricoflor. Simply call today for a pattern of Balterio Tradition Quattro. Find out how incredibly close this structure comes to a hand-planed hardwood! Whether ramifications, grooves or the typical grain - everything solid a wood floor has once possessed in unique natural features, is now also in the tradition Quattro laminate. When you look at the board itself, it is an a multilayer composite, however, qualitatively absolutely impeccable, yet affordable HDF boards are, what make Balterio laminates in pole position in flooring solutions and will revolutionise how you decorate your living area.

Do not worry, just wipe: So Balterio Tradition Quattro laminate is maintained properly

The Tradition Quattro laminate floor gets its already described parquet effect not only by the outstanding performance of the manufacturer in the field of interface design but also by the refined, rotating micro V-Groove, which is only very finely drawn and thus from the impression, you have a solid wooden floor before you. The finished feature does not merely look like that of innovation; it reduces the need for care of your laminate because the joints are equipped with a special stain resistant coating. Instead of spending so much time and effort cleaning your floors with oils and special floor cleaning products, it is enough to wipe the Tradition Quattro laminate with a dry micro fibre cloth or to free any excess dirt using a vacuum cleaner with floor brush attachment. Even when your floor becomes wet or damp, Balterio laminate can be clean, as long as you previously wring out the mop and then gently dry with another cloth. This saves you much time and also saves you the expensive cost of care ranges of many other manufacturers.

Your laminate Tradition Quattro Balterio: Sustainable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

Sustainability and environmental awareness are an indispensable part of today's corporate policy on the wood product market. The principles of Balterio laminate go beyond the claims of its competitors. Its products have been awarded the PEFC certificate and bind the manufacturer to the principles of adequate forest management and forest conservation. This requires in particular that for trees that will be used during the laminate manufacturing process, new trees must be planted. Regarding environmental awareness, you are being environmentally aware by consciously purchasing from Balterio laminates. By purchasing the Balterio Tradition Quattro laminate not only do you assist in the conservation of forests, but you are also conscious of your health. The laminate, as is the entire Balterio collection, been awarded the Blue Angel and the French emission class A + cert and, therefore, releases no harmful pollutants into the indoor environment, since it only contains ten percent of the officially acceptable formaldehyde amount. Another great reason to lay Senator in your home!!

No sticking, just clicking: Tradition Quattro laminate Balterio can lay itself

You are asking yourself, where is the catch with this laminate? That’s it so far there is none and to add more to this great news, someone who has little or no experience in the field of DIY can lay it. Thanks to the ClickXpress® system on your laminate Tradition Quattro Balterio it can be installed without any fuss! Use the specially designed spring terminals within the floorboards, you can in fact sit back, because all you have to do to is gently click each tradition Quattro panels into one another and away you go. A lightning-fast and flawless installation system, which makes Tradition Quattro Balterio finally a laminate offering that you can not refuse! Be sure to contact our customer service with any questions you have!