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Balterio Tradition Sapphire Laminate: Your new floor

This beautiful Laminate floor looks as though it were hand planed and has a finish that is barely indistinguishable from that of parquet. Its innovative technology and Class 32 can be used in both residential and commercial spaces? Balterio has taken something that was unloved and considered a bad flooring alternative and turned this idea on its head and what we have now with Tradition Sapphire is a Floor that offers not only durability but also comfort and style. It can make any living space feel warm and cosy without the hefty price tag that would usually come with a genuine wooden floor.

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Balterio Tradition Sapphire

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A range of Colours to choose: Tradition Sapphire

The Tradition Sapphire has colour variants that will suit every taste. Options ranging from dark brown to light shades will surely bring a flavour that will enhance your home to a new level.  The darker shades include Imperial Teak, which has slight shades of darker grains running through the structure of the panel. If you prefer something lighter, you have the option of lighter shades such as Crafted Oak, Olive or Malt Teak, which all offer a genuine wood grain finish to their panels. So whether it is some dark you would like to enhance a hallway that is regularly used or you would prefer something bright to liven up a living room, Tradition Sapphire from Balterio has it all for you!

The True to Nature Technology: Blaterio Tradition Sapphire

Balterio has excelled in the creation of laminates and has achieved a high quality flooring alternative that can hardly be seen when compared to a genuine parquet. This innovation is all down to the cutting edge technology that has been used in the development and processing of these laminates. The 3D Wood Effect can be felt within the wood structures, grooves and reliefs and herein lies the detail that sets Balterio laminate flooring apart from its competitors. This 3D wood effect is what adds a feeling of real authenticity to the laminate and when it has been laid in your home even the biggest critics of laminate flooring will have their doubts. One of the only differences between this floor and real wood is the hefty price tag that comes with a genuine wood floor. It seems that wood has had its day and that laminate floors are here to stay!

Less is more: Tradition Sculpture Flooring Maintenance  

Are you tired of spending copious amounts of time cleaning and maintaining your existing floor? Does it require expensive cleaning products and detergents to get the effect that you desire from your floor? Thanks to an innovative system that has been developed by Balterio these concepts belong to the past. What Balterio have done is, cleverly integrated a specialised stain resistant film into the laminate flooring, therefore repelling any excess dirt or moisture that may become lodged between the joints of the laminate. This reduces not only the amount of time that will be needed to clean your floor but will also minimise the risk of any warping of the floor in the future. If your floor does happen to become stained simply use a drop of acetone on a dry micro-fibre cloth and it will disappear! Balterio recommends that if you want to clean your floor with a mop, that you just wring the mop out beforehand and give it a once over with a dry cloth.

Good for you and Good for the environment

Tradition Sapphire comes with the PEFC seal ensuring that Balterio is environmentally responsible when manufacturing its laminates. In short, for every tree that has been used in the production of their products, a new tree is planted. When you purchase any Balterio laminate flooring alternative, you are being environmentally responsible and are ensuring and safeguarding the preservation of our forests. Aside from being environmentally responsible, you are also helping your health, as the Tradition Sapphire, along with the all of Balterio products, have been awarded both the Blue Angel and the Emission A+ seals, therefore, you can use these products without hesitation in your homes and know that there are no excess chemicals seeping from the wood. The Balterio range contains ten times less formaldehyde than the EU standard. If you have not thought about the Tradition sculpture yet, well you have good reason to think about it now.

Just Click: Laying your Balterio Laminate Flooring

Someone who has little or no experience in the field of DIY can lay this laminate flooring. Thanks to the ClickXpress® system on your Tradition Sapphire laminate from Balterio it can be installed without any fuss! Use the specially designed spring terminals within the floorboards, you can sit back and relax because all you have to do to be gently click into each Tradition Sapphire panels and before you know it, you will have a new laminate flooring. A lightning-fast and flawless installation system, which makes Tradition Sapphire from Balterio finally a laminate offering that you cannot refuse! Contact our customer service with any questions or advice! Our experts are happy to assist you to make your project go as smoothly as possible.