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Balterio Urban Tile

Balterio Urban Tile Laminate: Rustic Industrial Chic

The Urban Tile collection from Balterio allows you to purchase what seems like a stone flooring which unfolds its full potential in the work environment of your choice and your dreams of the industrial look will come true without the hefty price! Urban Tile from Balterio has convincingly modeled the character of classic concrete and natural stone into an impressively durable tile. Not only have they made a great tile they also offer a 25-year warranty in the living area (12 years in the business and commercial) and is much cheaper than a comparable tile floor. Go ahead, ask for a sample and begin thinking of Urban Tile for your renovation!

Four strikingly realistic shades: Balterio Urban Tile Laminate

Four superb stone designs are here for you to choose. Two of them, Light & Grey (Ivory or quartz), and the other two, simply, Dark (concrete or basalt). This tile is convincingly natural, thus covers all tastes, and offers you a flooring solution with appropriate shading, whether you want a tile for living space or a commercial area.  Mediterranean colours such as terracotta make it clear that the company has oriented their designing collection toward an eastern trend catering for those who are well travelled and have an appreciation of all things elegant and unusual. This particular colour repertoire sets Urban Tile apart. The optimal solution for anyone interested, because it can be equally good to use in either living or a showroom since it embodies a masterly subtlety that many of Balterio’s counterparts wish to have. Because of these properties, select customers like to have a retentive stone floor and can now have that in laminate flooring with Urban Tile. It looks so deceptively like natural stone, you will almost that doubt yourself that you have purchased laminate!

Urban Tile: True concrete structure

Can you believe that the Urban Tile is actually made from laminate? This is all down to the innovative technology lying behind the fascinating true concrete structure of the Balterio Laminate Flooring collection. With this detailed surface structuring, Balterio has managed to imitate very deceptively both the relief of natural stone as well as the properties of a real concrete surface. This natural tile structure makes the Urban Tile is attractive for those of you who love stone, because it has the look and character of stone and the flexibility and price of laminate. Get this wonderful stone floor experience home without you having to pay the high prices of a quartz stone or basalt. Urban Tile skillfully combines the best of stone and wood together – with the ease and simplicity.

Minimal amount of care needed

Tiles can be vacuumed, mopped, swept and thus - generally speaking – are easily maintained. From laminate, however, the opposite is often claimed - it is considered not very reliable, maintenance-intensive and source-compromised. Balterio Urban Tile Laminate will dispel these prejudices effortlessly, with Class 32 resilience; it guarantees a relatively long service life and is as easy to care for as a real stone floor. Each of Micro-V-grooved edges has a film incorporated into the tile with a repellent coating and is thus fully sealed which guarantees against any moisture that may come and threaten to damage or warp your floor. Instead of worrying about the health of floor, you can calmly go about your life, because for Urban Tile floor, it is easily maintained. Simply clean from time to time occasionally with a dry microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. If your laminate becomes stained or dirty, clean your Laminate flooring with water and floor cleaner, as long as you have wrung your mop out and then wipe dry separately. Urban Tile laminate will save you time money and energy compared to traditional tile floors!

Non-toxic and Sustainable

Sustainability and environmental awareness in a company's policy are increasingly important. The principles of Balterio laminate flooring, however, go much further. Its entire range has been awarded the PEFC label and thus the manufacture has officially met the requirements of prudent forest management and forest preservation. Specifically, this means that for all trees that are used for the laminate manufacturing process, new trees will be planted.  With the acquisition of an Urban Tile laminate not only are you assisting with the conservation of forests, but you are contributing to a better environment in the long run. Urban Tile Laminate has the Blue Angel and the French emission class A + rating and thus leaves no health risks in your home environment since it contains only ten percent of the officially acceptable formaldehyde amount.

A Creative variant - Combine laminate

If you are already familiar with the Balterio Urban Collection, you will have noticed that there are two product lines, namely the Urban Tile and Urban Wood. Although the two differ in dimensions, appearance and installation method, you should consider using these tiles together, to allow a full industrial charm! The cool, reminiscent of concrete Urban Tile and the rough wooden surface of Urban Wood will bring your apartment, loft or office to that of an accentuated real industrial look. Balterio laminate flooring collections provide different combinable flooring conditions to create a unique, unused casual living environment. Do not miss this chance and get these two ingenious product series together! But even if you prefer to use the Urban Tile in your premises, the well-worked laminate tiles with dimensions of 1192 x 392.5 x 8 mm are perfectly adapted to your living or working environment and will bring the an induct atmosphere the necessary bit of rustic chic.

Balterio Urban Tile Laminate: No hassle for a lot of beauty

Balterio Urban Tile laminate can be laid without any hassle, because it is equipped with Balterio Click Xpress system. All you need is to simply slot the short sides of the laminate by a slight pressure and they will slide into each other, therefore you need no tools, artisans, and it will be laid in no time at all. A seamless, stylish and slip-resistance laminate in a class of its own – is what you have when you have a Balterio Urban Tile. Try this new level of simplicity - order the Urban Tile from BRICOFLOR!


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