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Balterio Xperience Plus Laminate: Put your interior matt - but not without style!

With Xperience Plus, Balterio now offers a laminate fooring collection that has the experience of elegant interior design perfected. All existing designs feature a 3D Wood Effect structure, which makes naturalness on the laminate and a design that are second to none. 

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Balterio Xperience4 plus

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In all respects, the Balterio laminate will enrich your premises: Thanks to their two-mounted joint and its noble matte surface, this flooring offers a particularly appealing depth effect for the viewer. Technically the laminate Balterio Xperience Plus is classified at the highest level. The classification in stress class 32 allows you to lay this the 8-millimeter-thick laminate in residential areas and is evidence of the high quality of workmanship and robust manufacturing. The modern Xpress-click system makes the installation of the floor also a breeze. Whether you prefer a more classic or modern touch in your premises, it does not matter because Balterio laminate flooring always gives your home an attractive level of elegance. Balterio Xperience Plus – easily brings style to your home!

Elm in all shades:  Balterio Xperience Plus laminate 

The Xperience Plus Series has design variants for all customers who are enthusiastic about Elm Wood and even want to still have access to a wide range of matte look shades. The line not only mimics the unique character of Elm, it gives a range of colour that optimally supports your interior, no matter what style you are after. The options offered are ranked here from a bright, natural, caramel and a dark tone. Stage your rooms before a completely different setting, order this matte look laminate flooring and your interior will show you a completely different look!

Remarkable Depth: 3D Wood Effect

In the structure of the laminate flooring from Balterio, the Xperience Plus is as authentic grain, so you can even run your fingertips along the laminate and feel the structure of the wood surface. The innovation of the product is 3D-Wood-Effect method: By means of this innovative technology, the Balterio laminate floor has such a lifelike surface, that makes it look almost like and old wrought parquet floor! You want to take a closer look? No problem, you can call today and ask one of our friendly staff at Bricoflor for a sample of the Balterio Xperience Plus laminate and you can always see for yourself, with no obligation, how extremely close this structure is to a hand-planed hardwood! Whether ramifications, grooves or the typical grain - everything once that was boasted in natural wood is now the unique feature of this flooring solution. This ingenious trick comes down to the fact the laminate is made up of HDF composite, therefore, costing less but looking genuine.

Do not worry, it's easy to maintain

Do laminates cost time in maintenance? Balterio laminate flooring does not! Its design aims to make the laminate as resistant as possible and that is why all the joints are provided with a micro protective film, which prevents dust as well as liquid from entering between the planks. You can leave the hours of arduous and obnoxious care of laminate life behind thanks to this film. The laminate is well prepared for the usual stresses of the everyday hustle and bustle and needs only an occasional wipe with a cloth or a vacuum cleaning attachment. If you ever see the necessity of having to use a wet mop on your floor, the manufacturer recommends that you previously wring out your mop. Even stains from nail polish or pens are outdated: Drizzle a little acetone on a clean cloth, rub over the stain and soon you will have a clean floor! The daily fear for your floor protection has thus become non-existent.  With demand class 32, the sleek laminate Balterio Xperience will be useful in kitchens or commercial space in this strength. The 8 mm thick, laminate has proven its strength not only against everyday loads, but it is also incredibly resistant to abrasions.

Leaves no damage to the environment or your health

Sustainability and environmental awareness are an indispensable part of today's corporate policy on the wood product market. The principles of Balterio laminate flooring go beyond the claims of its competitors. Its products have been awarded the PEFC certificate and bind the manufacturer to the principles of adequate forest management and forest preservation. This requires in particular that for trees that will be used during the laminate manufacturing process, new trees must be planted. Regarding environmental awareness, you are being environmentally aware by consciously purchasing from Balterio.  By purchasing the Balterio Xperience laminate not only do you assist in the conservation of forests, you are also being aware of your health. The Xperience laminate, as is the entire Balterio collection, been awarded the Blue Angel and the French emission class A + cert and, therefore, releases no harmful pollutants into the indoor environment, since it only contains ten percent of the officially acceptable formaldehyde amount. Another great reason to lay this great laminate in your home!

Balterio Xperience Plus laminate: Always surefooted

Are you convinced that even the most promising product has pitfalls and you are about to read the bad news now? Well, the news actually gets even better as all of the laminates from Balterio has its own ClickXpress® installation system. This innovative system truly presents a method by which you can attach your laminate flooring whether you are experienced in DIY or not. Thanks to the patented spring clips inside the panels, you can let your renovation take place practically by itself namely relaxed look because all you have to do as the Balterio Xperience Plus and planks with slight pressure to press together and that’s it, your laminate flooring is safe and ready to use.  An immaculate and sophisticated technology that makes Xperience Plus laminate Balterio for the pragmatic buyer essential! Be sure to contact our experts via telephone, email or our contact form to get in touch regarding any questions you have!