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Ter Hürne Avatara MultiSense Floor Laminate is the fusion of nature and technology

Ter Hürne is a quality manufacturer who, thanks to his many years of experience, knows in which direction innovations are sought. With the Avatara MultiSense Floor, it has found just the right novelty: a special kind of laminate that allows your home the desired naturalness and authenticity thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, and that proves its worth in everyday life thanks to its outstanding properties.


Innovative laminate from Münsterland

The ter Hürne Avatar MultiSense Floor is a unique ground experience that takes ter Hürne's quality orientation to a new level. Avatara Floor Laminate is available in two different collections with numerous stylish decors to cater to every creative taste and technical demand. The ter Hürne Avatara Comfort Edition and ter Hürne Avatar PerForm Edition form a functional and healthy laminate duo that visually and practically enhances your four walls. These floor coverings are ideal for fun-loving and modern people who prefer their surroundings bright, comfortable and, above all, natural. The selected wood and stone imitations are intense designs and look authentic and inviting in any room.

Casual and tension-free, the innovative laminate creates an ambience that exudes sovereignty, centered in a distinctive urban style. The Avatara Comfort version has an HDF carrier with a cork backing for optimum room acoustics. The Avatara PerForm collection is also equipped with a plastic-based impact sound insulation and is ideally suited for use in damp rooms due to its structure and a waterproof surface.

Sharpen your senses Ter Hürne Avatara Floor Laminate shows you the difference

With Avatara Floor MultiSense laminate you are investing in 5 outstanding properties of this high quality flooring that will positively transform the living environment of your home. Thanks to the innovative HD printing technology, your sense of sight experiences a very special experience with the brilliant designs of the individual plank. The unique embossing makes it possible to not only see the authentic design, but also to feel it: the synchronous embossing ensures an excellent haptic finish, which results in authentic grain and natural wood structures as well as tangible surface heat.

Thanks to the subdued sound through the included sound insulation in combination with soft appearance, the ter Hürne Avatara MultiSense Floor is a high-quality and natural top product, which has a positive and healthy effect on the body and the indoor climate. In addition, this flooring is a blessing at every turn, because the unique laminate offers you and your health the highest comfort. A unique multi-layer mimics a naturally-cushioning surface and thus protects the joints. The entire ter Hürne production is also certified by eco-Institut and the products are proven not only free from odors, but above all pollutant-free.

7 layers of innovation and resilience merge into Avatara MultiSense floors

The ter Hürne Avatara MultiSense floors are a 21st century floor covering, as they are newly composed of 7 layers, fulfilling the most important requirements for an optimal floor. The surface layer consists of a particularly robust polymer coating, which not only provides a non-slip and antibacterial structure, but also protects the underlying HD-printed carrier plate. This in turn prevents swelling of the floor covering and makes it suitable for laying in rooms with large temperature differences. An impact sound lamination, as the lowest construction layer, ensures quiet footsteps and better acoustics.

The laminate flooring in this collection creates soft structures with a noticeably better finish. The manufacturer is aware of the longevity and stability of Avatara Floor and offers a manufacturer's warranty of 10 to 20 years depending on the area of ​​use. Due to the high utility class (NK 32), the avatar floors can be laid flexibly and are used primarily in heavily used objects. The anti-slip class 10 makes the design floor a safe and stable floor covering.

With the CLICKitEASY installation system you too become a home craftsman

The manufacturer ter Hürne deals with different areas of life and associated lifestyle - which of course is reflected in the respective facility. As a result, it has not escaped the experts' notice that Do-It-Youself activities are currently making the trend in many areas. Many people want to do most of the renovations themselves. The CLICKitEASY installation system was developed for such home craftsmen. This is so innovative that the manufacturer even had it patented. Thanks to a simple technique, the click system works according to a door lock principle and does not require the use of glue or additional tools. The planks are simply plugged together and thanks to the floating installation are immediately accessible - so you too become an expert!

Conscious handling of nature is a must for ter Hürne

In its 60-year success story, the ter Hürne brand is actively engaged in optimising the quality of its products. For this reason, sustainability and conscious use of the environment and precious resources are part of the philosophy of the company. The effort of the manufacturer makes itself felt, in which it carries numerous awards by renowned environmental institutes. For example, the Realwood certificate confirms that only true wood is used for the flooring production. This comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests and ter Hürne also makes an enormous contribution to our environment, which has been awarded the PESC certificate.

For many years, the expert has been awarded a seal by the eco-Institut for its particularly low-emission and pollutants floors, which contribute to an improved living and indoor climate through enriched air circulation. In addition, ter Hürne's entire production, with the exception of smoked products, has recently been awarded the Blue Angel environmental award. This proves that wood or wood-based floor coverings are not harmful to the environment during their manufacture, use and disposal. All these factors make Avatara Floor Laminate a high-quality product, which not only impresses with its technical sophistication due to its long-term manufacturer's warranty and its contribution to environmental awareness.

Secure the ter Hürne Avatar Floor in our online shop

Get a piece of nature in your four walls with ter Hürne Avatar MutiSense and get the best price guarantee in your BRICOFLOR online shop now! So that you are sure of your decision, we offer you a free sample service. To do this, simply order up to eight selected patterns per mouse click - so you can decide directly on site about the look and feel of the products. Once you have made your selection, send us the samples back by mail and receive a voucher for the amount of the shipping amount, which you can then redeem directly in your purchase! If you need larger quantities, for example, for your trade, contact us online via our contact form or by phone via our hotline. One of our competent staff will be happy to discuss with you an individual offer. We look forward to you!

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