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Ter Hürne Avatara MultiSense : Comfort Pure and Comfort Straight

The Ter Hurne Avatara MultiSense Comfort Pure is a collection that brings light the room that you install it in. There are tones of brown and beige that illuminate the flooring with its style. 

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Avatara Comfort

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This collection has a polymer protection layer that makes the surface durable and resilient. The Ter Hurne Avatara MultiSense Comfort Straight is, yes you guessed it – straight! The effect is dramatic with such long beautiful planks you can show your personality through this chic design.  The format brings forth the details in the most elegant of ways.

Ter Hürne Avatara Comfort Pure Edition.

Discover quality and a unique visual and tactile experience under your feet with the wood-based floor of the Avatara Comfort Pure Edition by ter Hürne. Ten fresh decors in tasteful light grey and brown tones with an all-round V-groove ask each room a friendly ambience and cleverly underline the character of each area. Razor-sharp patterns and true-to-life images are precisely transferred directly to the carrier plate with digital printing in high-definition quality. Surrounded by a matte polymer layer, the brushed Avatar MultiSense coating gets its smooth and natural finish. The planks are available in a standard format of 1286 x 194 mm and as long planks in a considerable size of 2030 x 238 mm. The fresh tones of the collection give every room a modern and friendly living ambience, which is particularly open and inviting, especially in combination with light furniture.

These innovative floors are also functional in their function and contribute to the healthy indoor climate of the living rooms, as ter Hürne's laminate floors are proven to be low in emissions, as confirmed by the eco-Institut award. With the patented CLICKitEASY installation system, you can install the Avatara MultiSense yourself quickly and easily. For this, the planks only have to be clicked together in a simple key-lock-principle. The cork sound insulation ensures that the walking and footsteps in your home become quieter and more pleasant in your perception. The unical floors are compatible with hot-water underfloor heating, so you do not have to give up the comfortable floor heat with the ter Hürne Avatara Comfort Pure Edition. Enjoy the long-lasting quality and beauty of your flooring, which comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty when used in the private home and a 20-year manufacturer's warranty for commercial use.

Ter Hürne Avatara Comfort Straight Edition

The Avatara Comfort Straight Edition by the Münsterland manufacturer ter Hürne combines high-quality MultiSense floors with a touch of nature for a particularly noble overall result in your home. The wood imitations of the ten exquisite decors are based primarily on classic oak, which is available in a variety of shades: From strong browns to black grey optics. But also elm, pine and the exotic teak tree are represented in colour and pattern. The latter stands out in chic clay brown particularly exciting by the reproduction of the unique surface texture and is certainly immediately the jewel of any living space.

The planks in practical sizes of 1286 x 194 mm and 2030 x 238 mm achieve a particularly high degree of authenticity due to extreme sharpness thanks to digital printing in high-definition quality. When applying the pattern directly to the support plate, the natural structure of the tree is visually particularly advantageous to light. For a tangible experience, the decors of the Avatara MultiSense Floor imitate the grain and anatomy of the woods for a tangible experience of nature. Functionally, these original products incorporate all the benefits of popular floor coverings such as parquet, laminate and vinyl. The floor of the Ter Hürne Avatar Comfort Straight Edition has a multi-layered structure, which improves stability. By using the high quality polymer coating, the floor gets its extreme resistance and the matte paint surface also protects it from scratches. Another special feature of the Avatar MultiSense is the blessing for your health and the environment. The entire construction mimics a natural-cushioning and gentle on the joints. Make your home stylish and healthy with this innovative collection and benefit from a manufacturer's warranty of up to 20 years.

Environmentally Conscious Flooring From Ter Hürne

The ter Hürne Avatara Floor laminate is proven to be particularly low in emissions and awarded the Blue Angel. This is a recognised eco label that certifies a product has undergone specific testing and achieved results proving they meet the standards of the label. This ensures you have a safe environment for your home or commercial property without any adverse health effects.