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Balterio Tradition Sculpture Laminate Flooring: A floor with style and durability

Tradition Sculpture Laminate from Balterio is the latest from a collection that cannot be compared to anything that has been seen yet from the world of laminate flooring. They have taken the process of developing a laminate to a new level that cannot be compared to their competitors. 

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Balterio Tradition Sculpture

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When you look at this flooring solution, you will not believe that laminate was once thought of as something that had been unloved and prone to being damaged quite easily. The nuances within the laminate mimic a real wood surface that one could hardly tell the difference between this and parquet. What’s more, Balterio offers a 25-year warranty when the floor has been exposed to regular wear and tear. The floor is easy to install due to its innovative ClickExpress System. Let yourself break the mould and choose a Balterio laminate for your renovation!

Something for everyone: Balterio Tradition Sculpture

The Tradition Sculpture collection is sure to have something that will please your taste with colour variants that range from dark brown with have tinges of yellow and orange running through the laminate (Sutton Hickory and Vintage Oak) to lighter laminates such as Barn or Hampton Hickory that offer the more traditional looking wood grain style.  The colour diversity will allow you to be inspired when it comes to decorating your home as each colour can accent a room and offer a certain effect and atmosphere that can only be achieved through the use of light and colour.

The True to Nature Technology

Balterio has excelled in the creating of laminates and has achieved a high quality-flooring alternative that can hardly be differentiated when compared to a genuine parquet. This innovation is all down to the innovative technology that has been used in the development and processing of these laminates. The 3D Wood Effect can be felt within the wood structures, grooves and reliefs and herein lines of detail that sets Balterio apart from its competitors. This 3D wood effect is what adds a feeling of authenticity to the laminate flooring and when it is laid in your home, even the biggest critics of laminate flooring will being to have their doubts. One of the only differences between this floor and real wood is the hefty price tag that comes with a genuine wood floor. It seems that wood has had its day and that laminate floors are here to stay!

Less is More: How to care for your Tradition Sculpture

Tradition Sculpture laminate floor gets its parquet effect not only by the outstanding performance of the manufacturer in the field of interface design but also by the refined, rotating micro V-Groove, which is only very finely drawn and thus under the impression, you have a solid wooden floor before you. The finished feature does not merely look like that of innovation; it reduces the need for care of your laminate because the joints are equipped with a special stain resistant coating. Instead of spending time and effort cleaning your floors with oils and specialised floor cleaning products, it is enough to wipe Tradition Quattro laminate with a dry micro fibre cloth or to free any excess dirt using a vacuum cleaner with floor brush attachment. Even when your floor becomes wet or damp, Balterio laminate flooring can be clean, as long as you previously wring out the mop and then gently dry with another cloth. This saves you much time and saves you the expensive cost of care ranges of many other manufacturers.

Balterio Tradition Sculpture Laminate: Good for you and Good for the environment

Because Tradition Sculpture comes with the PEFC seal, it ensures that Balterio is environmentally responsible when manufacturing its laminates. In short, for every tree that used in the production of their products, a new tree is planted. When you purchase any Balterio laminate flooring, you are being environmentally responsible and are ensuring and safeguarding the preservation of our forests. Aside from being environmentally responsible, you are also aware of your health, as all the Tradition Sculpture, along with the all of Balterio products, have been awarded both the Blue Angel and the Emission A+ seals, therefore, you can use these products without hesitation in your environment and feel good that there are no excess chemicals seeping from the wood. The Balterio range contains ten times less formaldehyde than the EU standard. If you have not thought about the Tradition sculpture yet, well you have good reason to think about it now.

Balterio Tradition Sculpture Laminate: Installed with ease

There is more great news, someone who has little or no experience in the field of DIY can lay these laminate floors. Thanks to the ClickXpress® system on your Balterio Tradition Quattro Laminate can be installed without any fuss! Use the specially designed spring terminals within the floorboards, you can, in fact, sit back because all you have to do to be gently click into each Tradition Quattro panels. A lightning-fast and flawless installation system, which makes Tradition Quattro Balterio finally a laminate offering that you cannot refuse! With any questions or advice you may have, our experts are happy to assist. Simply get in touch via email, telephone or comlpete our contact form.