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Joka Laminate Flooring: A high-quality flooring with wooden roots

As a leading supplier of home textiles and floor coverings, Jordan’s brand name, Joka, boasts a broad range offering more than any other competitor in terms of quality and variety. The laminate series inspires generations of customers with its excellent quality and its sophisticated design.

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Over 100 years of experience and loyalty has made it possible for Jordan to be one of the best in the industry, with over 1000 employees in 40 different locations around the world. 

Their international presence helped to strengthen their position in the market. Joka promises material and floor solutions for both commercial and residential needs, which are of the highest quality. Jordan, one of the leading flooring manufacturers in Germany, provides expertise through the Joka brand.

Laminate of Joka: Deceptively genuine imitation based on the natural material

Joka laminate flooring collections include a wide range of designs, colours and various surface arrangements that will please any customer. You will be able to find a flooring that caters to your own style and taste. Joka’s principal goal in the wood imitation is a natural product that has carefully imitated grains, shades, and structures of true wood that create the ambiance you desire. These quality features help Joka to provide customers with a true nature feel and a standard of comfort. Joka is keen to laminate flooring that is true to nature, connecting your living space with the environment impressing even the big city dwellers. Joka is remarkable with not only their real wood beauty but with the optimal price-performance ratio. The imitation of these floors, give you an authentic wood flooring feel but an affordable price. This economically attractive, environmentally sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing flooring can only be attributed to Joka’s dedication to high-quality products and attention to detail.

Easy Maintenance and Simple Installation

Joka is extremely low maintenance, which can be surprising for laminate flooring. Joka floorings are secured against acute water damage and are resistant to swelling. The flooring can be used in areas of higher stress, including kitchens and even commercial spaces. The Madison collection from Joka is enhanced with an acoustic mat backing. This allows for a simple installation while helping to reduce everyday noise and increase your comfort. Joka promises its quality with a warranty and ensures the best performance of your flooring. Joka laminate flooring is also plasticizer-free, ensuring that no harmful chemicals will be released into the air, making to safe for any room, including nursey rooms as well. The environment and your personal health are of the utmost importance, Joka uses environmentally safe processes and renewable resources to produce their floors, making it an ideal choice for flooring. All Joka laminate floors have been awarded the Blue Angel, as they are particularly environmentally friendly and low emissions.

Your Joka Classic or Deluxe laminate: In standard as luxury the same quality

Joka combines two laminate series, Classic, and Deluxe, to give you more options, and successfully bring together the excellent properties of natural wood and low maintenance. The impeccable feel and carefully selected designs allow every taste to be fulfilled by Joka laminate. Whether you prefer charmingly playful or inconspicuous, any of the high-quality designs from Joka can enchase your space. Through careful assessment, you can see that the natural elements of Joka imitate true wood structures and provide a realistic looking wood floor. The surface of the laminate is textured with a process of pickling and grinding, to give the overall flooring a deceptively true wood floor look. The structural arrangements of the flooring transform any interior into a chic, elegant and pure space.

There are many Joka collections available at BRICOFLOR, which can accommodate any taste. The 532 MD Skyline  collection offers the laminates in a larger and more prominent plank size, appealing to larger rooms and a wider more spread out space. The 932 LD Eastside long plank gives generous dimensions to make its long plank especially made for those who want to equip particularly elongated spaces, taking advantage of the layout and make-up of the room and floor. 432 ND Liberty laminate provides a rich palette of colours and over 14 different selections, giving you a wide range of options to accommodate any design and ambience. All the Joka collections provide a unique touch of personality and a specific quality to present.

Now available at BRICOFLOR: All Joka laminate collections

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