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Joka 532 BD Skyline Laminate: The full broadside

The deluxe laminate 532 BD Skyline is a timeless wide board that will please any customer. With a number of impressive features, you are sure to love this Joka laminate; large range design, warranty, and innovative DuoConnect spring installation. 

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Joka 532 BD Skyline

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class 32 rating allows this laminate flooring to be installed not only in residential spaces but in commercial ones as well, making it a versatile flooring, suitable for any space. Joka wide board laminate is made of a resistant 3 layer structure and is durable and appealing.

21 fabulous decors in 7 striking wood colours: Joka Deluxe 532 BD Skyline Laminate

Composed of an abrasion resistant protective surface, decorative films, and pressed on an impermeable source stop HDF panel and moisture resistant backing, these Joka laminate floors are of the highest quality and design. Available in a range of decors and colours, you have a large assortment of options to choose from. 23 different variations of imitation oak woods and 19 diverging nuances give you plenty of combinations and ambiances to create. The skyline collection can provide all you have desired and pictured for your space, in large 1 strip planks.

Designed with a natural quaintness: Joka structure choices

Entirely devoted to the natural look of wood, the Joka 532 wide planks are made with a synchronous pore structure to give the structure and appearance of the laminate flooring that of a true wood floor. Completely with grooves, ramifications, and grains, the laminate contains all the same characteristics you would find in real wood. There is also an antique structure, for a subtler and more authentic features of the wood. Grooves distributed gently throughout the wood textures create a reminiscence of a tasteful country floor. The Skyline laminate collections is versatile in all rooms, with all furniture, and in all ambiences, while providing a certain spatial vastness in rooms needing to reach their full potential.

Environment and health go to: Jordan’s corporate policy

Environmental awareness is an important aspect of any business, and Joka is no different. The 532 BD Skyline collection is made with entirely certified raw materials and is manufactured without the use of phthalates. Joka laminates are an excellent solution for any room, suitable for not only residential but also commercial spaces. Its production makes it completely safe and poses no risks to your health or the environment. It can be used without worry in any room, including nurseries and children’s play rooms. Even at the end of the its life, the laminate flooring is still sustainable, with the ability to be thermally recycled.

Joka makes your installation easier: The DuoConnect laying system

If you are concerned with the installation process of your Joka laminate flooring, you can be at ease with the DuoConnect Joka system. The practical and innovative laying technique of 532 BD Skyline gives everyone, with experience and without, the ability and confidence to lay their flooring. You need nothing more than your own two hands to assemble your flooring like a puzzle. You simply need to connect the planks together and press them together until the click. No tools or professionals are needed. Joka laminate flooring is also suitable to be installed over a subfloor heating system without any extra effort or tools. The laminate floor is made with your ease and comfort in mind, the innovative system cuts installation time in half!

The entire Joka Deluxe 532 BD Skyline collection available now

The Skyline wide board from Jordan has dimensions of 1383 x 244 x 8 mm, allowing for a perfect size that is suitable in all rooms and spaces. 532 BD Skyline laminate can be obtained for an unmatched unit price! Find your Joka flooring solution online at BRICOFLOR UK. Order a free sample to see the amazing quality and authentic appearance. If you have any questions regarding any of the laminate flooring collections at BRICOFLOR, feel free to contact us and our friendly customer service team will be happy to help!