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Joka 532 FD Skyline Laminate: Convincing stone

Stone floors can be costly and a hassle to find and install, Joka offers a more viable option. The deluxe 532 FD Skyline laminate will surprise you with its authentic stone look. You will get the benefit from a 20-year guarantee as well as the company's own ProConnect-springs on the tile floor. 

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Joka 532 FD Skyline

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With a class 32 rating, Joka’s tile alternative is suitable for both kitchens and commercial spaces! When you select Joka 532 Skyline tile floorboards, you get a visually and sensually convincing three-layer tile plank, which mimics a real stone surface.

The convincing compromise: Joka 532 FD Skyline laminate

Like all deluxe laminate flooring, Joka has produced the Skyline collection of a robust top cover, a HDF panel with prophylactic swell-barrier and a backing. Unlike the other lines of the collection, this floor will not display the authentic wood look, but a fascinating and realistic stone imitation.

A total of 4 different stone designs, in stone and slate, is offered to you by Joka 532 FD Skyline. If you had believed stone looking laminate for your renovation project was not an option, why not take a look at the skyline tile laminate flooring. It is downright amazing, and appears as genuine stone tiles!

The real structure: The grip and intricacies of a real stone floor

Not only has Joka adapted a stone look to its tile laminate flooring, it is has also mastered the structure of the laminate, introducing grains and grooves to authenticate the real look and feel of the slate stone flooring. The Skyline tile laminate flooring planks are styled to suit different interiors, a rustic and elegant touch, with an additional limbered V4 joint, to give the flat textured and seamless illusion of a stone floor. Give this noble tile laminate a try!

Such laminate is determined chemically modified and printed from the best wood? Not at all!

Joka attaches great importance to the promotion of sustainable forest management and therefore manufactures its wooden floors only from certified raw materials. Also you do not need to worry about chemical treatments of the planks, because all Joka laminate flooring collections come without any plasticisers or harmful chemicals.

The Joka Deluxe 532 FD Skyline is predestined to be easy to install in your kitchen, areas of food processing or catering, or in areas where kids play or people often gather. This laminate floor is a green medically safe alternative to often-loaded PVC flooring and the expensive stone. The recyclability of the planks presents no problems, because they can be recycled thermally with ease.

No need for skilled workers: Easy DIY installation

Joka saves you expensive craftsmen expenses, and give you the confidence to lay your floor for yourself. The use of the ProConnect springs allows for an absolute, and simple installation with no effort! Thus, the Joka Deluxe 532 FD Skyline can be installed without professional assistance. This laminate flooring is also suitable to be installed over a subfloor heating system, up to 27° C, giving you the flexibility to install your flooring almost anywhere. Your home will maintain temperature thanks to the low thermal transmittance of the laminate flooring, leaving you comfortable and with a positive heating experience.

The flexible ProConnect springs on the Skyline tile planks guarantee that you can install in all environments easily and without any tools, in fact you need nothing more than the pressure of your own two hands. The ProConnect system is designed to be extremely time-saving because of its loose laying nature. You can also foresee whether everything is proceeding according to plan, as you install each plank. By listening to your tile planks, you can hear an audible clicking noise that will let you know when each plank has been installed correctly. How much easier can laying laminate flooring be?

A Model series: Joka Deluxe 532 FD Skyline Laminate

The Skyline tile floorboard is delivered in the dimensions 1285 x 327 x 8 mm. These dimensions recall the model of large stone slabs that are perfect for an authentic look and structure. Because Joka 532 FD laminate also belongs to the versatile Skyline collection, it is available at a favourable unit cost for this particular product. No matter what sort you ultimately prefer - for all Skyline models an always the same price per square meter is required! All of the Skyline collections are available at BRICOFLOR. Order a free sample and see for yourself how true this stone imitation is. Get in touch via email, telephone or complete our contact form to speak with our friednly customer service team!