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Jokas Deluxe laminate 532 MD Skyline: The mega-model in Oak optics

Rustic, large area deployable oak floors can be an expensive affair. That is over, because Joka has an innovation for you. The Deluxe 532 MD Skyline Laminate will entice you with its authentic oak surface and 20 years warranty in living areas well the company's own ProConnect springs.

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Joka 532 MD Skyline

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 With a Class 32 rating, Joka laminate flooring is also suitable for kitchens and work areas - and offers in these environment, even a five-year warranty! If you order Joka 532 Skyline Mega laminate, you get a very strong based three-layer mega board that will give your large spaces a strong format and with a great eye-catching surface.

Oak floor in three XL model: Joka Deluxe 532 MD Skyline Laminate

532 MD Skyline Joka Laminate is made up of a decorative film overlay, an HDF panel with a swell-barrier and a moisture resistant backing. Unlike other lines of the collection, MD Skyline focuses on 3 specific oak finishes to give you the perfect oak imitation (Oak Natural, Oak Chalet, and Oak Maison). If an oak floor has always been your dream, but there was just something missing, Deluxe 532 MD Skyline is the laminate floor to inspire. You will be amazing at the surprisingly real oak optics in these 1-strip laminate planks.

Close up: The authentic synchronous pore structure

Laminate flooring can often be thought of as a flat wood imitation merely pretending to be a real wood floor. This laminate proves this to be false. Deluxe 532 MD Skyline laminate has more to show! Its synchronous pore structure promises you a real wood look and feel that you have never experienced. The mega boards have grooves, grains and even branches, making it the very hard competitors of a real wood floor. If you are looking for cheap wooden floor with a lot of character, you should definitely take a look at these Joka laminate floors.

Your best interesting in mind: The environment and your health!

Made only from certified raw materials and softeners, the Joka Deluxe 532 MD Skyline is the large format parquet alternative for the health and environmentally conscious customers. The mega boards are completely safe for your health and are a product of sustainable forestry. If you are concerned with the after math, it will make you certainly happy that the 532 MD Skyline can be easily recycled and even be enhanced for maximum heat generation.

The ProConnect installation system: Leave the tools where they are

Joka's flexible ProConnect system make laying your laminate boards as easy as doing a puzzle. The special technology allows for quick and easy installation, even without professional support. You will not need anything more than your own two hands to installs these innovative boards. If under your floorboards you have, or plan to have, floor heating, you can easily install your laminate flooring over the system and have no worries. The laminate floors can be used over heating systems that extend to 27 ° C. Treat yourself to warm feet and save on heating costs, because even at a moderate operation of your floor heating, the boards will help to maintain  the temperature thanks to their low thermal transmittance warmth. The ProConnect springs on the individual planks help ensure that your Joka laminate flooring can run smoothly. You need nothing more than slight pressure, no toolbox, or immense strength. Joka's ProConnect promises a huge amount of time will be saved, since you are in control of your installation by the way. For this purpose it is necessary to listen to the flooring carefully, because it is expressed by distinct click when the boards interlock use meet each other. The fast, and user-friendly system allows for a single person to install even a large area can be done with ease.

Jokas Deluxe 532 MD Skyline laminate: Mega impact without a huge price tag

The Mega laminate of Skyline collection comes in 1291 x 327 x 8 mm manufactured in packets of 10 panels. Due to its dimensions reminds the model of large wood panels that just in the exclusive commercial area (sales rooms, exhibition halls, meeting rooms) will make a great impression. Because Joka Laminate is also part of comprehensive all laminate varieties Skyline collection, Joka calculates an affordable, single price even with this eye-catching format. Finally whatever product series you prefer - for all Skyline laminate floors from Joka applies the same price per square meter! BRICOFLOR makes it easy, you can order any Joka laminate flooring online. IF you have any questions, get in touch with our customer service team via telephone, email, or complete our contact form!