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Jokas 932 LD Eastside laminate: Long, longer, longest

The longest model of the Deluxe laminate line, 932 LD Eastside’s most astounding feature is its incredible dimensions along with its production and numerous stylish designs

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Joka 932 LD Eastside

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Like the other models of the deluxe collection, the 932 LD Eastside laminate is backed by two decades living area guarantee. LD Eastside is also equip with separate ProConnect-springs on each panel, making installation a breeze. Even away from the classic living environment, this long plank will be at your service.

With its Class 32 rating, it proves itself equally well suited for use in kitchens and businesses. With the Joka 932 Eastside-long plank, you purchase true long format hardwood laminate of three layers, which is aligned in all its looks toward one goal: to satisfy your requirements and implement your ambient ideas into practice.

16 varieties of wood: Joka Deluxe Laminate 932 LD Eastside

932 LD Eastside, like its sister models are composed of an abrasion resistant top layer, an HDF panel and a moisture resistant backing. You will be surprised by the nuance-richness of this Eastside Collection: 18 designs on 10 different wood laminate flooring imitations (oak, walnut, antique spruce, Trend oak, Kalkfichte, antique oak, core oak monastery oak and waste wood) are provided by Joka. You have the choice of powerful shades like gold or mocha or classic shades such as natural or beige. No matter how you want to emphasize your space, 932 LD Eastside is the appropriate choice.

Textured or antique: The two brushed structure options

Great decor demands selection, Joka offers, with its long plank, the possibility for various occasions and spaces to find the right panel for the look and feel. What would a good laminate be without a comfortable but authentic-looking surface? 932 Eastside long plank can provide to your favourite space a quaint and sober touch, depending on whether you opt for the Synchronized Pore Structure, Antique structure (Natural Oak Beige) or the oil structure variants (Oak Cottage). You will be fascinated by the surprising real surface of the individual types of structure!

Nontoxic and sustainability conscious: A promise to the environment and your health

Apart from the fact that the 932 LD Eastside can be disposed of wonderfully after the warranty or even thermally recycled, it offers two further advantages in terms of everyday use. First, the current product is manufactured according to the principles of sustainable forest management, you should be reassured towards the environment and that fact that Joka laminate flooring is not toxic, since it is prepared without plasticizers. You can use these planks easily in areas where children or pets play, food is stored or several people are often staying (such as conference rooms). You will not have to worry about any concerns to your health.

Renovating is not only for Professionals: ProConnect system

You are probably aware of the eternal discussion, stress, and time that was needed to measure, balance, construct, and install a new flooring. A lot of time and money was needed to start home flooring projects. Perhaps you have been completely turned away by your own experiences from renovating. Do not despair! Joka’s innovative spring laying technique ProConnect will allow you to install the 932 LD Eastside effortlessly and without any prior knowledge! Thanks to the straightforward system the Joka Deluxe 932 LD Eastside leaves you with the ability to install without the assistance of a professional.

You simply have to place this innovative system together as a puzzle with the various boards creating a masterpiece. If you are including, where appropriate, a warm water underfloor heating system, extending to 27 ° C, you have nothing to worry about. Joka Deluxe 932 LD Eastside can easily accommodate this with no extra effort. The particularly elastic ProConnect springs on the laminate boards make it possible for your laminate flooring to be easily installed with nothing more than the pressure of your hands needed for laying.

Joka's ProConnect, unlike other installation methods, takes your limited time into account providing a simple, innovating and effective installation time that requires no extra tools. A clear Click sound will come from the laminate panels when they are properly installed, showing you if you have fixed the boards in place properly. Try Joka laminate flooring and start with the gained during the installation minutes something beautiful to!

From very long up to the maximum length, the same price applies: Jokas Deluxe 932 LD laminate

The Eastside long plank is in the dimensions 1845 x 193 x 10 mm (only core white oak, core oak light, core grey oak, core brown oak, old wood natural and waste wood grey) or 2000 x 192 x 10 mm. These generous dimensions make the long plank especially recommended for those who want to equip particularly elongated spaces, because in a narrow space the format of this laminate variety would not be used to its full advantage. Whether you renovate on the private or professional level does not matter:

Joka 932 LD laminate in its different decors is extremely adaptable - and when it gets enough space, it is completely set the right tone in your interest! Joka collections are available at BRICOFLOR, order a free sample today and begin your renovation with Joka. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with our customer service team, simply call, email or complete our contact form and our experts will happily assist you!