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Quick-Step Impressive Laminate: Visually and Technically Superb

With Quick-Step’s broad choice in laminate flooring designs, you can create a truly extraordinary home. The impeccable quality of the products is backed by decades of experience as a trend-setting flooring brand. 

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Quick-Step Impressive

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Quick-Step laminate flooring stands out by its sheer quality and ease of use, but what catches the eye immediately is how amazing it looks. The secret? True perfectionism when it comes to design, and an eye for detail. It’s this mind-set that compels Quick-Step’s in-house designers to produce flooring collections that awe and inspire, year in, year out. Therefore, you can make your dream interior come true.

To a large degree, the style and appearance of your room is determined by the colour of your floor. real natural tones provide a timeless effect, white for an extra spacious look and feel, warm shades for cosiness, black for a dash of luxury, etc. Warm grey designs can be used practically anywhere and can be perfectly combined with a varied interior. and last but not least: don't be afraid to experiment. a personal touch will turn your house into a real home. 

Realistic Decors and Wide Variety: Quick-Step Laminate Impressive

The Quick Step Impressive collection is made with appealing, realistic decoration and durability. Impressive is offered in 16 designs of highly exquisite wooden floor imitations. The planks come in a long and wide size of 138 x19 cm and 8mm thick. Quick Step offers the Impressive collection in a thicker 12mm version- Quick Step Impressive Ultra. Offering you not only beautiful floors but also a range of deigns that cover that latest trends and most advanced technology. With 16 different products to choose from, you will find different grains and designs that can match any room.

The realistic imitations of this collection are due to a special printing process in which an extremely high-resolution photo is applied to the decorative layer or the laminate. From oak to pine, white to black, there is a laminate floor in almost every natural colour. The white planks can be used to brighten any interior and beautifully contrast against stronger wall colours. Other colours offer a strong, rich brown for a refined atmosphere. With the darkest decor, the dark wooden structure with a silky finish gives a striking and modern design. All designs of this collection have genuine planks the floors join together and create a natural looking floor. With a combination of matt and silk finishes, combine with the wide range of colours, there are endless possibilities.

Quick-Step Impressive: Robust, Easy and Comfortable Laminate Flooring  

The combination of a wear-resistant coating and shock resistant HDF board, protects the floor from scratches and abrasions. Quick-step has a scratch guard technology that gives the floors an ‘ultra protective’ layer, adding even more resistance. This extra coat makes the floors 10x more resistant to normal wear and scratches than floors without it. Thanks to the permanent static preventing surface, the floors attract less dust and dirt, and keeps partials from settling into the floors making it easier to sweep up and clean the floors. In addition, these floors do not fade from normal lighting, making them a suitable choice for use in bright sunny rooms with windows, keeping them colourful and vibrant through time. The laminate can be used with underfloor heating systems and is equip with a class rating of 32, giving it the ability to be used in not only your home but in commercial areas as well. This Quick-Step laminate has a lot of advantages to offer you for every aspect of life, including spills and moisture. All of these features keep the floors clean, protected and easy to maintain.

HydroSeal Water Repellent Coating: Quick-Step Impressive Laminate Flooring for Your Bathroom

Typically laminate flooring is resistant to some moisture, but you must take extra caution in caring for spills as soon as possible, for they can ruin your floor. This is the common fall back of any wooden floor, but not with Impressive. The Impressive range is sealed with a waterproof Hydroseal. The bevels are covered with this waterproof coating, making it repellent to water. This gives you the opportunity to install Impressive laminate floors in your bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Places of high moisture levels are no longer off limits for laminate floors. Quick-Step's innovative technology not only gives your floors resistance to water, it also makes cleaning even simpler. When liquid is spilled on these laminate floors, the water simply stays where it is, it does not seep into the bevels, but forms droplets that can easily and quickly be wiped away. These are currently the most waterproof laminate floors being produced.

Quick-Step Impressive: Easy Installation with a Revolutionary User-Friendly System

Whether you have experience with laying flooring or not, you can easily install this laminate flooring. The innovative and revolutionary Uniclic click system give you the chance to lay your new floors like a pro. This system was designed to simplify the laying process as much as possible. In conventional click systems, you must click the boards together by angling one board into another and clicking down. This can make it difficult to install in places where there are tight corners or low spaces. The Uniclic system allows you to quickly and easily install your floors and even readjust them after. This revolutionary system does what no other system can; you can stall the floors by horizontally clicking them together. Without having to angle the boards, you will not face any problems when installing where space is limited.

For best results, instructions have to be followed exactly, to ensure long lasting flooring and fast installation. The Quick-Step Impressive planks must acclimatize for 48 hours in in the unopened packing, keeping in mind temperature must be between 15°C and 20 °C. Make sure the floor base is flat. Any unevenness greater than 2 mm over the length of 1 meter must be smoothed out. Fresh screed must dry for at least 1 week per cm thickness up to 4 cm and 2 weeks per cm thickness over 4 cm, with sufficient ventilation. Remove any damp-open floor covering (carpet, needle felt, etc.) first.

Damp-proof floor covering (PVC, linoleum, etc.) does not have to be removed. Always use an underlay! Make sure the floor base is flat, clean, firm and dry. Make sure the panels are mixed sufficiently when you install them, so that you do not end up with too many identical, light or dark panels next to each other. For detailed instructions, you can visit the Quick-Step website, which provides all necessary information for quick and easy installation. 

Quick-Step Impressive: Laminate Floor Care is Now Simple

Quick-Step laminate flooring consist of high-density fibre (HDF) core boards that we make in-house. In addition, the top layer has patented, ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer, giving your laminate floors get the highest possible level of protection against falling objects, pointy high heels and other sharp objects. Even burning cigarettes dropping on your floor do not stand a chance against this ultra-resistant top layer.

Dry maintenance is possible with Quick-Step® microfiber cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure it is equipped with soft wheels and a special parquet brush to avoid scratches on your floor. Never use a steam cleaner. Wet maintenance is absolutely forbidden and should be immediately removed in the case of contact with the Quick-Step laminate flooring. For slightly damp maintenance, we advise Quick-Step® maintenance products. Be aware that the use of other cleaning products might damage your floor. Always wipe dry immediately until no more moisture is visible on the floor. Protect furniture and chair legs with strong felt caps. Avoid bringing dirt, water and sand indoors by providing a suitable floor mat at the door. Lift furniture and never drag it over the floor. Every Quick-Step floor has been treated with an antistatic surface. This way, you need not worry about annoying electrostatic discharges. What’s more, thanks to the treatment, your floor will attract significantly less dust than other floors.

Quick-Step Impressive Laminate Flooring: Environmentally Aware and Nature Conscious

Quick-Step takes the environment and earth very seriously, They understand the strain that manufacturing and production process can have on the environment, and they strive to have a respect for the natural environment and to preserve it. Quick-Step makes a conscious effort to minimize their impacts on the environment and to reduce their waste. They use raw materials and have invested in equipment to help actively reduce the energy used during production. The collections also comply with multiple environmental standards and regulations to ensure they are doing their part in preserving the environment. Guaranteeing laminate flooring of the highest quality doesn’t happen overnight! In the Quick-Step research centre, detailed technical tests are carried out to verify whether the floors comply with the most stringent quality requirements. Only if they pass the test in various conditions do they end up in your home.

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