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Tarkett Essentials 832 Laminate: Essentially different

We have all searched for the perfect flooring solution for so long. What can withstand scratches? What can be easily cleaned? What can be easily installed? Well, the answer to all of these questions lies in front of you with the Essentials 832 Collection from Tarkett. They offer you a high-quality floor that can be easily compared parquet. Moreover, those who have criticised laminate flooring in the past will be left standing wondering why they had ever doubted the superiority of this product in the first place. Of course, there was some bad press in the past before about the quality of laminate flooring but thanks to Tarkett these theories are gladly a thing of the past. You can now be happy knowing that you have high-quality products for a fraction of the price to that of parquet.

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Tarkett Essentials 832

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Great grains for you to choose: Essentials 832 Tarkett Laminate Flooring

If you are a lover of different wood grains, then you will love this wood collection from Tarkett laminates. There is certainly something here from their collection that will suit your home, be it a colour variant or grain. With several oak variants ranging from lighter shades, accented with dark hues, which will add flair and excitement to your living space without being intrusive. You can make your home into a superb creative space by laying these planks and utilising different designs to give your space a funky feel. All of the Tarkett laminates work seamlessly together, so you will have no problem letting your inner artist free. 

A realistic Illusion: The textured feeling from the Tarkett Laminate floor

If one can get a technical breakthrough in its products, it usually means that their products are cutting edge, or they have succeeded an in a given field. This principle certainly applies to Tarkett with their Varnishing Technique. This unique surface finish gives the French company's Essential 832 laminate an incomparable vintage surface of antique wood floors reminiscent almost more than some machined hardwood floor itself could. Can you not believe it? Then convince yourself, you can order a free sample of the featured Tarkett laminate immediately and can feel for yourself, that this decorative overlay is nothing like a hand-planed and parquet inferior! Grain, ramifications, Grooves - everything usually only real wood features, can also be found with Essential 832 laminate.

Easy to clean: Simple and no stress

One of the biggest headaches associated with solid wood floor is the fact it needs to be consistently maintained. With the Essential 832, you can finally relax in your home and not worry about the expensive cleaning that will go into your beautiful new floor. You simply need to use a parquet attachment on a vacuum cleaner from time to time to remove excess dirt from between the joints. For any heavy soiling, just use a damp mop head and follow through with a dry cloth. Nothing could be easier in floor maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly: What Tarkett is doing for our Future

With the environment always in the forefront of our minds nowadays, Tarkett has taken it upon themselves to be the leader of sustainability in laminate flooring in Europe. After being awarded numerous certificates, such as the Blue Angel and the PEFC, they are always striving to make their supply chain more efficient. With these licences, they are bound to sustainable forestry management, therefore for every tree used in manufacturing they must plant a new one. They also use far less chemicals in their production process than is permissible. These are more reasons why you should lay a Tarkett laminate flooring in your home!

Tarkett Laminate Essentials 832: Buy Online from BRICOFLOR

Have you already searched for the best prices online for laminate flooring? At BRICOFLOR, we guarantee the best prices online with all laminate flooring. If there is anything you need help with regarding your renovation, we will be happy to answer any of you questions. Our friendly and experienced staff can assist you with any of our products so please, call today or fill out our contact form and get a quote for your living area!