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Tarkett Infinite 832 laminate: To infinity and further

We are not talking about our favourite character from a great children's movie nor about sending people to Mars. We are talking about the new Tarkett laminate series, which aims to offer you a superb flooring alternative that equals that of parquet for an incredibly low price. After all, high-quality laminates have just as much to offer, regarding elegance, design and durability as hardwood floor. Tarkett demonstrates through their client testimonials and satisfied customers why they are the market leaders in flooring solutions. Allow BRICOFLOR to inform you of all of the qualities of laminate flooring and why you should consider their floor when you decide to make your renovation.

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Tarkett Infinite 832

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A multi-faceted play of colours in oak decor: The artful design of Tarkett Infinite 832

The Infinite 832 series comes in an exclusive set of designs, which have you in mind and leave you spoiled for choice. The focus of the designs is in the classic shades of Oak, varying from light to darker shades. In spite of the lack of huge blend of colours, the oak shades work harmoniously together, therefore, giving you the opportunity to use your floor as a blank canvas and let you be as creative as possible. Each of the planks, no matter what combination they are used in, will give you a beautiful overall picture once completed. By allowing yourself to be inspired, it can be a catalyst to go on and do great things in other areas of home décor.

A strikingly realistic illusion: The fabulous textured feel of your Tarkett laminate flooring

If one can get a technical breakthrough in its products, it usually means that their products are cutting edge, or they have succeeded in a given field. This principle certainly applies to Tarkett with their Varnishing Technique. This inimitable surface finish gives the French company's Infinite 832 laminate an incomparable vintage surface of antique wood floors reminiscent almost more than some machined hardwood floor itself could. Can you not believe it? Then convince yourself, you can order a free sample of  laminate flooring immediately and can feel for yourself, that this decorative overlay is nothing like a hand-planed and parquet inferior! Grain, ramifications, Grooves - everything usually only real wood features, can also be found with Infinite 832 laminate.

Laminate flooring Infinite 832:  dimensions and size of Tarkett product

Are you looking for a floor that easily covers a ballroom or some gala event you are maybe holding in the future? Because of its long sides and bevelled edges, the infinitive 832 is an ideal laminate for those of you who would like to have a beautiful floor in a spacious area. These panels are true to their name, being far wider than any other Tarkett laminate flooring. With dimensions of 1292 x 331 x 8 mm, the Infinite 832 overlay is for anything but for narrow corridors, but a floor for expansive premises, at best, entire floors, spacious foyers or galleries. When you want to make an impression greeting clients or hotel guests, this laminate is the perfect solution.

Simply made for you: The 2-Lock System

Stylish, easy-care, durable and not overpriced - as it is now lagging sure when it comes to installation? The savvy manufacturer offers you its proven 2-lock-technique, a method; you can implement without considerable expertise in no time. Each side of the laminate comes with a simple locking mechanism, which simply slides into one another when pressed down upon one another with slight pressure. No tools, no pressure, fast laying time and above all, you are saving money inexpensive labour costs.

Save and benefit from Top-Service: Why you should order Tarkett Infinite flooring from BRICOFLOR

A renovation is often expensive, especially if you are laying a new floor. Therefore, it is essential that you are looking for a particularly favourable supplier. Here at BRICOFLOR, you have found such a provider, the entire range of our named manufacturers gets the absolute best price on the net. Also, if you are still shopping around and are unsure, you can simply call us or fill out our contact form and ask for a sample of any of our products, and we will be more than happy to send one out to you or assist you with whatever other queries you may have. We have an experienced team that can answer any questions about your renovation.