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Tarkett Lamin‘Art 832 Laminate Floor: What better solution is there for your home?

The name of the collection is an illustrious wordplay with the terms laminate and the English word for art. This name does come not by accident since the line from Tarkett is reaching a new level of extravagance.  There is no other collection that can offer you as much diversity in their ranges. Stylish designs and surface finishes are defining features in the laminate flooring. Why would you say no to something that is structurally on a par with wood, accents any area of your home and is far more cost effective than the solid wood alternative?

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Tarkett Lamin'Art 832

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Give Your Home the Look it Deserves with Tarkett Lamin’Art 832

Art is something that lives within all of us, and we should be able to be creative within all areas of our lives. With this beautiful laminate from Tarkett, you can do just that. The variety of hues and nuances of colours is outstanding therefore, you can have the chance to let you inner artist loose. There are unusual colours such as sea grass, pine or stone. For those of us who cannot see the beauty in these panels, will need to look a second time!

Just like real parquet: The numerous magnificent surface finishes of your Lamin'Art 832 flooring

What was it you always missed when you looked at laminate flooring in the past? Probably the deeper, engaging, surface structures that supposedly only genuine solid wood can exhibit. To date, this neglected structure was also the strongest and most cited argument against buying laminate, but now that theory can be put to bed. Tarkett has just released a range of laminates in the LaminatePark which goes against this concept. In the case of the Lamin’Art 832, it has six compelling surface structures that seem as though the laminate had been hand planed. This delicate yet palpable surface structure has an unmistakable surface pattern as that of real wood, so if one were to have parquet in front of them, they would have difficulty differentiating between the two. If you find this hard to believe, you should simply order a sample from us here at BRICOFLOR. You can see for yourself that the structure of the laminate is incomparable to that of a solid wood floor. From the grains to grooves to reliefs, it is next to impossible to tell the difference, the only difference being the price!

Tarkett Lamin’Art 832: Technical factors of Innovation

High quality usually means high maintenance along high expense. Again, Tarkett Laminate has proven another theory false because with the Lamin’Art 832; maintenance is simple, as no excess dirt or moisture can collect between the joints allowing any contamination of your floor. There is a protective layer that is incorporated into the laminate, therefore, repelling excess moisture that may seep between the joints. The manufacturer recommends that regular vacuuming with a parquet attachment is necessary for the longevity of your floor. Should there be any heavy soiling on your floor, only use a well wrung out mop, follow up with a dry cloth and then use a parquet polish it to leave your floor as good as new. Even if you happen to get your floor stained with paint, only use a drop of acetone on a dry cloth, wipe, and the stain will be gone with no damage to your floor. The constant fear of floor cleaning is now a thing of the past!

Lamin’Art 832: Available in Two Versions

Available in dimensions of 1292 x 194 x 8 or 1292 x 331 x 8 mm, the above-mentioned laminate flooring is suitable for many different room sizes, but most likely for rooms with plenty of natural light, as it can unfold its impressive looks. This floor can offer hotels, restaurants and galleries an ambience that they had never before expected, and you can astonish clients and guests with a freshly polished floor that needs little or no maintenance.

2-lock technology with Lamin'Art 832 Tarkett

Removing and installing a new floor can require a tremendous amount of planning and there are numerous factors that need to be considered. One of them is hiring experts to lay your floor, which is a huge financial outlay. No need to worry any longer, Tarkett has solved the problem with their innovative 2-Lock System, which allows practically anyone to lay the laminate by him or herself. The panels simply lock into one another with a slight bit of pressure, therefore, requiring no tools, no craftsmen, no hassle and most of all no financial outlay. A seamless, non-slip beautiful laminate that can be laid at a reasonable price…now that is good news.

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