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Ter Hürne City Line: The Laminate For A Successful Urban Look

The new laminate from ter Hürne proves that floors with a wood look can not only create a rural atmosphere but bring the life of the city too. Thanks to its unusual colour palette, this brings some city chic into your own four walls, while at the same time offering a combination of practical technical features that make it a real all-rounder. 

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Ter Hürne City Line

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Since the company from the Münsterland region fully supports the quality of its products, you receive a manufacturer's warranty of 20 years if you use ter Hürne City Line in your home.

Elevated City Chic With Laminate In Cool Tones

So that you can design your premises without problems in the trendy urban style, the German manufacturer puts the focus on grey planks in his new collection. These are not only available in different dimensions, but are also characterised by different designs. If you prefer an elegant look, single plank flooring is particularly suitable, with each panel corresponding to a board. Decors with a ship's floor surface are suitable for small spaces, where each floorboard is composed of several rows of smaller boards. They create a dynamic visual without overloading your rooms optically. In addition, a version with a herringbone style is available, which has a luxurious and unconventional appearance. Thanks to the neutral colour scheme, the laminate can be combined with a wide variety of shades so that you can use it regardless of your existing furniture, without sacrificing a harmonious overall effect.

Laminated floor by ter Hürne with a variety of uses

With City Line, you can not only implement a modern interior design style with great effort, but also secure a uniform solution for your home. This laminate flooring is even for heavily used living spaces due to its resistant coating. Thus, you can provide your bedroom, your guest room and the entrance area with the same look, without fear that the floor cannot withstand the stress. Also the commercial use is up to par thanks to the award with use class 32 nothing in the way. In the scarcely to normally frequented property sector, for example in small shops or in hotel rooms, the flooring also cuts a fine figure and ensures a natural atmosphere. It can easily meet the safety requirements in commercial areas, as it is difficult to alight thanks to the fire protection class Cfl-s1. In addition to this feature, you no longer have to worry about unpleasant electrical shocks, because the antistatic surface prevents the formation of electrical charges that may arise due to friction.

Certified quality for maximum well-being

Not only does this flooring have impressive technical data to it’s name, awards provide reliable information about the value of a floor covering. The ter Hürne laminate can shine in this area as well as it comes in at first place with its green characteristics, which make it the ideal choice for friends of environmental protection. It has been certified with the PEFC label stating that the wood used in production comes from ecological forestry. City Line is also pleased to receive the eco-INSTITUT's certificate. Due to this certificate you can see that the planks are low in pollutants and emissions and can therefore be used without hesitation in living spaces.

Easy to install thanks to the ClickitEasy system

If you like to do your own renovation work then you can benefit from the simple laying of the collection. This is made possible by the ClickitEasy click system from ter Hürne, with the help of which you can connect the planks without any glue or special tools. To achieve the best result, you should lay out an insulation mat at the beginning. In the case of floating installation, such a base is advisable to prevent the noise created from footsteps. Be sure to keep a distance of about 10 mm to walls and other solid components so that the flooring will not bulge later. The easiest way to do this is to spread several wedges along the walls. Then you can lay the boards row by row. If you want to heat your premises by means of underfloor heating, you still do not have to do without the aesthetic laminate floor. It has an underfloor heating suitability and can therefore be easily combined with hot water underfloor heating systems.

Discover ter Hürne City Line at BRICOFLOR!

Here at BRICOFLOR you can rely on our hand selected manufacturers for the best quality to price ratio. This way you know you are getting great value for your money with products that will serve you well for years to come. Ter Hürne was chosen due to the family owned company’s years of expertise and meticulous handicraft that result in the quality of their products being synonymous with the high standards of German made goods. All variants of this range are available from BRICOFLOR at an excellent price thanks to our best price guarantee. Our friendly team are available to assist you with technical advice, décor recommendations and suitability assessments. You can also contact us for a personalised quote on large quantity orders. It is simple to order your samples on the product pages, so that you can experience the physical attributes of your desired flooring before committing to a purchase.