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Bodencouture Luxury Click Vinyl Flooring: Innovation of Vinyl

Bodencouture provides four exceptional vinyl laminate floor collections, FIT and SNAP in classic and XL sizes. These selections unite creativity and functionality in a unique way. These design floors do not only have sophisticated decors, but also present a choice of materials and thanks to advanced technology, possess quality and comfort. These luxury vinyl floors are designed for maximum creativity and functionality. Uncover the manifold of possibilities for interior settings, high-quality materials and technical expertise. Bodencouture is designed to display the highest levels of creativity, practicality and design.

Every Situation is covered by Bodencouture: Residential and Commercial

The four Bodencouture collections can be used in a combination of residential and commercial applications, making it a versatile and durable flooring. With the collections, VinySNAP and VinySNAP XL are optimal for vinyl floors for private quarters, while the VinyFIT and VinyFIT XL collections are the perfect choice for the design of commercial areas. VinySNAP with wear classes of 23 and 32, are most useful for installation in living, dining, and bedrooms, as well as office areas and minimal commercial premises. VinyFIT on the other hand, is used for very highly frequented residential and commercial spaces, with a 33 and 42-class rating. The combination of the two collections allows you to cover any space with numerous options.

Properties to Impress

Bodencouture luxury vinyl floors are made to last, and have advanced technical features to showcase their durability. The surface of Bodencouture vinyl flooring reduces the noise of footsteps and vibrations, making the room quieter overall. The surface is extremely durable and hardwearing thanks to the special wear layer that the vinyl floors are topped with. This durable wear layer and protective coating completely seals the flooring, making it water resistant. This sealing allows for the flooring to be used as an optimal choice for wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Again, this sealed surface comes in handy when it comes time to clean these floors. Keeping stains and dirt from settling and resting into the floor, you can easily sweep or mop away any mess. The easy to clean and maintain surface brings simplicity to your home. Bodencouture brings innovation to their collections with quick and easy click vinyl floors. They can be installed fast and stress-free, even by someone who has no prior experience with flooring installation. Lastly, to add to the verticality, these floors are suitable to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

VinySNAP and VinyFIT: Passion for Design

Bodencouture, which has four exceptional vinyl collections, offers splendid designs and intricately embossed surfaces that excel in action and feel as natural possible. With choices from different qualities of wood and colorants as well, each collection, a real eye-catcher, couture, stands for absolute stylishness. Discover the couture for these floors.


VinySNAP and VinySNAP XL offers a range of traditional and vibrant wood decors in pine and oak decors plus one exciting animal design in both the classic and XL sizes. The variety of not only decors but size as well opens the door for even more possibilities. The XL size is ideal for filling larger spaces and achieving a particularly spatial effect. VinySNAP patterns distinguish natural wood features and grains on a visual and sensual level. With a colour pattern of classic wood to white shaded, the floors can be combined to complement any room, ambiance and furniture you have and create a light filled ambiance. From traditional to modern VinySNAP can cover it all. In addition to these wood designs, there are the eye-catching designs of orange and white goldfish optics and decorated zebra patterns. These decorations make each room a unique experience.

VinyFIT & VinyFIT XL

Wood designs are among the best sellers in their vinyl laminate market. A wide variety of high-quality wood designs can now be found in the Bodencouture collections, VinyFIT and VinyFIT XL. Deep Mocha colours are some of the finest dark oak designs available. To contrast, lighter patterning of bright, creamy white colours bring a shine to any room. All of the wood VinyFIT wood colours bring a unity and completeness to your flooring options. The fine grains in the flooring use true wood as a model and accurately imitate visually and sensually the surface and texture. In addition, to add some variety, there are two fun and unique designs to choose, a green mint as well as a blue running water design. These two design options are there to bring some creativity and modernness to the selection. Be inspired by these new renovation adventures.

Click System Installation: UNIFIT & 5G technology

These luxury vinyl floors are easy to install and can be accomplished by anyone, whether they are a professional or have no previous experience. Special tools, cumbersome installation requirements, and long drying time are no longer a concern. These advanced vinyl floors bring a new level of practicality and simplicity to the process of getting a new floor. There is no need for extra adhesives or the hiring of a professional fitter. Thanks to the innovative UNIFIT and 5G installation technology. Luxury click vinyl floors are equipped with a modern click system, which makes the installation a breeze. Both of these innovative systems, 5G and UNIFIT, are distinguished by their locking technology, and the simplicity behind the system and process it requires. By simply preparing a clean, dry and flat subfloor, and fitting the pieces into size and installing. Subsequently, the luxury vinyl flooring can be installed with the innovative fold-down system, first length wise and then at the ends, as they are folded down to click together.

Now online store BRICOFLOR - couture, for all your rooms

In the online shop of BRICOLFOR you can now find something for all your renovation projects. BRICOFLOR provides high quality flooring created out of dedication, expertise and innovation can be found within the four couture collections for every taste and every project the perfect vinyl laminate.



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