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Bodencouture VinyFIT

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VinyFIT Vinyl Click Flooring: Innovative and Inspiring

In areas such as shops, galleries and other commercial areas can take on a lot of stress and wear, the ability to withstand heavy footfall, strong loads, and a strenuous amount of traffic, so it is necessary for click vinyl floors in these areas to be able to handle it all. To outlast this heavy load, VinyFIT has developed characteristics of strength and durability specifically for these purposes. The high quality structure and innovative technology of this collection proves to be one of the best in the industry. With a think overall structure, and a .5mm wear layer combine with a PU surface coating, the vinyl laminate collection hold even extreme stresses in the commercial sector with ease. The attractive design and beautiful decors of the VinyFIT collection make it the perfect choice for your renovation projects.

Nature Inspired VinyFIT Wood Character 

Wood designs are timeless and always have a modern yet classic feel that can be incorporated into any interior. This basic idea is used in the VinyFIT luxury vinyl flooring collection. With a choice of appealing wood designs and special highlights give this collection a promising outcome. The wood designs are distinguished by not only the detailed tracing of grains, but also the bevelled edges, that work together to give the floor a timelessly true wood character. Thanks to the enduring click system, any creative or individual designs you wish to implement into a room are possible. Whether light or dark colourations, the VinyFIT collection has something that will suit your needs.

Oak Decors and a Hint of Fun

The classic oak decors are anything but dated, and the VinyFIT collection is the best proof of that. Offering over 10 wood colour pallets and oak designs, you can find a perfect match for your style. From that classic and often dubbed rustic oak colour to reddish brown tones that radiate warmth, there is an oak décor to fit every ambiance. These styles can bring a noble and comforting feel to a room and compliment classic and modern furniture alike. Creating an area where guests like to linger and feel invited has never been easier. Discover the optimal design flooring for your renovation projects. There is also a special design, for an extra bit of spice. A mint green design flooring that will add a unique touch to any space.

Intelligent Click System

The vinyl laminate flooring from VinyFIT collection is perfectly designed for the rigorous life of a commercial sector surface. According to the configuration of this click system vinyl floor, it can be placed in high frequency residential areas and in moderately frequented industrial spaces. VinyFIT has a wear class rating of 33 and 42, giving it these abilities and making it a reliable choice for any high traffic area. The high quality construction and durable materials of this laminate floor allows for its use in shops and restaurants alike. The click vinyl flooring  proves its strength and durability through its innovative technology. This cumbersome installation practices now are history thanks to innovative click-systems. Thanks to the modern installation systems, laying vinyl floors can be done by anyone, whether a trained professional or a beginner. The unique UNIFIT system has a special fold down technology that is known to be one of the strongest and safest systems on the market. It is installed by pushing the planks together and down, and its locking technology clicks them tightly and securely together. When connecting tongue and groove thereby created the eponymous clicking sound, which confirms the proper connection of the planks. No nothing stands in the way of getting the floor of your dreams.

Strong and Durable Flooring 

The durable luxury vinyl flooring of the VinyFIT collection is a delight in more ways than just the innovative click system. It is also equip with a variety of technical qualities and pleasant appearances. This flooring is durable with a strong and sturdy 5mm thick structure, and can handle the stresses of use in commercial sectors. It is also very safe, in its fire resistance and slip resistant surface. It can even reduce the acoustics in a room thanks to its sound reduction qualities Security, robustness and a pleasant indoor climate – VinyFIT offers all this and much more in the choice of vinyl flooring.

VinyFIT Collection at BRICOFLOR

This durable and stylish vinyl flooring is now available online at BRICOFLOR UK. With years of experience, BRICOFLOR provides you with the options to select from a wide range of beautiful, durable and high quality products form the top manufactures around. You can find all of Bodencouture’s collections and much more, giving you the possibility to create the space of your dreams.


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