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Bodencouture VinySNAP 5G-XL

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VinySNAP XL Vinyl Click Flooring: Grand appearances in an XL size

VinySNAP XL takes the saying “Big is Beautiful” to a new level. This collection possess extra-long planks and classical wood decors. The special aspect of this luxury vinyl floor is the fact that they are longer and larger than standard floors, making them ideal for completing large spaces and filling grand rooms. The larger planks mean there are less planks that you need, and you save time money and power. Use these specifically large dimensions to your advantage and decorate all your living spaces with this great design floor. Large planks, simple installations, and attractive deigns are all included in these VinySNAP XL vinyl floors.

Classic Wood Decors with True Grains with VinySNAP XL

Wood is a versatile, natural product, which can often times make it a very expensive material. VinySNAP XL give you the opportunity to find a cheap alternative to real wood, while still having the natural wood look. Especially authentic wood finishes in oak veneers are available through the Bodencouture collections. Thanks to the detailed tracing of the natural grains of oak. These floors have created here a realistic depiction of the structure in all its sophistication. Combined with varying colorants in bright and medium brown colour, a matching floor can be found for any ambiance. Patterns are taken from the fine lines of the grain, and reflect those structures in a modern greyish brown. The combination of structure and colour creates an overall urban image that goes easily with any modern furniture, or white country style. Timeless decors in warm brown tones present a classic yet fresh ambiance. Furthermore, there is another option that breaks through the wood assortment with its animal print. The zebra decor is a definite eye catcher for any space. Liven up every space and do it with ease and assurance. VinySNAP XL inspires creativity with its luxurious designs.

High Quality and Durable Structure

All of your renovation dreams can come true with the VinySNAP XL collection from Bodencouture vinyl flooring. The collection is stable for use in high traffic living areas; the wear class rating of 23 and 32 make it a reliable and durable floor for every residential flooring renovation. This floor can even be used in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to its water-resistant surface and structure. Equipped with numerous technical quality features, the 5.5 mm thick click vinyl flooring is fire resistant and slip resistant, making it even safer to be used in every room in your home. In addition, the warm underfoot design of the flooring is easy to clean, making maintenance fast and easy. Equipped with a 0.3 mm thick wear layer and a PU surface treatment, this floor is resistant to scratched and abrasions. Create a new living space with this charming and complete VinySNAP XL collection.

Quick and Easy Click System Installation

When laying the VinySNAP XL luxury vinyl floor, their size is not the only huge benefit. These floors are integrated with the innovative fold-down 5G click system. This system makes vinyl floor installation simple and easy for everyone, regardless of his or her skill level. The special drop-down 5G system distinguishes itself by its locking technology. By simply combining tongue and groove together, you can connect the planks with ease. Even be reassured by the connecting click that is audibly heard when the planks are properly fit. There is no need to hire a professional or have any special tools. The laying of vinyl flooring with fold-down UNIFIT system is one of the most innovative, simple installation techniques for click system vinyl floors.

VinySNAP XL Available now at BRICOFLOR

In the design of the ground floor couture VinySNAP XL collection, you can not only find an appealing floor covering, but also a technically-sophisticated panelling. The planks are inspired by modern robust features and are of the highest quality. This collection, along with the rest of the Bodencouture collections are now available in the online shop of BRICOFLOR.


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