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Gerflor, a manufacturer from France, is well-known for being one of the top companies that produce high quality luxury vinyl flooring. They have had a worldwide presence for more than 70 years, and have become a fundamental player in the flooring industry. They have built their reputation on professionalism and their ability to offer different styles and collections. These luxury flooring planks from Gerflor are available in wood and stone styles, and can be used either in domestic or commercial environments. The flooring is highly resistant, and can withstand heavy amounts of wear and tear. Even though it´s extremely durable, it´s also smooth, comfortable, and stylish. The click system vinyl flooring is very versatile and can be easily installed by everyone.

Endless Design and Colour Options

With this flooring´s gorgeous designs, Gerflor has once again proven that they are on top of all the latest trends and have done the research to meet their customers´ demands. These collections come in wood and stone styles, from light oak shades to dark stone designs. Gerflor partners with designers around the world to bring you the latest and most popular flooring styles. Because of this, customers are always waiting in anticipation for the next big design. New colours, textures, and designs are constantly being created to give customers a wide range of styles to choose from. The designs have an authentic and realistic appearance, and are made to look as if they are real wood or stone.  

A Wide Range of Collections

Even though Gerflor produces many different click system vinyl planks, there are a few collections that stand out with their excellence. They have high standards and features that Gerflor represents, and they offer exquisite designs and intricately embossed surfaces that feel just like natural wood and stone.

Senso Lock 20

Gerflor´s Senso Lock 20 comes at an affordable cost but without skimping on luxurious style. This vinyl flooring perfectly imitates the look and feel of real wood and stone, providing you with the ideal floor that´s not only natural looking, but also very durable. It´s also eco-friendly and incredibly easy to install, maintain, and remove. This product was heavily tested for its durability and resistance, and it can be used even in humid environments like bathrooms. Senso Lock 20 is the ideal flooring solution for DIY home renovations because of its ingenious click installation system that anyone can install on their own.


Gerflor´s Creation 30 Lock is a heavily resilient floor that´s easy to install thanks to it´s click system installation. It comes in 14 elegant wood and stone imitations. It´s been formerly known as `Artline Lock`, and this collection has always been a popular choice for homes all across the globe. It has a 0.3 mm wear layer and is treated with a PUR+ surface, which makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. Along with it´s easy maintenance, this floor is also eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and low in VOC emissions.




Creation 55 Clic System

This vinyl click flooring is carefully made to look as realistic as possible, with fine details of grains and grooves in it. It has the feel and texture of wood and stone that exudes in elegance and natural simplicity. The Creation Clic System is especially made for industrial use and has a high wear class of 43. No load is too heavy and no stress is too high for this floor! It comes in more than 40 different designs and colours to choose from. From classic oak designs to modern dark stone, there is a design that compliments any space and all styles.

High Quality Features from Gerflor

Gerflor provides durable and hard-wearing flooring that can be used in any situations and settings. The flooring is strong and durable, thanks to their high wear classes and high-quality materials used in production. The floor is also slip resistant and fire resistant, which can add a great extra safety feature to any home or commercial space. A PUR surface treatment is also added to the vinyl flooring, making it even more resistant to scratches and other wear and tear. This surface finish seals in the floor, which makes it water-resistant and perfectly suitable for use in your bathroom or kitchen. To keep the floor in good condition, only a light cleaning is needed.


Gerflor has always set a high standard for excellent quality and ecologically responsible production for all of their products. The vinyl flooring has no heavy metals or formaldehyde, and it´s free from solvent-based printing ink and plasticisers. All of Gerflor´s products are designed specifically to decrease their environmental impact as much as possible. Gerflor is committed to the use of only raw materials, which makes their floors 100% recyclable, and with that, they leave a smaller environmental footprint. The floors all have an A+ emission rating and recyclable sustainable products are incorporated into the production process. These luxury vinyl floors are created using bio-based plasticisers, making them extremely safe for everyone in your home. Gerflor also has a Second Life program, where customers can give their old flooring that can then be recycled to reduce waste.

Quick and Easy Installation

Anyone can install Gerflor´s flooring, and you don´t need any special or expensive tools. Vinyl click LVT flooring is extremely popular with DIY projects and renovations, because of its simple installation. Gerflor is dedicated to providing its customers with not just a floor, but a product that is easy and convenient to use by anyone.


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