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Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System

Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System LVT Flooring: Design and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Gerflor is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality LVT flooring in all areas and has years of experience with designing and improving these floors to fill every room with authentic appearances. Here the highest quality goes hand in hand along with natural, characteristic designs. Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System promises nature realistic decors with stunning details. In addition, as a highlight, the collection has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2016, giving you an option to choose an award-winning design floor of the highest quality.

Award-winning Designs From Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System

The Creation 70 Clic System collection from Gerflor has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award, giving it a distinguishable degree of innovation, durability, quality, ecological compatibility, and functionality.  It is a quality seal for good design and innovation that signifies a quality difference globally. This click vinyl flooring with impress you with its versatility, detailed implementation and stunning colour choices. Gerflor offers 20 wood colours and 8 stone designs, making sure to cover any style and every need. Creation 70 Clic System provides a range of realistic detail decors for your renovation projects. Both bright and dark decors, in nature realistic wood and stone designs present you with an array of options to choose from. Elegant dark wood decor brings elegance and charm to every ambience and the same time contribute to a cosy, warm room concept. Stone decors with a striking surface texture gives any room urban charm. In combination with the light grey colour, this decor looks like a modern concrete floor without any loss of physical warmth. Discover this great collection and elect your personal favourite!

Renovate Quickly and Easily with just a few clicks: Gerflor Click Vinyl Flooring

These days there are numerous variations to installation methods that companies invent and bring to the market. Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System is characterized by a click system that presents a tongue and groove application where the flooring is connected together through clicking. Thanks to this acoustic “click” signal, you can make sure that the planks are connected properly. The installation of vinyl click flooring can be done by anyone, whether they have prior experience or none at all. There is no need for any adhesives or glue to be applied, as the click system fits snuggly together like a puzzle. Because there are no adhesives involved in the installation process, there is no drying time to account for. Once you have finished installing your floors are ready to be used.

Gerflor is Committed to the Environment

Gerflor take health, safety and environmental concerns very seriously. Thus, the Creation 70 Clic System click vinyl flooring adheres to a series of rules and regulations that certify their safety and their nature-friendliness. Certified by the ISO and 100% recyclable, Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System is produced with care for the environment. Furthermore, these floors pose no risk whatsoever to you or your family as they are free from formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers and glue, and have very low emission rates. Gerflor also offers a Second life program that allows customers to recycle their products and reduce waste. This helps them reduce environmental impact during every stage of the floorings life and the production process.

Creation 70 Clic System: Durable and Reliable Click Vinyl Flooring

Creation 70 Clic System is durable and long lasting thanks to a number of outstanding features present in the products make up. The suitability for installation in all highly frequented commercial spaces and industrial premises, wear class 34 and 43, makes this flooring versatile and multi-usable in a variety of spaces. Whether in showrooms, in offices, in local shops, hotels or in education, these floors give a high quality performance. Everywhere here scores Gerflor Creation 70 Clic system with a robust design and durable properties which pay off. With a total thickness of 6.00 mm, vinyl click flooring is also equip with a 0.70 mm thick wear layer, giving even more support and resistant. This makes the wear layer over 10% of the overall LVT structure, whereby the design is made to withstand all the challenges of daily use. Topped with a PUR + surface coating, Creation 70 Clic System resistant to scratches and abrasions. Even chemicals, such as those used for example in commercial cleaners can cause the flooring no harm. These floors are also fire resistant, slip resistant and water resistant, making them a safe and reliable choice for any room.

BRICOFLOR provides the full Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System Collection

You can explore and compare the various colours and textures of this Gerflor click vinyl flooring online with BRICOFLOR UK. They have a collection of products from all of the top manufactures and high quality luxury vinyl floors to provide you with only the best selection for your home. You can browse all of the Gerflor Creation 70 Clic System collection as well as many others from Gerflor and other top producers. Compare, browse, and order a sample to see for yourself.