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Tarkett Starfloor Click 50

Tarkett Starfloor Click 50 luxury click vinyl flooring: the perfect solution for renovations

With the interlocking vinyl flooring system Starfloor Click 50, Tarkett offers the perfect flooring solution for renovating your residential and commercial spaces. The vinyl laminate system with glue-free click installation outshines the competition with its technical properties and superb design. With a range of 21 plank and 7 tile variations the collection offers a diversity which provides the perfect style for almost any application. The Starfloor range represents a hardwearing vinyl laminate flooring system that is exceptionally quick and easy to lay and is sure to meet your demands for either residential or commercial applications. Tarkett has produced a premium-quality, low-maintenance, modern flooring alternative to hardwood or stone in any renovation or construction scenario. Starfloor Click 50 by Tarkett: the premium click vinyl tiles and planks with style.

Tarkett Starfloor: vinyl laminate floorboards and tiles with authentic décors

The PVC laminate flooring collection Starfloor Click 50 from Tarkett is based on the highest standards of design and includes a wide range of the most realistic wood, stone, marble and metal imitations available. The range of 21 plank and 7 tile designs are so realistic that they can easily pass for the real thing. The lifelike embossing patterns offer astounding visual and tactile effects which are sure to bring an organic flair to any room. In particular, many of the plank products come with embossings that actually follow the lines and knots of the woodgrain design. Other series, such as “Smoked Oak”, boast a particularly vivid spectrum of different colour tones and textures to add that special element of attitude to any space. Among the tile designs of Tarkett’s Starfloor Click 50 range are the subdued marble, natural stone and contemporary metal styles, which offer you and even wider range of design possibilities.

Hardwearing vinyl flooring system that meets the most exacting standards: Starfloor Click 50

Tarkett’s Starfloor Click 50 collection encompasses solutions for many different commercial and residential flooring applications. With a total thickness of 5.0mm, the interlocking PVC laminate modules are perfectly suited for use in living areas with heavy traffic (according to EN 685, class 23) or moderately frequented commercial spaces (according to EN 685, class 32). The 0.5mm wear layer is sealed with a Polyurethane “PUR-Extreme-Protection-Finish” which protects against scratches and scuffs. A further advantage of this surface finish is its contribution to the easy to clean and generally low-maintenance properties of the flooring surface. The PVC flooring modules can be wet-cleaned with common household chemicals without any problems. Tarkett Starfloor Click 50 – the optimal commercial or residential partner.

Starfloor Click 50 from Tarkett: installation made easy!

A new floating floor is easy to lay these days – even for the hobby renovator. The LVTs (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) of Tarkett’s Starfloor range are all equipped with a click system that makes every installation child’s play. Installation can be executed without using any special tools or adhesives and its floating nature protects the existing underlying floor from damage. Ideal for renovations, the individual Starfloor Click 50 planks and tiles can be cut to size with an ordinary box cutter or carpet knife. The tongue and groove click system makes laying the floor flush and clean an absolute breeze. Ironing out small surface irregularities and reducing impact noise is easily achieved by simply sandwiching a layer of footfall sound insulation between the floating laminate and the subfloor. In fact, the vinyl flooring modules themselves provide a footfall noise reduction of up to 5dB. The newly floored room can even be used and furnished immediately after installation. With Starfloor by Tarkett, even the layman and hobby handyman can rejuvenate a room in the blink of an eye.

Premium quality meets sustainable production

The modular vinyl flooring Starfloor Click 50 exhibits technical performance that will stand up to almost any challenge - such as fire performance according to Bfl-s1, abrasion resistance conforming with EN 660-2 Group T standards and a dimensional stability variance of ≤ 0.10%. Even furniture feet and castor rollers will struggle to make a dent thanks to EN 1252 Type W resilience. There’s also the safety of R10 and R9 non-slip performance displayed by the planks and tiles respectively. At Tarkett, comfort and best practice manufacturing go hand in hand. Starfloor Click 50 exhibits two ecological innovations that help improve interior ambient air quality: the collection is produced without using phthalates, while the finished products contain no harmful plasticizers and emit exceptionally low levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Thus, the Starfloor Click 50 luxury vinyl flooring products are not only harmless to the health and ecologically sound, but are also 100% recyclable.

Tarkett Starfloor Click 50 interlocking vinyl flooring modules - buy online at BRICOFLOR

With Tarkett Starfloor Click 50, the European market leader Tarkett offers a premium quality and ecologically sustainable product range with impressive technical specifications and a range of mystifyingly realistic designs. You can find a huge range of plank and tile variations in the BRICOFLOR online store. Choose your preferred décor and be impressed.

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