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Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles & Planks: A solution to all you

The self-adhesive vinyl flooring alternatives are such a perfect alternative to the most popular coatings on the market. LVT flooring is, in fact, an excellent alternative for environments also because of its atmosphere that manages to give to your spaces. The great variety of these solutions allows the customer to give the place a distinctly personal style and unique touch. Among the advantages of the adhesive LVT is the fact that presents a wide range of colours, completed by the possibility of being able to imitate many natural materials, such as wood and stone. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is quick and easy to install and the choice between the decors is very diverse. The main producers of vinyl flooring, Gerflor and Tarkett, offer with their series "Senso" and "Starfloor" a wide selection for every need. Choose the plastic laminate adhesive that best meets your needs both in technical terms and in terms of aesthetics. All the available products have the following advantages: realistic colours, easy and quick installation, give shape to a warm floor, quiet and comfortable to the touch and are non-slip. The self-adhesive vinyl floors are environmentally advanced, as the vinyl is one of the few materials that are recyclable at 100%; vinyl floors also have a very low level of volatile organic compound emissions, keeping your overall health in mind. They are fairly inexpensive, easy to install, quick to clean, easy to remove, can be applied on existing floors, are provided in a variety of colours, a good sound absorption, and do not retain dust. The self-adhesive vinyl floors are enjoying a popularity and a successful sale that is constantly growing. This is possible due to their many advantages, and to their great cost-effectiveness compared to other materials used in the flooring industry.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Planks

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Quick and Easy Installation

In addition to enriching the environment in which they will be laid, Luxury Vinyl flooring is also easy to install. LVT is specifically designed for an easy installation, directly onto a smooth floor, thanks to the adhesive bottom layer that provides excellent adhesion to the substrate. Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring is as easy as peel and stick. For a quality installation, the surface must be clean, flat, hard, smooth and dry, so you need to vacuum and clean the floor thoroughly beforehand. The adhesion backing of self-adhesive vinyl blades ensures longevity to these floors. Lay all of the LVT flooring down without glue by simply removing the protective film, place the flooring where you want, and press firmly from the centre to the edges. Immediately after the installation of the self-adhesive luxury vinyl flooring, you can use your room as normal and be pleased by the new environment that you have created. This installation is simple, easy and straightforward.

All the benefits, None of the hassle

Laminate Vinyl flooring offers great advantages to traditional wood flooring. In addition to being the most cost-effective alternative, it is also packed with additional technical features such as high resistance to wear and tear, heat and fire. These floors stay room temperature, so it is warm to your touch, and since there is no glue used during installation, it respects your health and the environments, with no harmful emissions being released. These vinyl-flooring solutions are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life, catching on to the growing ecological awareness that has led to the emergence of ecological collections, composed of environmentally friendly materials. The LVT flooring can be installed with ease in homes, offices, or even high traffic locations. There is a luxury vinyl floor that will suit any room, style and need. Another advantage to LVT is the high noise reduction capacity due to the elasticity of the material. This can lead to not only greater tranquillity but also a higher level or sound isolation in closed spaces. Thanks to these properties, in case of strong and sudden impact, the flexibility of the material allows the laminate flooring adhesive to absorb the pressure, preventing the formation of dents or deep scratches. It is therefore of flooring that will last over time and do not require special maintenance.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Laminate Vinyl flooring is a perfect alternative that possess many attractive qualities such as ease of installation, durability, and practical innovation. Once of the main features of these vinyl floors is the maintenance required, or lack thereof. The nature of the flooring allows for a simple and quick maintained routine to keep your floors in high quality conditions. There are no special products or chemicals needs to clean which helps maintain the eco-friendly status of the LVT. These floors are often chosen because it is easy to keep clean with a simple sweep or mop. Even with tougher stains, the resistant floor allows for an easy solution.  

High-quality self-adhesive LVT from top manufacturers: Gerflor and Tarkett

Quality is one of the most important features people look for when purchasing flooring for a home renovation, and we know how influential that quality can be on the decision to purchase one product over another. That is why our online shop offers you top of the line products from the best manufacturers in Europe. The two ranges of self-adhesive vinyl flooring are from Gerflor and Tarkett. These manufactures offer a range of different styles consisting of wood, ceramic and even stone. Our extensive collection offers over 70 different choices to ensure your will be able to find the ideal product design to fit your needs and space perfectly. Both Tarkett and Gerflor LVT are enhanced with a simple and easy installation system that guarantees a long-lasting product and hassle-free process that can be done efficiently without any extra help.

Gerflor Senso – Wood, stone and ceramic styles

The Gerflor Senso range is available in our online shop in four collections: Natural, Rustic, Rustic Antique Style and Urban. All four versions are impressive with their realistic designs and outstanding technical quality. Gerflor is easy to clean and maintain and is suitable to be used in a wide arrange of spaces, including wet areas. Whether you are looking for a traditional, warm hardwood design or an elegant stone look, the Gerflor Senso range will provide you with a wide range of options. Choose from trendy new designs or vintage classic styles and make your dreams come true.

Tarkett Starfloor– The Largest variety of timeless wood styles

Renovating with self-adhesive vinyl planks does not have to be expensive, as Tarkett proves with its Starfloor collection. The Tarkett Starfloor LVTranges are affordable and will allow you to design your dream room. The collections bring various hardwood designs for you to choose from, such as beech, pine and oak styles. The heavy-duty wear layer of 0.2 mm is enhanced by the Extreme Protection surface treatment, which makes the surface scratch resistant and easy to clean. The surface also features a realistic grain texture, which makes the vinyl planks comfortable to walk on.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring: Now at BRICOFLOR

Vinyl flooring with self-adhesive backing combines style and practicality, allowing you to renew your creative desires while keeping the process easy and simple. The numerous technical features that allow the use of these innovative self-adhesive vinyl floors, also allow them to be placed in areas of high pedestrian traffic, and guarantee their strength and longevity. From BRICOFLOR, you will find the widest range of LVT flooring to find the finish that best suits your tastes and needs. We have the best products in terms of quality / price on the market. Please contact us, and our BRICOFLOR staff will help you discover the self-adhesive that best meets your needs and your desires.




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