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Tarkett Starfloor Vintage

Tarkett Starfloor Vintage: The perfect self-adhesive flooring for your home

The Starfloor Vintage collection by Tarkett is an elegant flooring solution, which features authentic wood designs to create an elegant and stylish interior. The self-adhesive design of the Starfloor Vintage makes installation exceptionally easy so you can enjoy this unique flooring without any hassle. The vinyl floor that makes up the Tarkett Starfloor Vintage is designed to be comfortable underfoot and slip resistant. Additionally, the Tarkett Starfloor Vintage is designed to absorb noise, making this vinyl flooring stylish and quiet. The Extreme Protection surface treatment makes this long-lasting floor not only tough, but also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The Extreme Protection combined with this luxury vinyl flooring’s 0,20 mm wear layer makes it up to 7 times more durable than ordinary vinyl flooring. These vinyl floor planks are environmentally friendly, as they are produced using a no waste manufacturing process with some of the lowest emission rates in the industry. The Tarkett Starfloor Vintage vinyl floor planks are 100% recyclable. These 2 mm thick vinyl floor planks are great for renovations as they are easy to install and even easier to maintain. If you are in the market for high-quality vinyl flooring, then the Tarkett Starfloor Vintage self-adhesive vinyl flooring is the perfect choice.

Classic Worn Tarkett Starfloor Vintage Designs

Starfloor Vintage by Tarkett allows you to have the charm of natural wood without the hassle and expenses. This vinyl floor has a rustic and worn style that is dominated by a natural realistic look. With variations in colours and textures, you can create a cosy atmosphere and classic simplicity in your space. Thanks to the many different options available, there is something for everyone and every style. Tarkett Starfloor Vintage perfectly replicates the appearance of natural wood. These vinyl floor planks are produced in Germany, bringing their well-known practicality to their design and production. Tarkett Vintage is classified by their deep textured surface and realistic textures.

A responsible choice both for your home and the environment

The Tarkett Starfloor Vintage is a responsible choice for both your home and the environment. Tarkett goes to great lengths to ensure that their flooring products are sustainable. The Starfloor Vintage is produced in a low emissions factory, with emission rates significantly lower than the European standard. Additionally, their products are produced using recycled material and are themselves 100% recyclable. It is economical and environmentally waste free, saving both your wallet and the planet. In addition to that, are the emissions by the floor itself at an absolute minimum. Therefore, you can be sure that no harmful gasses pollute your indoor air.

Installation that combines ease with practicality

The Tarkett Starfloor Vintage is a high-end vinyl flooring available in self-adhesive planks. These planks are incredibly easy to install, needing few tools. The floor panels can be cut to size with a carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife, and are simply to be pressed in place after removing the protective film off the back. The surface of these luxury vinyl floor planks is treated with a 0,20 mm wear layer and Tarkett’s Extreme Protection surface treatment. This makes this flooring exceptionally durable as well as easy to clean and maintain. These luxury vinyl floor planks are designed to be quiet underfoot as well as slip resistant. These vinyl floor planks are produced in Germany, bringing Germany’s well known practicality to their design and production. These luxury vinyl floors perfectly replicate the appearance of wood.  

Quick and Easy Installation

These self-adhesive vinyl floors were made with you in mind. Not only do they satisfy your desire for a high-quality flooring but they also bring an ease and simplicity to installation. You will not need any special equipment or professional fitters, even someone who has no prior experience will have no trouble installing this self-adhesive vinyl flooring. Since this product is self-adhesive, you will not have to struggle with applying any liquid adhesives. Your installation will be quick and you can easily remove the protective film to reveal the self-adhesive backing and simply apply the flooring to the ground.

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