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Vinyl Click Flooring: Affordable, Durable, and Stylish for Your Home

If you´ve been wanting to give your home an update without breaking the bank, then you need Vinyl Click Flooring! Vinyl has come a long way from the low-quality flooring of the past, and it´s now extremely durable and also comes in a large number of colours and styles to suit your taste. They come in wood, stone, and concrete designs and they can provide your home with a natural wood or stone look for just a fraction of the cost of the real thing. This type of flooring is made with a resistant wear layer of 0.2 – 0.55 mm, which gives it the strength it needs to withstand both domestic and commercial use.

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Vinyl Click Flooring

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Stylish Designs and Colours from Top Manufacturers

We offer a large selection of luxury vinyl click flooring from the world´s top manufacturers who take pride in creating products that are not only stylish but also extremely durable and made to last for years to come. Top manufactures that we have in our shop include brand names such as Berry Alloc, Gerflor, and Senso by Gerflor. Their products are well-known in the industry for having exceptional technical performances like durability, scratch resistance, water resistance, and reduced sound impact.

Berry Alloc

Berry Alloc has been popular for years on the European market, and they are always continuously improving their LVT flooring to deliver more realistic wood and stone styles. Their wood effect vinyl flooring collection, Pure Click 40, offers excellent quality and a good price for those who want the look of real wood but without the high cost. It has the Dreamclick installation system, which means that it locks together on all four sides, giving additional stability. A great advantage of this system is that it gives you the freedom to combine flooring to create unique patterns. This flooring is designed for both heavy residential and moderate commercial use, and along with this, they offer a lifetime warranty for residential areas. The Pure Click 55 also comes with the Dreamclick system, and it´s meant for heavy-duty residential and commercial use, as well as moderate industrial use. You´ll also be pleased to hear that it comes with a 10-year warranty for commercial areas. The XXL vinyl planks in these ranges come in the large size of 20.4 x 183.6 cm, which gives you the opportunity to visually create bigger space in your home, and you can also save on installation time.


Gerflor´s products are well-known for having simple and easy installation. Their LVT flooring collections are perfect for those with little flooring experience, and all that´s needed to install it is a utility knife to cut the planks, and no additional adhesives or tools are needed. Gerflor´s collections feature exceptional properties such as resistance to scratches, waterproof features, and an anti-slip surface. Their Creation 30 Click collection is equipped with a 0.3 mm wear layer, making it perfect for heavy duty residential use and light commercial use. Creation 55 Click is created for heavy commercial and light industrial use, but it also fits in perfectly in residential areas with rowdy kids or pets. Also in Gerflor´s range is Creation 70 Click, which are luxury vinyl planks that are specifically made to withstand high levels of foot traffic, making it a good choice for commercial and industrial areas.

Senso by Gerflor

Senso by Gerflor is a group of collections that are unique in the sense that they´re water resistant, which means you can freely use them in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. The Senso Lock 30 and Lock 20 collections come in 24 different colours and styles, giving you a lot of choice for your space. This flooring is also incredibly simple and quick to install, using only a utility knife. They are also slip-resistant and resistant to scratches, thanks to their PUR protective wear layer. This vinyl click flooring is also environmentally friendly because it doesn´t contain any harmful chemicals, that being lead, solvents, and formaldehyde.

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