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Beauflor Olympus - Naturalness with Vinyl Rolls

Are you looking for a floor covering that offers both a pleasant walking feel and an eye-catching look? Then the Beauflor Olympus collection is just what you need! The wide range of natural wood and tile designs offers you room for free expression and transforms your home into a cosy oasis of well-being. See for yourself the outstanding technical properties and uncomplicated installation of Beauflor Olympus vinyl flooring rolls.

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Beauflor Olympus

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Modern And Stylish Optics - Beauflor Olympus

You can choose from a total of twelve magnificent designs and looks within the Beauflor Olympus collection. How about the wood look "Olympus Evergreen Oak 669 M", for example, which will add a friendly charm to your living room and make your space shine? Or perhaps you prefer a simple yet modern tile design such as "Olympus Quebec 196M", which discreetly and authentically highlights your furniture? There are no limits to your creativity when designing living and contract areas with the modern, robust and hygienic floor coverings from Beauflor Olympus! As roll goods, this collection is not only available in various designs, but also in different widths to suit your requirements.

Our BRICOFLOR online shop offers you a multifaceted collection of PVC floor coverings that provide you with individual and creative design options.

Beauflor Olympus - Technically Innovative

The Beauflor Olympus collection shines not only with a fabulous look but also with its technical advantages, which are not only expressed in an exceptionally high impact sound insulation of 10 dB but also a slip-resistant surface. In addition, the cushion vinyl flooring has a total thickness of 2.25 mm and a 0.6 mm thick wear layer, which protects against external influences thanks to the polyurethane lacquer coating and ensures a high level of resistance. Beauflor Olympus rolled vinyl also score highly in the area of safety: thanks to the fire behaviour of category Bfl-s1, the CV flooring is particularly flame resistant and thus ensures a high level of safety in the event of a fire. As the PVC flooring has a very good lightfastness of ≥ 6, you do not have to worry about the colour and design losing intensity due to direct daylight or other light sources. Instead, you can sit back, relax, and walk through life with ease on your Beauflor Olympus vinyl flooring rolls. If you often suffer from cold feet in winter, this collection is for you! Thanks to the heat-insulating and heat-resistant properties, Beauflor Olympus PVC flooring is also suitable for rooms with underfloor heating. The wonderful thing is that it is particularly easy to clean and flexible in its handling: Cleaning is done using standard household cleaning agents. Vacuuming and damp mopping are therefore all it takes to make your cushion vinyl shine again!

Versatile Use - Beauflor Olympus Convinces In All Areas Of Life

As Beauflor Olympus PVC flooring has been awarded the highest wear classes (NK 23/33/43), it is perfectly suited for private as well as commercial and industrial areas. It can cope with heavy wear and tear without exception, whether in the living room at home, in a hectic office, or a busy restaurant, and once again proves its limitless application possibilities.

Laying Vinyl Rolls - First Precautions

To ensure that you benefit from a fabulous walking experience in the long term, the correct preparation of the floor to be installed is an important criterion. Therefore, make sure that the subfloor is clean, even, and dry before rolling out the vinyl flooring rolls. Use a suitable levelling compound and primer to remove any unevenness in the subfloor. PVC flooring by the metre should also only be installed on old commercial floors if they are firmly bonded to the subfloor everywhere. Please note also that direct installation on linoleum, rubber, laminate, carpet, and polyolefin coverings is not possible and the old covering must first be removed.

Provided you have now taken all the necessary precautions, nothing can stand in the way of your new flooring project!

To do this, unroll the sheet flooring in the room 24 hours before installation and roughly cut it to size. If the room is equipped with underfloor heating, this should also be switched off 24 hours before and during the preparation of the subfloor and during installation.

Beauflor Olympus - Installation Has never been so easy

If the area of your living space is no larger than 20 m², Beauflor Olympus can be easily fixed with double-sided adhesive tape. Alternatively, a full-surface cushion vinyl flooring is also suitable. In this case, the ready-cut strips are folded back to the middle of the room. Then a dispersion adhesive is applied to the clean subfloor with a fine-toothed trowel (do not forget to follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions). After the flash-off time, the strips are placed in the adhesive bed and carefully pressed against it. The procedure for the other half of the sheet is identical. Afterwards, you only have to weld the seams with a cold-welding paste.

If you decide to change the design at some point, the floor covering and the fixative can be removed from the substrate without any consequential damage.

Ecological Footprint - Beauflor Olympus In Harmony With Nature

In addition to its modern designs and outstanding technical properties, Beauflor Olympus also stands for an ecological footprint: the floor coverings in the collection do not contain any health-damaging softeners and belong to the emission class with the lowest level of harmful substances (E1). In addition, Beauflor products are characterised by a particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing process and high quality. Beauflor Olympus attaches particular importance to the use of renewable energy sources and is constantly working actively to improve energy savings. In addition, all coverings in the collection are 100% recyclable.

Beauflor Olympus - Discover Your Love For Vinyl Rolls At Bricoflor

Can't wait to get started on your renovation project and furnish your home, business, or restaurant with Beauflor Olympus modern cushioned vinyl flooring the UK? Then you should visit our BRICOFLOR online shop and be inspired by the multi-faceted collection! Convince yourself of the numerous design possibilities that our BRICOFLOR online shop offers you. If you have any questions, our friendly and professional team will be happy to assist you by phone, email, or via our contact form.

We will be happy to advise you on your new project and provide you with an individual offer, for which you can of course make use of our best price guarantee. At BRICOFLOR, you are guaranteed a stylish appearance with Beauflor Olympus vinyl rolls! USS COMPANION FOR OFFICE AND FLAT

The excellent technical properties prove to be particularly advantageous in residential and commercial areas (NK 23/31). You can therefore perfectly furnish the heavily used corridor of your flat or the moderately used lounge of your company with the fashionable and high-quality CV flooring by Beauflor Pietro.

The First Steps In Pvc Flooring - With These Precautions, Everyone Becomes An Installation Artist

You have chosen Beauflor Pietro flooring and now you need to fix the flooring to the subfloor? Don't worry! Laying CV flooring is easy with a few precautions taken beforehand! Make sure that the floor is free of dust particles and other disturbing factors, such as uneven spots. The latter can be easily remedied with a filler/levelling compound. It is also extremely relevant to check whether the subfloor is load-bearing. If the floor substrate If there is an old floor covering, it is advisable to remove it before laying the floor to avoid the presumed formation of bacteria or, in the worst case, mould.