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BerryAlloc Pure Click - Quality Innovations with Luxury Designs

As one of the top names in the industry, BerryAlloc continuously produce high-class vinyl flooring lead by the latest technological developments. High quality finishes, durable designs completed with the Dreamclick Locking System, renovating your interior spaces has never been so fast and easy! 

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With varying dimensions, a huge array of colours and styles to choose from, BerryAlloc provide a great selection of luxury vinyl flooring to meet your design needs. Explore the collections and get inspired by the potential these floor coverings can have in your home and commercial spaces!

The Ideal Partner for Your Renovation Projects – BerryAlloc Pure Click

Each of the Pure Click collections from BerryAlloc come in varying wear classes which indicate the suitable areas to install them. Depending on your requirements, there are selections created for residential areas with heavy use, to even high traffic commercial spaces. No matter the area of use, the Pure Click LVT flooring from BerryAlloc are so easy to install, even inexperienced hobby craftsmen are able to lay these floors with ease. Thanks to the Dreamclick Locking System, the vinyl planks and tiles from BerryAlloc feature a click system on every side of the plank. This opens up countless possibilities of how you wish to lay your vinyl flooring! Let your imagination run wild and discover unique laying patterns for your interior.

Thanks to the rigid composite plate, little to no subfloor levelling is needed since the vinyl planks maintain a sturdy and robust shape with great dimensional stability. The floors from the Pure Click collections are ultra-strong and up to 30% lighter than other click floors, thus making them easy to handle and even easier to lay. To add to this the vinyl flooring features excellent noise reduction and sound absorption of 10 dB, offering a pleasant and well-rounded ambience for your rooms.

An Excellent Way to Add a Touch of Nature into Your Home

The designs in the BerryAlloc Pure Click ranges capture authentic and naturalistic wood and stone decors that are almost indistinguishable from their natural models. Every style, colour and nuance of nature is different and unique, and the BerryAlloc Pure Click collections are designed to enhance the unique beauty of every room in your home or office. The luxury vinyl click flooring encompass many interior styles. Are you interested in country or urban styles? Or maybe you’re looking for a sleek and modern stone tile? Perhaps even classic and timeless oak looks are the best option for your living spaces. BerryAlloc Pure click offers 95 design solution to help you achieve your individual interior vision. To add to this, the LVT flooring by BerryAlloc are made from renewable materials produced in an energy efficient production process. The vinyl floors have good heat conduction, making them ideally suited for underfloor heating, adding extra underfoot warmth. Ecologically responsible and comfortable, these collections leave nothing to be desired!

BerryAlloc Pure Click 40 Standard & 40 XXL

The BerryAlloc Pure Click 40 and BerryAlloc Pure Click 40 XXL come with a 0.4mm wear layer and are assigned a wear class of 32. Because of its wear class the collections are the ideal solution for your home as the flooring is accompanied by a lifetime warranty for residential use. The difference between these two collections is the size of the planks. The Pure Click 40 has the dimensions 20.4 x 132.6 cm, whilst the Pure Click 40 XXL planks come in the dimensions 20.4 x 183.6 cm. These designs are suitable for high traffic residential spaces and office spaces with moderate use. The antistatic properties allow the LVT flooring to be installed in computer rooms. Additionally, the designs feature the fire behavior class Bfl-s1 with great chemical resistance, making the maintenance process easy.

BerryAlloc Pure Click 55 Standard & 55 XXL

The BerryAlloc Pure Click 55 and BerryAlloc Pure Click 55 XXL feature the same technical features as the Pure Click 40 collections with some additional characteristics. The first includes the slightly thicker wear layer of 0.55 mm, making them very robust and well suited for high traffic commercial areas and even moderately used industrial sectors. The wear classes 23, 33 and 42 reinforce the suitability of the two Pure Click 55 collections to be layed for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial areas. The antistatic feature of the LVT click flooring makes it the perfect solution for your office, as it prevents any interference with electrical devices or special equipment. Additionally, the Pure Click 55 offers stylish and modern stone tiles with an impressive colour pallet. Explore the collections now to find the right design for you.

BerryAlloc Pure Click: Waterproof Vinyl Planks

The RCB technology used on the production of the BerryAlloc Pure vinyl planks, makes them up to 30% lighter than any other click flooring, resulting in easier manipulation whilst transporting and installing. In spite of their light weight, the vinyl planks are extremely durable and water resistant, making it ideal for bathroom or kitchen spaces.  To reinforce the excellent performance of these LVT floors, BerryAlloc offer a lifetime guarantee for residential areas.

The BerryAlloc Pure Click vinyl requires very little maintenance. There is a protective polyurethane lacquer, which makes the floor easy to clean and protects it against daily wear and tear. All that’s required to keep your floor in great shape, is an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products. The BerryAlloc Pure Click vinyl planks are antistatic, which makes the cleaning process easier and faster, and it doesn’t require to be waxed or polished.

BerryAlloc Pure Click Vinyl Now Available In The Bricoflor Online Shop

In addition to our best price guarantee, which applies to all of the products, you can order all BerryAlloc Pure Click products quickly and easily from our online store. So, whatever your idea, or however you might like to re-decorate your home, we here at BRICOFLOR can help bring your vision to reality. The luxury vinyl flooring from the BerryAlloc Pure Click ranges offer a multitude of designs and colours with high-technical performance that will live up to every standard, even in the industrial sector! If you’re finding it difficult to decide between the styles, take advantage of our free sample service and get a more personal sense of the designs before you make your decision. Naturalistic designs, made from sustainable practices, designed to bring comfort and style into your living and office spaces. The BerryAlloc Pure Click collections leave nothing to be desired!