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BerryAlloc PURE Click: The Ideal Solution for Your Renovation Project

As the European leader in wall-to-wall flooring, BerryAlloc believes in excellent value for money and continuous innovation. In short, you are provided with only the best in an environmentally friendly and more sustainable way.

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 BerryAlloc now proudly presents a new revolution in vinyl flooring – BerryAlloc PURE. Explore the beautiful soft and rustic designs, which are available in different sizes and will help transform your space! 

BerryAlloc Vinyl continues to innovate the flooring market and their vinyl click flooring collection is no exception. This wonderful series of products truly embodies the future of vinyl flooring.

Variety of Colours and Sizes for Your Home and Office: BerryAlloc Pure Click Vinyl

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a hard day’s work and relaxing in the warm surroundings of a cosy living room now enhanced with the help of some great luxury vinyl click flooring! The BerryAlloc PURE Click decors inspire to do the same by giving you a choice of colours to enhance the beauty of every room in your home or office, for you to enjoy, for many years to come. Tastes vary and when it comes to interior design different people like different things too. Are you into the country or urban styles? Do you prefer something sleek and modern or are you someone who prefer to keep things retro and classic? BerryAlloc PURE Click is the solution for you offering a total of 40 shaded of oak, also available in XXL size. PURE Click vinyl introduces 2 main collections available in standard and extra-large planks (XXL size).

BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 Standard & 40 XXL

The BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 and BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 XXL come with a 0.4mm top wear layer and are assigned a wear class of 32. It is due to its wear class, the collections are the ideal solution for your home as the flooring is accompanied by a lifetime warranty for residential use. The difference between the BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 and 40 XXL collection is the wear class. BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 is suitable for residential and office spaces with moderate use, while the BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 XXL can be installed in commercial spaces with heavy use and traffic.

BerryAlloc PURE Click 55 Standard & 55 XXL

The BerryAlloc Pure Click 55 Standard and BerryAlloc PURE Click  55 XXL possess the same technical characteristics and colours as the BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 and 40 XXL with just one minor exception. The main difference is in the top wear layer of the vinyl planks, which in the Berry Alloc PURE Click 55 Standard and 55 XXL are 0.55 mm. The difference between the BerryAlloc PURE Click 55 and 55 XXL collection is the wear class. BerryAlloc PURE Click 55 is suitable for residential and office spaces with moderate use, while the BerryAlloc PURE Click 55 XXL can be installed in commercial spaces with heavy use and traffic.

BerryAlloc Pure Click: Waterproof Vinyl Click Flooring Planks

The BerryAlloc PURE Click vinyl planks, offer many great technical characteristics, making them a great choice for your renovation project. Thanks to the revolutionary RCB technology and it's superb levelling properties you can install BerryAlloc PURE Click on almost any subfloor or on top of an existing tile floor. Little to no levelling is required and you can install the vinyl planks dust free.

The RCB technology used in the production of the BerryAlloc PURE vinyl planks, makes them up to 30 % lighter than any other click flooring, resulting in easier handling whilst transporting and installing. In spite of their light weight, the vinyl planks are extremely durable and water resistant, making it ideal for bathroom or kitchen spaces.  Whether you are walking around in your high-heels or simply relaxing in your slippers, BerryAlloc PURE Click always stays noise-free. With an exceptional noise absorption of 10 dB, PURE is up to 50% more silent than other LVT click flooring products. Both your family and neighbours will agree!

BerryAlloc PURE Click is provided with the unique and strong Dreamclick® locking system, turning the installation process into a child’s play. Not only that the installation of BerryAlloc PURE Click is easy and fast but it is also dust free and environmentally friendly, as you require no tools or adhesive to finish the process, only a Stanley knife is needed to adjust the length of the vinyl planks. The BerryAlloc PURE Click collection is also available in XXL sizes and a lifetime guarantee for residential use, and up to 10 years for commercial use.

Fast and Easy Installation with DreamClick Locking System: BerryAlloc Pure Click

BerryAlloc PURE Click is unbeatable for installation thanks to its unique identical interlocking profile on all 4 sides. No need to walk back to the other side of the room to start the next row. Start the installation in either corner of the room and click your way to the other side. You can start the next row where you’ve finished the previous row. The innovative locking system allows for several installers to work simultaneously, shortening the installation process even more.

The DreamClick locking system not only makes the installation of BerryAlloc PURE Click fast and easy, but it also offers extreme durability. As one of the best locking systems for vinyl flooring on the market, DreamClick can withstand a heavy load of up to 500 kg. BerryAlloc PURE Click is compatible with floor heating, provided that the heated floor temperature does not exceed 27°C.

BerryAlloc PURE Click vinyl planks can be installed much faster than any other floor, thanks to their levelling properties. Almost any subfloor will do. You can install BerryAlloc PURE Click directly on top of an existing tile floor or over surfaces with small residues of glue and ordinary screed, because of the superb levelling properties. All this is made possible thanks to our advanced RCB technology (Rigid Composite Board). No dust, no mess, just cut the planks into the right size with a Stanley knife. PURE absorbs noise to the max and is completely waterproof, ideal for bathroom and kitchen!  The PURE collection is also available in XXL sizes and has a lifetime guarantee for residential use!

BerryAlloc LVT Click: Buy Now from BRICOFLOR'S Online Store

Find the suitable product for your renovation! In addition to our best price guarantee, which applies to all of the products, you can order all BerryAlloc products quickly and easily from our online store. All of the huge range of laminate from Berry Alloc is available, it ensures that the right laminate is available for all ideas and demands that may spring to your mind: so whatever your idea, or however you might like to re-decorate your home, we here at BRICOFLOR can help you with your order. Beautify your interior with the outstanding BerryAlloc vinyl click floors fast and easy, order today through the BRICOFLOR online store! Feel free to contact us also if you have any questions regarding any of our products!