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Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 - Discover The High Performance of This  Vinyl Click Flooring

The Beaulieu group and BRICOFLOR present: Berry Alloc Pure Click vinyl click flooring for use in domestic and project applications. Beaulieu, European market leader in the field of floor renovations, invites you to discover the many different shades that are available in the Pure Click 40 collection. 

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BerryAlloc PURE Click 40 / XXL

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Berry Alloc continuously innovates in the fields of creativity and developing realistic wood imitations. The vinyl click flooring in the Pure Click 40 collection offers great performance and worry-free comfort. Be seduced by the excellent quality and attractive price of this LVT click flooring collection. The floor panels are designed for use both in heavy domestic and in moderate commercial applications. Furthermore, Berry Alloc has developed this flooring solution with the environment in mind.

Therefore the products are both ecologically responsible and sustainable. But the user-friendliness is more than worth mentioning, too, which you already notice during installation. This is because, thanks to the new DreamClick system, installation is easy and intuitive. Thankfully the stability of the floor does not suffer from the ease of its installation: the floor still is sturdy, safe, and stable.. The coated backing, that reduces slipping and sliding, also contributes to that you can use this floor on a daily basis with peace of mind.

Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 Vinyl Click Flooring - Total Immersion in Nature

The vinyl click flooring in Berry Alloc's Pure Click collections is developed with four key points in mind: the Spirit, the Source, the Future, and the People. Because the flooring collections lean so heavily on these core concepts is it, without limitations, very close to nature. This is a big part of the reason why the designs on the floorboards are so impressively realistic.

The influence that these floors have on the mood of your interior space is therefore identical to the warm character that was traditionally reserved for a real, solid wooden floor. And that warm character is of lasting nature, because thanks to the high-tech coating that has been applied to the vinyl floorboards are these hardwearing, and continue to look great for a long time.

Berry Alloc also has bevelled the edges of each and every floorboard, so that they look even more realistic, and the resemblance to a real wooden floor is even greater. The Pure Click 40 collection is available in various shades, from pale, bright wood, all the way to dark and warm shades. And all these different planks can be freely combined. The perfect flooring solution has arrived: Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 vinyl click flooring.

The Choice for Realistic Wood Imitation - Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 Vinyl Click Flooring

The vinyl click floors in BeryAlloc's Pure Click 40 collection are available in many different shades, so you have countless options in choosing the vinyl flooring of your dreams. And thanks to the transparent wear layer with a thickness of 0,4 mm, you can be sure that your space is equipped with a perfect wood imitation, for many years.

Even Grander - Pure Click 40 XXL

Some designs in the Pure Click 40 collection are also available in XXL versions. This means that the floorboards are bigger, both in length and width, which makes your interior look even bigger and more impressive.

Top Performance - Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 LVT Click Flooring

The vinyl click flooring in Berry Alloc's Pure Click 40 is a product that lasts. The 0,4 mm thick wear layer ensures a wear class of 23/32. This means that the floor is suitable for all domestic use, and moderate project use. This is also thanks to the layered construction, that consists of a Rigid Composite Board (RCB) base with DreamClick interlocking teeth on all four sides, glass fibre reinforced sound dampening vinyl layer, transparent wear layer, and polyurethane protective surface coating. All this together ensures optimal protection of your new floor, that will look as good as new for a very long time. But installation of a floor like this one is child's play, too.  Because not only is the click system intuitive, the required preparation of the ground is minimal, too.

Because thanks to the flexible nature of luxury vinyl click flooring far less levelling is required than with, for example, parquet or laminate flooring. The vinyl floor planks can be installed directly on an existing floor, for example, ceramic tiles. The result it a stable, even floor that also has a damp proofing function, ensuring longer life expectancy of your floor and a more pleasant interior climate. A Pure Click 40 floor also is suitable for use in moderately used commercial spaces where castor chairs are used. This is largely thanks to the protective polyurethane coating, that also serves to reduce contact noise and sounds of falling objects to an absolute minimum.

Yet another advantage of this vinyl click floor over a real wooden floor is that it's more pleasant. This is because, unlike a wooden floor, a vinyl floor doesn't cool down as far. Therefore it won't feel chilly and uncomfortable. This is further increased because a vinyl floor can easily be used in combination with underfloor heating. And maintenance is easier, too, because regular sweeping or vacuuming and occasionally damp cleaning are all that's needed to keep your floor optically at its best.

Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 Vinyl Click Flooring - Ecologically Responsible Quality

Berry Alloc is focused on life, and that clearly shows in all her products, such as the Pure Click 40 collection. Design, R&D, and production all happens in Belgium, and all her products are 100% recyclable. The proud manufacturer is so convinced of the quality and strength of her products that lifetime warranty for residential use is available on the Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 collection.

Berry Alloc Pure Click 40 LVT flooring - Naturally Available at BRICOFLOR

The vinyl flooring in Berry Alloc's Pure Click collections is available in various shades and hues. Here, at BRICOFLOR UK, we offer the lowest price you'll find online in the UK because we know how expensive renovating your house can be. On top of that, to give you the best possible impression of the look and feel of the product, a free sample service. That way you can get the best possible impression of the product from the comfort of your living room. Contact us today for all your questions, concerns and personal quote inquiries!