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Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 - sturdy LVT floorings for every application in the house

Berry Alloc, a division of the Beaulieu Flooring Solutions group is eager and ready to dominate all parts of the vinyl and vinyl flooring market, both for domestic and project applications. This is clearly evident when you look at the realistic shades and grains you'll find in the Pure Click 55 collection. 

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BerryAlloc Pure Click 55

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This also shows Berry Alloc's focus on continuous innovation, as the level of realism on these floorboards is unpreceded. But these flooring solutions offer more than just great designs: user-friendliness, comfort, and value for money are important key points in Berry Alloc's product line-up. In addition to that, values Berry Alloc the climate of our precious planet, and makes her best efforts to minimise the ecological impact of her products and their manufacturing process. Easy installation of the products in the Pure Click 55 collection is achieved through the "DreamClick" system, with which Berry Alloc ensures that her floors are safe, stable, and easy to install. The sturdy teeth on all four sides of the floorboards make joining together an easy task with great results.

Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 - Wood Effect Vinyl Click Flooring 

The vinyl click flooring in Berry Alloc's Pure Click collections is developed with four key points in mind: the Spirit, the Source, the Future, and the People. In this collection, Berry Alloc strives for natural ideals, and to bridge the growing gap between the common man and nature. The high degree to which this has been achieved becomes evident by comparing a solid wooden floor and a Berry Alloc imitation: even a well-informed individual will be hard pressed to spot the difference. The brand has even gone the extra mile to bevel the four edges of the planks, further increasing the level of realism of the vinyl planks. Another way Berry Alloc brings a solid wooden floor closer is by making installation easier than the installation of a traditional floor: the DreamClick click system that connects the planks shows the innovation and dedication of the brand. Installation is easy and yields great results. Get the wood-effect, except better!

Gorgeous and hard-wearing - Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 vinyl click flooring

The floorboards in the Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 collection are available in various attractive shades and grains. All these can be combined freely, which allows you to design your interior with even more freedom. And thanks to the stable, innovative click system your floor will be as stable and safe as it was on day one for a very long time. This is, in part, thanks to the 0.55 mm thick transparent wear layer that has been put on top of the wood grain design. Therefore is a Pure Click 55 floor very hard-wearing, in just about every application. Domestic use, project use, or even industrial use: Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 luxury vinyl click flooring will stand up to the challenge.

Pure Click 55 XXL - an extra spacious effect

Some designs in the Pure Click 55 collection are also available in XXL versions. This means that the floorboards are bigger, both in length and width, which makes your interior look even bigger and more impressive. This is an excellent vinyl click flooring product!

Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 - vinyl click flooring with top performance

The vinyl flooring in Berry Alloc's Pure Click 55 collection is extremely robust, thanks to its 0.55 mm thick transparent wear layer. Because of this are the floors certified with a wear class of 23/33/42, which means that this floor is suitable for every application ranging from domestic use to even moderate industrial applications. Berry Alloc has made sure that investing in one of her products is an excellent choice, both short and long-term. This is in part because hard-wearing properties are further increased through its four-layer composition.

At the base there's a  Rigid Composite Board (RCB) base with DreamClick interlocking teeth on all four sides, then there's a glass fibre reinforced sound dampening vinyl layer, a transparent wear layer, and a polyurethane protective surface coating on top. This combined ensures a hard-wearing flooring solution that will look like new for a long time. Another advantage is the excellent heat distribution, which makes that the floor always feels pleasantly warm, rather than chilly, a common complaint with solid wooden flooring.

This effect is further enhanced by that the Dream Click collections are fully compatible with underfloor heating. The technical know-how that Berry Alloc displays in the construction of her floorboards show further in the click system. The Pure Click collections are the world's first floors that feature a "360 degrees" click system. That means that every side of every plank fits on every side of every other plank. Because of this, you can let your imagination run wild, and use virtually every plank pattern you can think of.

Now, the classic offset and herringbone patterns are just two of the countless options. And none of these patterns will have a negative influence on the stability or integrity of the floor. That is the true strength of this revolutionary click system. On top of that ensures the click system that the seams between the planks are watertight. Therefore, spilling fluids on the floor does not harm the floor or the ground below, but it also creates the coveted possibility to install the floor in a damp or wet space, such as a kitchen or bathroom. This also is a major advantage for cleaning and maintenance, as not only does dirt have a hard time sticking to the PU coating, it also is more easy to clean off, because using a damp rag or mop won't damage the floor. Thanks to the resilience of the floorboards, minor unevennesses are no problem, as the floor compensates. This resilience also increases comfort, as it further dampens contact noise and walking becomes more comfortable overall.

Ecologically ambitious LVT Click Flooring

Berry Alloc has listed, care for the environment high on their list of priorities. This becomes apparent in every product, as they're recyclable for the full 100%, and are entirely developed and manufactured in Belgium. This not only means that production is suspect to strict laws and regulations, but also that you can rest assured that these laws and regulations are complied with. Therefore you, as the end user, can be sure that a Berry Alloc floor is a responsible choice, but without sacrificing quality. Because Berry Alloc is so convinced of the quality of her products, that all products have a lifetime warranty for domestic use.

Pure Click 55 vinyl click flooring at BRICOFLOR

Of course, you can find Berry Alloc Pure Click 55 vinyl click flooring in our gigantic catalogue. We are aware of renovations being a financially daunting endeavour, and therefore we offer the lowest price guarantee. So you get the lowest price you can find online in the UK, and never spend a penny more than you need. If you're unsure if the floor you've picked suits you 100%, you can order one or more free samples. Contact us today and order your samples, so that you can inspect in the comfort of your home and pick the design you like best, from the comfort of your living room.