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Berry Alloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 - Click Vinyl for Comfortable Interior Design!

The Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 vinyl flooring collection from the Belgian flooring manufacturer BerryAlloc convinces with stylish designs, which are reflected in various wood looks in different colours. The click vinyl tile flooring conveys a feeling of warmth and homeliness and makes your rooms look and feel more inviting. Here, the click vinyl is suitable in every room of your home thanks to its high flexibility. The practical click system also makes the floor decor particularly easy to install!

BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40

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Berry Alloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 - a New Companion for the Most Diverse Areas!

The flooring in the BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 collection will transform your home into a cosy space for rest and relaxation that everyone will love to visit. However, the ideal and ultimate wood-look vinyl floor from BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 is not only the perfect everyday companion for the home, but also for public and commercial areas as well as the light industry.

Naturalness, Safety and Technical Ambition - An Unbeatable and Valuable Combination

Maximum comfort, which includes both a stylish appearance and a high-quality material composition, is all taken care of with the BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 vinyl click flooring tiles. The click vinyl has a total thickness of 4 mm and has a 1 mm thick integrated underlay. This compensates for unevenness in the subfloor and absorbs impact sound by up to -20 decibels. This ensures the maintenance of silence and serenity in your home and at the same time prevents loud disturbing noises from occurring in the first place.

In combination with electric panel heating, you can benefit from the heat-insulating and foot-warming properties of the vinyl design flooring, which will really be worth it in the winter months. The robustness and high durability of the design floor are reflected in its chair castor-suitable nature, its good adaptability to a wide range of climatic conditions, and its pressure and dimensional stability.

Maximum safety in the event of a fire is ensured by the flame-resistant material composition, which prevents heavy smoke development and thus protects you from health risks.

The Freedom of Design Possibilities - Making Rooms Look More Open and Friendly with Click Vinyl Is Simple and Time-Saving

As the floor is 100% waterproof, it can be used in almost any area. Suitable for use in classes 23, 31, and 41, the floor decor can be used in any room with any fixtures. Even direct sunlight in the immediate vicinity of large windows cannot harm the vinyl tile click flooring. The innovative technology and after-treatment of the planks ensure that the floor retains its even and smooth surface even after repeated heating and cooling.

Check The Floor and Prepare It Properly - These Are the Things You Should Look Out for When Installing Berry Alloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40

Preparatory measures are essential for the installation of click vinyl flooring. For example, you must check the floor subfloor for cleanliness, evenness and load-bearing capacity, even with BerryAlloc click vinyl. Cleaning the floor is always recommended before installation. Remove all old traces such as plaster, paint, oil, adhesive residues, grease, and construction residues (including nails). Textile and all types of resilient floor coverings (e.g. carpets and needle felts) are always removed. However, installation on concrete, tiles, wood, and most existing hard-surface floor coverings is straightforward, provided they meet the requirements.

Berry Alloc Flooring is Easy to Install Thanks to the Simple Click System

Once the preparations are complete, the installation phase begins. You should have the following tools ready for this: carpet knife, pencil, rip rail, folding rule/tape measure, and a spacer.

BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40  is installed as a floating floor so that there is enough space (8 mm) between the floor and any walls or solid objects to allow the floor to move in all directions. To keep shading differences to a minimum, mix planks from different boxes. This will give the vinyl design flooring a natural look.

First, insert a suitable 8 mm thick spacer on the left and lay the first plank with the tongue side facing the wall. Now take the second plank and start laying it at an angle to the front of the first plank. Continue laying from left to right in the same procedure. Make sure that at the end of the first row there is a distance of 8 mm to all walls and vertically standing objects. You must cut the last plank of the first row to fit exactly. The remaining piece of the last plank (the minimum length should be at least 30 cm) serves as the starting piece of the first row. Place the plank diagonally to the previous side and press it simultaneously while folding it down. For the next plank, place the end face at an angle to the previously laid plank and fold it into position on top. Push the plank against the previous row until it is flush with the first plank. The rest of the installation is as described.

Better For You and Better for Your Environment – Berry Alloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 A Faithful Guide in all Respects!

The A+ certificate speaks for a particularly environmentally friendly production of the click vinyl floors by BerryAlloc, in which value is placed on a 100% phthalate-free composition. Phthalates are chemical compounds that are often used in the production of vinyl floors to make them more elastic. However, with the BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 collection, you can rely on a safe and health-friendly click vinyl laminate that does not expose you to any risks.

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Have you been searching for the perfect click luxury vinyl tile? Then you shouldn't miss out on this offer of the BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 and choose your favorite today! Our friendly and competent team of employees will of course be happy to advise you via our contact form, by e-mail, or by telephone. You can also benefit from our comprehensive services, which make shopping at BRICOFLOR so convenient.

For example, ask for an individual offer if you need a larger quantity of vinyl flooring. We may be able to accommodate your price depending on the quantity ordered. Are you not quite sure whether you have really found the right decor? Use our free sample service and compare the vinyl design floorings at your leisure from home. Thanks to our best price guarantee, the BerryAlloc Spirit Home Click Comfort 40 floating luxury vinyl tile will finally be delivered to your home at the best price guaranteed!