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Arbiton – Your Flooring Expert

Since its establishment in 1994, Arbiton has always been investing in their knowledge, technology, and machinery. In the last 25 years, they have risen to become one of the top manufacturers in Europe and provide solutions for the most demanding flooring situations. Have a look at their impressive portfolio of click-vinyl and glue-down vinyl, which match with their own signature Arbiton underlay, skirting and floor profiles.


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The Decora group, under the brand name Arbiton, has been leading innovation in the European market. With over 20 years of experience in plastics processing, they have the technology and the expertise to produce flooring that is as resistant as it is stylish. Based in Poland, these flooring gurus produce their own vinyl, laminate and accessories in each of their 3 European factories. They are proud members of the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) and the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association (MMFA).

Unique proprietary technology

Arbiton do not just pride themselves in making great vinyl flooring, they also develop their own technological innovations. It will not be hard for you to notice that the flooring from this manufacturer has stickers stating that their flooring possesses many qualities. These range from their signature HD Mineral Core composition, 5G click technology that is licensed by Välinge to the more common, waterproof, floor heating compatible, acoustic isolation and beveled flooring stickers. The 5G click technology makes for the ever-so-easy vinyl click flooring installation to become even easier! The increased connection strength let you rest easy, even if your floor is going to be commercially or industrially used.

Extreme durability and quality

Arbiton's flooring is as heavy duty as it gets. With a total installation height of 5mm, this click vinyl is the perfect partner for any project. The 0.55 mm thick wear layer protects your vinyl flooring from environmental influences such as bumps and scratches, making it incredibly sturdy, even if you have large pets. Due to its waterproof properties and resistance, it can be used as bathroom vinyl flooring. It is equally as good when applied to a kitchen or when used as bedroom vinyl flooring since it is soft and soundproof. It earns its 23, 33 and 42 classifications on some collections, which stands for heavy residential, heavy commercial and even regular industrial use. The 20 year or 15 year warranty they offer is no joke, and it shows how confident they are in their products. 

Various installation options

Arbiton manufactures both glue-down vinyl and click vinyl, making sure that those who choose their flooring solutions have what they need, both in regards to price or to installation. For those who want to install their flooring themselves, we recommend click vinyl. It allows for a quick and easy installation, which appeals to those who like DIY projects. Glue-down vinyl flooring is a great alternative and just as robust, with a small trade-off: While it is cheaper, the installation is more complex and usually requires a professional.

Arbiton Vinyl Flooring – Luxurious Realistic Designs

Arbiton has many collections, among which you will be able to find the best wood effect vinyl flooring and stone effect vinyl flooring. Their designs are realistic and soft, so that you feel like you are walking on real wooden planks, but without any of the downsides! Their wooden designs are taken straight from the most beautiful types of wood available, presenting many different shades and allowing you to truly customise your room. Likewise, their stone designs also mimic the most elegant stone types available in nature, boasting deep bevels to give your flooring that realistic tile look. These give a whole new meaning to luxury vinyl!

Amaron Wood Collection – Comfortable yet Durable Click Vinyl Flooring

With the Amaron wood collection from Arbiton, you will be able to give your home the elegant wood look, without compromising its durability and resistance. Do you need bathroom vinyl flooring? Arbiton has you covered. With their water resistant planks, you can make sure that moisture will not be a problem. This collection also boasts a 0.55mm wear layer, which means it can withstand weight, impact, and scratches, all without damaging the look of your floor. It does not matter if you own big pets, want to give your kitchen or bathroom a wooden look, refurbish a shopping centre, or prepare your workshop; this wood plank can do it all. The Amaron Wood collection has a wear class of 23, for heavy residential use, 33, for heavy commercial use and even 42, for median industrial use. With 5G click technology, the installation is made easier and more robust.

Aroq Stone Collection – Better than Real Stone

If you are looking for the ideal tile effect vinyl flooring, then look no further. With modern-looking stone designs, the Aroq Stone collection has the best combination of quality materials and realistic designs. Their deep bevels make your floor look just like real tiles. They have the same resistance as the Amaron Wood collection, meaning they are just as indicated for your kitchen or bathroom. Their 0.55mm wear layer is world-class in terms of resistance and will ensure that your floor stays pristine for many years to come. This glue-down vinyl flooring comes in six different designs and can be easily installed with Arbiton’s own underlay.

Get the Best Price for Arbiton Flooring here at BRICOFLOR

In the BRICOFLOR online store, you will be able to find the right flooring solutions for your projects. Explore Arbiton’s collections and ensure that you are getting the best value your money can buy. If you would like to feel the quality of our products, then feel free to use our sample service. If you are doing a big project, then you can be sure that you are getting the best price here at BRICOFLOR. We do bespoke offers on larger orders, to ensure that our clients are getting the best price possible. If there is anything else you would like to know, then our customer service is available to you. Contact us now through email, telephone or contact form.

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