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Arbiton Liberal Click Vinyl Flooring

A contemporary Polish manufacturer, Arbiton are known for their expertise in vinyl flooring are now one of the top European brands after 25 years in the business. Their modern designs in the Arbiton Liberal collection come in wood design both fresh and stylish.

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Arbiton – Your Modern Flooring Experts

Established by the Decora Group in 1994,, Arbiton have a history of flooring expertise. Their impressive portfolio of click-vinyl and glue-down vinyl match with their own signature Arbiton underlay, skirting and floor profiles giving you the full Arbiton experience. The company utilise a 2G click lock system, always looking to improve on their previous models. This system is ergonomic and user friendly making it easy for just about anyone to install. Arbiton carefully curate their collections in order provide a select number of designs that deliver a high quality vinyl flooring.

Excellence in Design

This collection from Arbiton comes in a range of wood tones from an ashen grey for a cool Scandinavian style to a warm bronzed sandy colour that can create a cosy atmosphere in any home. The dimensions come in a large size of 1220m x 229mm making it pleasant on the eye.

Technical Features Built With You In Mind

Arbiton Liberal flooring has many technical features in this collection to ensure your flooring can perform under the stresses of real life.

Sound Absorbing – For a Peaceful Environment

The Silent Floor technology used in the Arbiton Amaron collection ensures that the sound absorbed by the flooring absorbing up to 17dB when used with an underlay.

Underfloor Heating Compatible – Comfort in Your Control

The Arbiton Amaron flooring collection has undergone rigorous testing and is compatible with hot water based underfloor heating systems up to a maximum threshold of 27°C. This allows you to create a luxurious home environment that ensures your optimal comfort.

Waterproof – Perfect for Wet Rooms

The flooring is designed to be waterproof allowing for installation in wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

UV Protected – Against Light Damage

The flooring has a UV coating that protects against the damage that comes from exposure to the UV rays produced by the sun.

Durable and Strong - Built to Last

The HD mineral core in every design gives you a sturdy plank with additional dimensional stability. The 0.3mm wear layer and the wear class is 23 for residential use – this means it can withstand a high amount of footfall on the traffic scale. The commercial use is 31 – which means in a commercial setting it can endure a light amount of footfall. The fire protection class is Bfl-s1 which adheres to European required standards. The total thickness is 4.5mm which gives an excellent lifespan to the product – one of the many reasons Arbiton offer a 15 year guarantee for residential use. It is also resistant to damage and indentation from castor chairs commonly used in offices. 

Easy Installlation – Quick and Simple Click System

Arbiton use a 2G tested and approved click installation system in this collection. One of the latest technologies in ergonomic click designs for a smoother and faster system that is not complicated to understand or use.

Environmentally Conscious Flooring

The product has been tested for VOC emissions and any harmful toxins. You’ll be happy to know that it achieved the highest standard grade with an A+ low emissions rating. This means you can have peace of mind for you, your family and pets.

BRICOFLOR, There For You

The BRICOFLOR customer experience is lead by excellent products at competitive prices with experts at hands to offer tailored advice. Our Best Price Guarantee gives us the edge on the market and allows us to offer you something special. You can benefit from our sample service which gives you the luxury of experiencing the products without leaving your home. By being able to see and feel the design you have chosen you can better imagine if it the correct fit for your home before committing to an order which is why we would recommend you try it. For help with any queries or quotes please our BRICOFLOR customer services team and you will be advised accordingly.