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Forbo Allura Click 0.40 mm – Vinyl Flooring Excellence

With the Forbo Allura Click 0.40mm, you get a high quality vinyl flooring in state-of-the-art optics. The range offers multiple wood designs with a realistic haptic structure which make your floor a real eye-catcher! 

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Forbo Allura Click (0.40 mm)

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Creative Interiors – Thanks to Rich Designs of the Forbo Click Vinyl Flooring

In fact, this collection has a particularly convincing advantage that it features innovative click technology, meaning that the floorboards can be laid very quickly and easily. Additionally, the outstanding technical properties of this flooring ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

The Allura Click 0.40 mm collection offers a selection of 38 different decors in wood and stone designs, which imitate the natural models realistically by means of a haptic structure. The decor synchronous imprints have a very special charm, because with their precise design they are hardly distinguishable from its natural models.

The wood imitations of the Forbo Allura Click 0.40mm collection are available in different shades of oak: almost black, gray, white, warm and cold wood colors are available. In addition, rustic oak and pine designs are available, which have a more embossed structure than the other representatives. They give your room the flair of a country house.

The stone designs are available in ash colors, deep black, different shades of gray, but also in cream and white designs. So there is a luxury vinyl flooring made for every taste!

In contrast to the wood look, the stone optics are not chamfered on the edge, giving them the look of a continuous surface. The chamfered edges of the wooden planks creates an even more realistic appearance. If you are looking for easy-to-install flooring in natural and organic designs, this collection is certainly the right choice for your premises!

Fit for a Multitude of Purposes

With use classes 23, 32 and 41, the vinyl click flooring of the Forbo Allura Click 0.40 mm collection is ideal for laying not only in the living area, but it is also well suited in the commercial sector, such as in offices. In fact, it can also be installed in light industry. The wear layer of 0.40 mm ensures a long-lasting resistance and the very high light fastness of the level> 6 ensures that your design floor shines even after years in the sun with full color! In addition, it is heat resistant, so that underfloor heating can be easily installed under it. Thus, this collection offers great uses for a variety of purposes.

Forbo Design Covers Ensure High Technical Quality

The Allura Click 0.40 mm collection not only looks good, but in technical terms it has a lot to offer. With the outstanding values of Forbo, the technical finesse of the LVT vinyl flooring promise durability of many years. The heavy wear layer of 0.40 mm protects the floor from environmental influences - a PUR surface seal ensures that it even withstands the short contact with chemicals without changing the structure and the appearance.

At the same time, the coating ensures minimal care: you can clean the surface using commercially available methods, such as alcohol cleaners or PU cleaners, and thus protect the environment. The vinyl plank flooring is also completely phthalate-free, emphasizing it’s safety not only for the environment but also to human health.

The collection also has a very good fire behavior of Bfl-s1. The chair roll test shows that this flooring is also suitable for offices, because office chairs leave no visible traces. As the design flooring is antistatic, it is ideal for rooms with computer equipment.

The Benefits of Vinyl Click Flooring: Quick and Easy Installation

Who doesn’t want a flooring that can be layed adhesive-free in a speedy process? Thanks to the click technology, it is possible for even hobbyists and unskilled DIY’ers to install these luxury vinyl click flooring. In principle, a footfall sound insulation should be used to reduce noise. The patended locking system ensures precise and robust installation. Click-on-click creates an even floor space – feasible for everyone!

Important Tips and Information for Floor Preparation

At least 12 hours before laying, you should acclimatise the Forbo Allura Click to a temperature between 18 °C and 25 °C in indoor climates. The subfloor temperature must be at least 15 °C. Then lay out the insulation pad.

The Installation Process Itself

When laying, the process should be carried out from left to right, with the spring sides of the plank pointing to the wall. Place the first plank with the spring side facing the wall and all other elements on it. The head joints with tongue and groove should be exactly on top of each other and these should be joined at an approximately 30° angle and lower it with slight pressure against the previous row. Finally, complete the joining with light strokes using a soft rubber mallet.

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