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Joka Design 330 Click - vinyl flooring with authentic wood decors

LVT has been a sought-after renovation partner for many years. There are numerous collections, decors, and technical quality features, that all play an important role in choosing the best LVT for you. 

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Joka Design 330 Click

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The Joka Design 330 Click vinyl flooring focusses all its attention on natural-looking wood decorations with convincing quality. The composition of this collection is made up of a wide variety of designs in oak and pine looks, in both light and dark shades. The focus is not only on the visually striking designs, the vinyl also triumphs through outstanding technical quality features, which results in a perfectly balanced blend of design and technology. Experience this balance now, in your very own home.

Vinyl flooring in natural wooden decors - the Design 330 Click collection by Joka

You'll find LVT in a wide range of different designs in the BRICOFLOR catalogue. No matter if you're looking for stone, mineral, abstract, or wooden decors. Wooden flooring is particularly timeless, which is why it's an indispensable mainstay in the world of LVT. Thanks to ever-advancing technology today's quality of surface designs is unpreceded. Because now not only the looks are reproduced with marvellous accuracy, the feeling and surface texture of an actual piece of wood now has been captured in LVT as well.

Different types of wood, with different grains, feel differently to the touch because the grain of the wood is reproduced authentically. This multi-dimensional realism is also, unsurprisingly, present on the flooring presented in Joka's Design 330 Click vinyl flooring collection. The selection of wood designs available has a wide palette of naturalistic wood decors and surface finishes, each of which has its own, distinct effect on your living space.

Natural, realistic wood designs - wherever you look

Joka Design 330 Click flooring impresses friend and foe with its numerous wooden decors with authentic surface designs. In this collection, rustic and elegant meet in the most natural way possible, and are placed together to create an authentic and friendly woodwork look. The shades of wood are both vastly different and comfortably covered in look and feel. If what you're looking for is a bright, light oak look, then have a look at the "Stone Washed Oak" decor, which is characterised by a worn and weathered look.

On the pine side of things, you'll find, for example, the dark "Barrel Pine", which will surely give your space a rustic and elegant charm, which looks particularly great with modern white furniture or colourful decoration elements. So, whether you're looking to create rich contrasts or a toned-down and understated look, Joka Design 330 convinces everyone who looks at it.

LVT for many areas - Joka Design 330 Click vinyl flooring

The vinyl flooring in Joka's Design 330 Click collection is suitable for installation in a variety of private rooms. Thanks to its wear class of 23/31, the vinyl flooring solution can be used in even the most heavily frequented living areas as well as low traffic project or commercial areas. This makes the Design 330 Click collection a particularly strong and reliable partner in any domestic area.

Because where some LVT floors are not suitable for heavily used areas such as hallways and living room, the Design 330 products will continue to perform in these harsh conditions. This is in part thanks to the thick 0,3 mm wear layer, that makes this vinyl click flooring a reliable renovation partner. Another reason why these floors offer such quality and scratch resistance is the polyurethane (PU) surface finish. Thanks to this, the flooring insensitive to scratches, dents, and abrasions, and can be cleaned easily and quickly with mere household cleaning agents. Yet another reason why this robust and easy to care for vinyl is an excellent choice for any residential area.

Joka Design 330 Click design flooring - the easy to install alternative

In the market of flexible floor coverings, there's vinyl available with different installation systems. In addition to the classic options of glueing down permanently, loose-lay vinyl flooring, and self-adhesive vinyl flooring, click vinyl flooring has taken the market by storm. This system is not without reason also the system you'll find on this Joka collection.

The click vinyl flooring in the Design 330 collection convinces by having hard-wearing properties, but still being suitable for installation by hobbyists and inexperienced craftsmen. With only a few gestures you can install your design flooring yourself, and renovation now only requires a click. And the LVT planks are only 4,5 mm thick, which makes renovation easier because doors and the like don't have to be trimmed at the bottom to accommodate the floor.

Have you made the click yet?

To ensure a quick and easy renovation with good results, only a few steps are necessary before the actual installation of the floor can begin. First, the room should be prepared for the renovation by removing dirt and dust, as well as unevennesses. This can be done by filling cracks and holes with a suitable compound. Make sure the compound has dried thoroughly, and that the ground is permanently dry.

The vinyl flooring panels can then be adapted to the existing room dimensions, as well as making cut-outs for fixed obstacles such as heating pipes, bay windows and the like. You can easily cut the flooring boards to shape with a carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife. Then, the planks can easily be laid in place with the tongue and groove system, and no additional glue is needed. Another advantage that sprouts from this are that the floor can be used the moment the last planks has clicked in place - there are no drying times to take into account.

Joka 330 Click vinyl flooring - design and technology in perfect harmony

Thanks to the countless different options in the construction of LVT, there's something for everyone, and any eye can feast on the designs. But good looks without the technical properties to back them up is worthless. That's something that Joka has understood perfectly, and have therefore made the Design 330 a reliable partner for everyday life. The Design 330 Click collection meets both high design demands and equally high technical demands.

The latter includes, for example, the fire behaviour class of Bfl-s1, which makes the flooring difficult to ignite. In addition to that, has the floor a DS anti-slip rating of R9, a wear behaviour group T and countless other high-quality technical features. The floor also has a surface treatment that prolongs its technical lifespan, makes it less prone to scratch or dent, and makes maintenance easier. This also helps with resistance to chemicals, suitability for use with castor chairs, and suitability for use in a space with underfloor heating. Thanks to these and many other quality features, this vinyl flooring solution is insensitive to many of daily life's challenges and is a robust, long-lasting partner.

Joka Design 330 Click at BRICOFLOR

With this vinyl click flooring, you have the choice for a long-lasting and robust renovation partner. The Joka Design 330 Click collection focusses on highly realistic wood decors and has a wide array of convincing wood imitations in various shades. All these are very realistic thanks to their close-to-nature design. In addition to that boasts the collection a large number of desirable technical properties, that work together perfectly with the gorgeous designs.

The click system makes installation quick and easy, no matter how inexperienced you are. Luckily, you can order this versatile renovation partner at, for the lowest price you'll find online! Not yet convinced of the designs? Order a free sample to look for yourself, in real life, from the comfort of your living room. If you're looking to purchase a larger quantity, don't hesitate to contact us for a personal, tailored offer. We're looking forward to your enquiry!