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Parador Trendtime 5.30 - Vinyl Click Flooring in Tile Look

The vinyl flooring of Parador are real all-rounders. They convince with their range of decors and surfaces, all of which are made "Made in Germany and Austria" . In addition to classic designs, Parador place a great sense of commitment on the sustainability of its products.

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Parador Trendtime 5.30

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 The Parador Trendtime 5.30 collection includes stylish eye-catchers that turn any room into a trendy statement.

Striking Designs for a Modern Ambience - The Parador Trendtime 5.30 Collection

Parador proves its particular sense of style with the Parador Trendtime 5.30 line. This is about more than conventional click LVT. The luxury vinyl tiles shine with their unique patterns and special flair. Although the models initially seem rather unusual, they offer a variety of uses. Combined with simple furniture, the vinyl flooring can be suitably set in scene. The wide-ranging collection creates an incomparable room atmosphere and creates a charm of its own. The composition of modernity and stainless steel look gives the click LVT flooring a clear line and a fresh look. With a range of minimalist stone looks with muted grey and beige tones, they can be integrated harmoniously into the living space. Due to their strong presence and minimalist spatial concepts, multiple can be well combined with them. The Parador Trendtime 5.30 collection also includes three simpler designs that complete the exquisite range with mineral and stone structure.

Vinyl Click Flooring from Sustainable Practices

The vinyl click flooring from Parador are a real all-rounder not only in terms of design. Most importantly, they are sustainable. In terms of quality and material, Parador places particular emphasis on high-quality and recyclable materials . They allow a selection of different materials without losing sight of the environmental factor.

By using an HDF backing plate , they have increased swelling protection and minimised moisture ingress. An integrated cork impact sound insulation also has a positive effect on the acoustics of the surface. In addition, the collection is suitable with underfloor heating thanks to its high thermal resistance. Parador also advocates the production of environmentally friendly products. In order to ensure a pleasant indoor climate, the aspect of healthy living in the Parador Trendtime 5.30 collection also plays a central role. Due to the production with natural raw materials, the soils are predominantly low in emissions and environmentally friendly.

A Special Selection of Stone Decors

From a purely visual point of view , the vinyl flooring of the Trendtime line from Parador is already a highlight in itself. But they also stand out in their haptics of simple click vinyl floor. The extraordinary design is complemented by a pleasant feeling of surface texture . For an atmospheric overall experience, the surface gives the impression that it is real stone. He does not only look like him in appearance, he also feels really real under his feet . Instead of smooth, cold surfaces, the natural stone structure becomes the Parador Trendtime 5.30 Collection adapted. The stone floor look is thus brought out tangibly. Overall, the floor gets a more natural look and can be easily integrated into any room.

Click LVT in Large Tile Formats

The luxury vinyl tiles of the Parador Trendtime 05/30 collection feature a wear layer of 0.55 mm, helping to make the floor even more versatile and durable. It can be installed easily in larger areas and also withstands heavy loads. For domestic use, Parador gives a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and assigns a correspondingly high utility class. Similarly in the commercial sector Parador provides a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years and also awards the division into the highest utilisation class of 33. To make the installation of click LVT flooring even easierIn the Parador Trendtime 5.30 collection features the Safe-Lock PRO click mechanism is set.

Order Parador Trendtime 5.30 Now at BRICOFLOR

The unique luxury vinyl tiles of the Trendtime 5.30 line by Parador transform every room into an individual highlight. The luxury vinyl flooring collection can be found with us at a best price guarantee! Since matching the flooring to your interior furnishings is a crucial factor, we offer a free sample service so you can choose the decor that best suits your space. Simply order a sample and let yourself be inspired by the various possibilities! If you plan to design larger areas, please contact us via email, telephone or our Contact form and we may be able to offer you an individual quote! Our friendly and competent staff will be happy to assist you with their advice.