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Quick-Step: Vinyl Flooring with a Natural Look

Quick-Step vinyl flooring isn’t just a pleasure to walk on- they are also a delight for the eyes. That’s because Quick-Step designers keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in architecture, fashion and interior design to craft timeless classics

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Thanks to cutting-edge production technologies, their LVT present an unprecedented level of realism. Natural wood or stone? There is a luxury vinyl flooring design for every interior and taste

Quick-Step continues to innovate and provide excellent products at excellent prices. Choose Quick-Step and watch your space transform into a truly unique and beautiful room.

Quick-Step LIVYN: Designs To Inspire You.

Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of colours and designs, each with a unique and authentic appearance - from realistic details to stunning structures and fascinating colour variations. The high-grade printing technique used for the Quick-Step vinyl flooring design layer gives your floor a unique and authentic appearance. The authentic appearance of wood, or the down-to-earth aura of natural stone? Whichever you prefer, Quick-Step vinyl flooring collections are designed with maximum realism in mind. V-grooved boards will create an authentic plank effect; deep surface structures will ooze serenity... And thanks to their unique texture and matte finish, all collections will redefine realism in vinyl flooring.

Comfortable and Bathroom-Proof: Quick-Step LIVYN

Optimal comfort can be found in a floor that exudes warmth and luxury. The pleasant warmth and ambience that wood flooring evokes may seem impossible in your bathroom, but fear not: thanks to recent flooring innovations, your dream of flooring that’s both 100% bathroom-proof and comfortable at the same time has become a reality. Obviously, the number-one quality required from a bathroom floor is to be completely waterproof. Quick-Step LIVYN luxury vinyl flooring lets you enjoy bathing without worrying about damaging your floor. Your bathroom is the place where you wash away the sand and grime after a day at the beach or an intense mountain biking adventure. That means the floor has to handle frequent and regular cleaning. What’s more, you don’t want the sand and grime to leave scratches or stains on the floor. Thanks to the Scratch Guard and Stain Guard protective technology, you can rest assured that vinyl flooring can withstand anything, and you’ll have them clean in the blink of an eye.

Perfect for Renovations: Quick-Step LIVYN Vinyl Flooring

Quick-Step LIVYN luxury vinyl flooring consists of five different layers while still remaining exceptionally thin: perfect for renovations. The top layer of Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl flooring is produced with Scratch and Stain Guard technology, for protection and easy maintenance. The top layer is also given an extra matt floss finish to guarantee a natural look. Quick Step uses special high-grade printing techniques for the décor layer of the vinyl click flooring, which ensures the unique and authentic appearance of the vinyl planks. The core layer of the Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl flooring is a waterproof and sound reducing vinyl core which provides comfort and durability. This not only results in a waterproof floor with sound-reducing properties, it also gives your feet a very warm and soft surface to walk on. The core is followed by a layer of a super dense glass fibers layer which serves as additional dimensional stability. Last but not least the Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl is equipped with a highly efficient impact-resistant vinyl backing to guarantee a perfectly balanced floorboard.

Quick-Step LIVYN Ambient Click & Ambient Click Plus

Quick Step LIVYN Ambient Click is a collection of beautiful vinyl tiles with an expressive, tactile structure and fascinating colour variations. The V-grooved tiles create a spacious perspective and enhance the authentic tile effect. The collection offers 4 shades of natural stone, which can be installed in residential or office spaces with moderate traffic. The Quick Step LIVYN Ambient Click Plus vinyl flooring offers the same 4 shades of stone as the Quick Step LIVYN Ambient Click, as well as the same technical characteristics. A difference in performance is only applicable in the wear class of the vinyl flooring, as Quick Step LIVYN Ambient Click Plus is the perfect solution for commercial areas with high traffic and heavy use. 

Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Click & Balance Click Plus

The QuickStep Balance Click is a collection of 16 decors of extra durable plank floors with the patented 'Uniclic Multifit for Livyn' system for fast and easy installation. The V-grooved panels create a spacious perspective and enhance the authentic plank effect. The Quick-Step Balance Click Plus differs from the Quick Step Balance Click collection in the thickness of the top layer and wearability class, making it suitable for intense traffic usage in commercial spaces. 

Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click & Pulse Click Plus

Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click and QuickStep LIVYN Click Plus are not only appealing on the surface. Due to its high technical performance, the Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click is not only suitable for installation in the home, but also for use in the commercial areas as well due to its wear class 32. The Quick Step LIVYN Pulse Click Plus collection differs in its technical characteristics by its wear class, possessing a wear class 33, making it the perfect solution for commercial areas with extremely high traffic. 

Quick-Step LIVYN Vinyl Flooring: Easy Care and Maintenance

Carefree enjoyment: that’s what our Quick-Step LIVYN luxury vinyl floors are all about. Their sealed top layer with Stain Guard technology helps avoid dirt and stains. On top of that, their waterproof surface layer you can simply clean them with a wet cloth, keeping the planks safe and sound, giving you peace of mind. Frequency is key to determining how much water is too much. If your floor is repeatedly exposed to excessive amounts of water — an open shower, for instance — the joints and edges make become degraded over time, possibly damaging your floor and underfloor. When cleaning, please make sure your mop isn’t soaking wet to avoid moisture from penetrating the vinyl flooring. Remove all loose debris from the floor with, first, a vacuum cleaner and second, a damp microfiber mop. Use just water until your water is clear and no dirt is left on the floor. Glue, plaster and paint residues should be removed as soon as possible with a cloth. Most residues can be removed with water and a regular vinyl flooring cleaning product.

Quick and Easy Installation: Quick-Step LIVYN

Quick-Step LIVYN luxury vinyl floors don’t just look natural, they are naturally easy to install, too. Depending on your specific situation, you can choose floating installation (without glue or other materials) or glue down your planks.  No matter what you decide, Quick-Step vinyl is compatible with underfloor heating and can be used to finish or renovate any staircase.

Opting for a floating installation? Then you’ll need to choose an underlay first. This will have a major impact on the final look, quality and comfort of your Quick-Step vinyl floor. Experts recommend the dedicated Quick-Step LIVYN underlay. The patented 'Uniclic Multifit' for QuickStep LIVYN click system ensures smooth sailing when installing Quick-Step LIVYN luxury vinyl. Thanks to the handy tongue and groove system, you can lay the floor planks with a single ‘click’, and you won’t even need a drop of glue or any other material.

Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl floors are ready to be used and don’t need a special surface treatment. Just note that if your floor is glued down to the base floor, you have to take into account the drying time of your glue. Please use the recommended Quick-Step LIVYN glue and follow the instructions carefully. If your floor is installed floating you can walk on it immediately. 

Quick-Step LIVYN: Environmentally Aware and Nature Conscious

Quick-Step Guarantees vinyl flooring of the highest quality… It doesn’t happen overnight! In the Quick-Step research centre, detailed technical tests are carried out to verify whether the floors comply with the most stringent quality requirements. Only if they pass the test in various conditions do they end up in your home. Quick-Step takes the environment very seriously. They understand the strain that the manufacturing and production process can have on the environment, and they strive to respect and preserve the natural environment. Quick-Step makes a conscious effort to minimize their impacts on the environment and to reduce their waste. They use raw materials and have invested in equipment to help actively reduce the energy consumption used during production. The Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl collections also comply with multiple environmental standards and regulations to ensure they are doing their part in sustaining the environment.

Order Quick-Step LIVYN Vinyl Flooring from BRICOFLOR

Find the suitable product for your renovation! In addition to our best price guarantee, which applies to all of the products, you can order all Quick-Step LIVYN products quickly and easily from our online store. The whole range of Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl flooring is available on Bricoflor’s Online Store, to ensure that the right vinyl click flooring  design is available for all ideas and demands that may spring in your mind: so, whatever your idea, or however you might like to re-decorate your home, we here at BRICOFLOR can help you with your order. Beautify your interior with the elegant Quick-Step LIVYN vinyl floors fast and easy. Order today through the BRICOFLOR online store!

If you are not a 100% sure that this is the right fit for you, do not worry! Here on BRICOFLOR, you have the opportunity to order free samples of your desired carpet tiles online directly from our website to see and verify the product’s quality for yourself