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Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Click Plus - Versatile Vinyl Click Flooring

A beautiful interior starts with a good foundation. From clear and fresh designs to warm dark classics and even vinyl flooring with a textured surface. Technology and creativity go hand in hand in the design process of Quick-Step Livyn vinyl click flooring. This is evident from the technical and aesthetic characteristics!

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Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Click Plus

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Regardless of your style, or the style of the room, at Quick-Step you will find the floor you need. The designers have created a wide range of floors, each with their own natural design. Special attention is paid to all kinds of details, so you can choose from a collection of designs without equal.

Quality Without Sacrifice - Design and Simplicity

The Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Click Plus collection has excellent technical characteristics. First, it has a durable surface, with a protective PU layer (polyurethane), making it suitable for use in rooms with intense use. Thanks to the high-quality materials, this Quick-Step LVT click flooring is water-resistant. This makes it suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and similar rooms. The Quick-Step Livyn vinyl flooring variants are the perfect solution for renovations thanks to the simple installation process. In this collection, Quick-Step offers designs with many details, an impressive surface and different colours that you can use almost for any application. Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Click Plus is a collection of vinyl floors with exceptional features and true-to-nature designs.

Surfaces with Relief You Convict - Quick-Step LIVYN Click

Every vinyl floor has its own story, atmosphere and feeling. The designers of Quick-Step pay a lot of attention to the structure, finish and character of each design. Click on the Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Click Plus vinyl collection to make it extra resistant to use. With a thickness of 4.5 mm, the floor is robust and reliable, even with intensive use in your household. Quick-Step manages to make floors even more elegant and at the same time set higher quality standards in the LVT industry.

Outdoor Variations Vincl Click - A Design for Every Style Taste

Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Click Plus comes in 20 different wood designs. The variety includes all types of wood with their different tones and grain relief, from light cream-coloured designs to dark brown shades. From imitation wooden floors of a vintage look to modern styles. With a matt finish and a relief matching the wood type, these floors can hardly be distinguished from a traditional parquet. Each variant has been developed to have its own shades and shades. The natural variation between the planks contributes to the realism of the overall appearance, in contrast to some floor designs with a pattern repeated on the surface several times.

Good Performance and Technical Qality - LVT Click LIVYN Pulse Click Plus

Not only is this Livyn Pulse Click Plus collection from Quick-Step a feast for the eyes, thanks to its technical performance this vinyl flooring. Moreover, it is not only suitable for use in residential areas, but also for medium-traffic commercial purposes. The floor has a useful class of 33, which means a higher durability. The customer also has a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

Easy Cleaning and Water Resistant

The Livyn Pulse Click Plus collection is 100% water-resistant thanks to the sustainable materials used. That is why installation is possible in damp rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. The surface has a protective layer against scratches and stains. Thanks to these characteristics, the floor is highly resistant to scratches and wear. Moreover, this ensures that difficult stains are easy to remove, that is to say, it is a floor that is very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the surface is also elastic, which makes the floor comfortable to walk on. The sound is limited, in contrast to classic laminate, and sound insulation contributes to the pleasure of use. Because Quick-Step vinyl click flooring absorbs heat well it does not feel as cold as laminate and makes it suitable for underfloor heating. The benefits do not stop yet; the vinyl is also non-skid and is flammable (BFL-S1). Because of these technical advantages, in combination with the elegant appearance, it is a versatile solution for your home or work environment.

Environmental and Nature Conscientiousness  - Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click Plus

All these positive points are of course not worth much when our nature suffers. That is why the environment is taken seriously at Quick-Step. They do this by understanding the effects of production processes of their products and make great efforts to respect and preserve nature. Quick-Step ensures that the impact on the environment is minimal. They use sustainable raw materials and have invested in energy-efficient appliances to minimize the energy consumption that is required during the production process. Quick-Step collections meet the stringent European environmental regulations and the like.

Find Your Vinyl Click Flooring from Quick-Step on BRICOFLOR

Today you can still benefit from low prices but also from the large selection we offer from the Quick-Step brand. If you can not immediately make a choice, you can also use our free steel service. When ordering you must pay the shipping costs, these will be deducted from your order. With this service, you can see the colour in real life and also feel how it is embossed and quality. This way you can make a good decision. Even if you want to purchase a larger batch, you can request a personal quotation. Please contact our expert customer service by telephone or via our e-mail address.