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Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 Click – Vinyl flooring that inspires

In the world of today, the requirements for environmental protection are increasing. Besides that, are technical requirements and aesthetic demands at unpreceded levels. Thanks to these things being prioritised by manufacturers, we can enjoy high standards of comfort and wellbeing in our homes.

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Tarkett iD Inspiration Click 55

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This is further increased by that manufacturers are constantly challenged by each other, as well as the consumers, to continuously innovate and improve every aspect of their products. And while it might seem difficult to combine all these things into a single flooring solution, Tarkett has tackled this challenge well. Tarkett’s vinyl click flooring not only offers sophisticated technology, but also numerous realistic designs that inspire and contribute to a pleasant living environment.

iD Inspiration 55 Click by Tarkett – vinyl click flooring for almost any room

The iD Inspiration 55 Click  LVT vinyl floor by Tarkett is the perfect partner for renovating, modernizing, and redesigning. Thanks to the high wear class of 33/42, you can use this flooring solution for almost any application you can think of. Besides the suitability for highly frequented areas in project use, this floor also feels right at home in industrial areas with moderate traffic. Therefore, domestic applications are naturally no issue, and the floor will likely perform optimal well past its project or industrial life expectancy. Think of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and so on.

As you can see, iD Inspiration 55 Click LVT is suitable for renovating, modernizing, and redesigning almost any indoor space you can think of. Besides the aforementioned domestic areas, you can wirelessly lay this Tarkett floor in spaces such as shops, galleries, hotels or other public buildings. Yet another option is installing iD Inspiration 55 Click LVT in a space such as an office or meeting room.

This is because, while traditional floor coverings might struggle to withstand the intensive use of castor chairs, Tarkett has tackled this challenge as well: this iD Inspiration floor is fully able to withstand the use of castor chairs, all day every day. This is, in part, thanks to the thick 0.55 mm transparent wear layer you’ll find on the surface of the plank. This not only protects the beautiful design but also guards the structural integrity of the floorboards. This wear layer is further protected by a TopClean XP surface coating, that increases the robustness even further, as well as greatly increasing the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

So not only is this floor very resistant to scratches and abrasions, everyday maintenance won’t be a point of worry or a headache, either. But despite this thick wear layer are the floorboards not inconveniently thick: with a thickness of a mere 5 mm installation is easy, because the ground on which the planks are laid does not need to be lowered, and doors generally don’t have to be shortened at the bottom to accommodate the floor.

Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 Click - Get inspired by this versatile vinyl floor

When you’re in the market for a renovation partner, you’ll struggle to find a flooring collection as inspiring to both you and the future users of the floor as Tarkett’s fantastic iD Inspiration 33 Click collection. Thanks to an interesting mix of extremely realistic, natural designs and radical abstract designs, you’ll get ideas for the renovation of your space from merely glancing over the available products. For example, the anthracite iD Inspiration 55 Click "Antique Oak Dark Gray" has a strong urban charm, and creates a refined, sophisticated ambience. Therefore it can be combined with many different interior styles. The plank size of 122 by 20 centimetres creates a realistic spatial impression, which makes any room look bigger.

Technology that excites – Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 click vinyl flooring       

In addition to great designs, boasts the iD Inspiration 55 Click collection a large number of technical quality features. These work together to create a flexible floor covering with many different applications and advantages. Besides a great fire safety class of Bfl-s1, which means that the floor is difficult to ignite and develops little smoke in case of fire, possesses the floor a wear behaviour class T, as well as a slip resistance class of R9.

Thanks to the carefully chosen materials are the iD Inspiration 55 Click products very resistant to most common chemicals, such as the ones found in cleaning agents, as well as furniture feet and castor chair wheels. All these do little to no damage to the floor, which makes it very suitable for a wide array of applications, such as homes, offices, and stores. In the production of these floor panels, Tarkett uses 37% recycled material and limits emissions to below the legal limit. This, in addition to the products being 100% recyclable themselves, shows the ecological mindset and sustainable approach of the Tarkett brand.

Did you already make the click? Click vinyl flooring by Tarkett

Vinyl flooring is, in this day and age, easy to install even for hobbyists and DIYers. Thanks to the ever-improving installation systems, such as the click system found on Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 Click, installing a new floor takes no more than a few clicks. With a vinyl click flooring such as this one from Tarkett, every renovation project becomes child’s play. The luxury vinyl flooring can be laid without any special tools or adhesives, and also protects the ground underneath it from damages, as installation is entirely floating.

The planks from this collection can easily be cut to fit your room, no matter how exotic the shape, by means of a standard carpet knife or heavy-duty hobby knife. The click system itself works with a tongue and groove layout, that’s similar to the click system found traditionally on parquet and laminate flooring, which we’re all familiar with. Although optional, it’s recommended to install an underlay under the laminate flooring, to further deaden impact sounds, such as from footsteps, as well as noise carried over from neighbouring rooms and lower floors.

Thanks to the glue-less installation, the floor can be used right after the last plank has been clicked in place. This is a major advantage over glued variants, where a drying time should be taken into account. Also, furniture can be placed on the floor right away. This, in combination with the user-friendly click system, makes a floor like this one an excellent choice for DIYers and hobby craftsmen.

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The entire iD Inspiration Click collection can be found in the BRICOFLOR catalogue, which you can conveniently access from home via our website. Be inspired by this floor, that’s sure to fulfil both your technical and ascetic desires. If you're not sure yet if a particular product is what you're looking for, feel free to order a free sample. Or contact our friendly and competent customer service with your questions and concerns. We're always on standby to help you out! If you're looking to purchase a larger quantity, we might be able to make you a personalised offer, with no further obligations. Buy your iD Inspiration 55 Click at BRICOFLOR today!