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Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 – Robust and strong LVT

The Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 collection features a wide range of designs. The collection offers both natural wood designs and modern designs such as concrete or zinc. Also, thanks to the planks’ bevelled edges they look very realistic and ooze of high quality. 

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Tarkett Starfloor Click 55

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One excellent feature of this collection is the strong wear layer the floor panels are equipped with. The incredible attributes of the Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 makes the floor suitable for all domestic use, heavy commercial use, and moderate industrial use. This vinyl click flooring will surely convince you of its quality, functionality, and design.

Designs from classic wood to urban concrete

Tarkett has included a large number of different designs in the Starfloor Click 55 range. On the wood side of the spectrum, you’ll find realistic replications of oak and pine, and on the urban side there’s shades of zinc and concrete. For example, Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950144 Modern Oak - White" is an oak decora in a bright, contemporary design that convinces with its natural-looking grain. On the other hand, Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35952073 Composite - Cool Gray" imitates a concrete surface in a cool gray tone, very suitable for a modern style. Another modern option, although less frequently used, is Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35952095 Vintage Zinc - Rust", which simulates a zinc surface. Both of these are very suitable for an urban room design like loft-style living spaces. The luxury vinyl click flooring radiate an industrial charm, which creates a strong and exciting contrast to modern furniture. Among the wide range of innovative designs in this collection you’ll surely find the decor that fits your style.

From the world into your room

This vinyl flooring is extremely robust thanks to its 0,55 mm thick wear layer, and is, because of that, suitable for a wide range of applications. The wear class of 23/33/42 indicates suitability for, among other places, every space in a living space. This included heavily stressed areas such as corridors and living rooms. It is also suitable for installation over floor heating systems. In project applications, you can perfectly use this floor in large offices, department stores, schools, or other places with a lot of foot traffic. When used for industrial applications, Tarkett’s Starfloor Click 55 is the flooring of choice for normally stressed areas, such as storage rooms.

High-quality vinyl click flooring for everyday life

LVT click flooring scores high on various desirable technical properties. When thoroughly tested, Tarkett’s Starfloor Click 55 proved to withstand the challenges of everyday life with ease. Not only is it able to withstand the use of castor chairs, also furniture feet do not cause any damage to this hard-wearing flooring solution. The impression from vertical loads was also proven minimal in a similar test. In addition to that, has the Starfloor Click 55 very good lightfastness, which means that colours are much less prone to fading over time.

With anti-slip levels of R9 or even R10 (depending on the surface finish) and a fire safety class of Bfl-s1, you can be sure that this floor is a safe option for your home or commercial venture. In addition to this, are the 4.5 mm thick planks entirely phthalate-free, and enjoy a PUR TopCleanXP surface coating. Thanks to this coating, the planks are extremely easy to clean and maintain, and very resistant to chemicals. Thus, short-term contact with chemicals such as dilute acids does not harm the material or change its technical properties. The wooden designs are available in the format of 19.05 by 121.1 cm or 24,05 by 149.1 cm, depending on the specific product. The zinc and concrete designs are available in 32,38 by 60,1 cm, for an authentic tile-look. Be inspired by the many designs of the Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 high-quality LVT flooring collection!

How to prepare the surface on which you’ll install the floor

This design flooring solution is equipped with a practical and thoroughly tested click system for quick and easy installation. The ground on which the floor will be installed needs to be permanently dry and even. You can fill minor irregularities with a paste or filler. The floor panels can be installed on top of smooth ceramic tiles, however, these should have an even height and no joints. Otherwise, the tiles must be trowelled. Textile coverings must be removed in every case. Installation of Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 on compact plastic floor cover coverings is possible if it does not have a foam back and is dry and even.

Installing your new floor in a snap

The best results are obtained when you mix planks from the different packs you have received, and that no planks with the same surface design lay side by side. Lay the planks in individual rows, and work from left to right. It is important to keep a space of 5 mm between the edge of the plank and the wall or static objects such as pre-installed cabinets or support pillars.

Align the first plank parallel to the longitudinal wall of the room, and with the groove side visible. Use the tongue on the second and every following plank to connect to the groove of the previously installed board. Insert the tongue into the groove at a 30-degree angle, and slowly lower the plank into position. Continue with this approach until the end of the row is reached. Cut the last plank of the row in accordance to the distance between the second to last plank and the wall. Please bear in mind that here, too, a gap of 5 mm should be kept between the wall and the plank.

The remaining part of the plank, if it is longer than 30 cm, can be used as first plank of the next row. This gives a visually appealing joint offset. When connecting the planks from the second row onwards to the previously laid row of planks, you must slightly lift the planks from the previous row in order to correctly fit the tongue in the groove. Then push the planks into place with gentle force to lock them in place.

Continue this way until you have once more reached the end of the room, and again cut the last board to length. When the last plank is installed, you can install skirting. If you are installing the floor in a damp or wet area, keep in mind that all edges must be sealed with a suitable sealant. Standing water on the floor, such as puddles, must be avoided at all times. The floor can be used immediately after installation.

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